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Yeah daddy! by ZaddyPapiiii_
Yeah daddy!by Zendiah
"You were a bad girl. Do you need to be punished again?" "No, please, Master." I could feel his fingers dig into my pussy and then he filled my ass w...
The Blue Wave of Gunma by Rubyfanguy12
The Blue Wave of Gunmaby 「Cool Vibrations」
It was the early 2000's, and Project D were doing their thing, going out to different prefectures and beating the best drivers in North Kanto. Y/n L/n is a foreigner wit...
Arknights: Higashi Nights by iiAriSu
Arknights: Higashi Nightsby Roku
In the city of Nishi, Higashi, street racers race on Mount Otsuki. A Feline boy with his trusty turbocharged Trueno race the fellow touge racers.
Initial D: Alternate Stage (Unfinished) by initialdlover
Initial D: Alternate Stage ( SayukiFujiwara
Shortly after Takumi had the final race of Project D,he has an individual plan. Well,not so individual,as he wants a navigator. The plan consists in him creating a legen...
Two Decades Behind by 101Salocin
Two Decades Behindby Nicolas Aun
The year is 2019. Well, at least it was to Adachi Narahiko before he drove down Mount Akina in his SA one night. Now, in an unfamiliar time in a once-familiar place, hi...
The Elemental Drifters: Second Stage (2018 Edition) by NgJLiang
The Elemental Drifters: Second Ng J Liang
****DISCLAIMER**** (The Elemental Drifters: Second Stage (2018 edition) is a sequel to classic The Elemental Drifters: First Stage (2017 edition) and is not whatsoever c...
Gearbox 7: First Phase by Taun98
Gearbox 7: First Phaseby Taun98
Joseph Aleister was at one point living the life of your average high schooler, with nothing of much interest happening. When he was young, he moved from the United Stat...
Initial D: The Next Stage by SmilerBooks
Initial D: The Next Stageby Jason A. Kern
"We have a special way of showing toughness here in Gunma..." A new legend has come to Gunma Prefecture. Kudo Naoya, a new part-time employee at GS Gas Station...
Initial D: Foreigner by JetForce33
Initial D: Foreignerby aceofsticks
STORY DISCONTINUED. To see the new version of this story, visit this link: As a reward for getting into...
MF Ghost by Blitzprothetank
MF Ghostby Sayantan Chaudhuri
The year is 2021, and the Era of Touge racing is long dead. No noises erupt from the mountains at night, other than the cricketing of insects, and other things. With Jap...
Initial D: Preliminary Stage by Blitzprothetank
Initial D: Preliminary Stageby Sayantan Chaudhuri
We all know the great Takumi Fujiwara and his exploits on the mountain passes of Kanto. But Did we ever stop to ask how this came to be? This is the story of Bunta Fujiw...
Gravity Falls: Initial F (Editing) by LIGHTIFIC_05
Gravity Falls: Initial F (Editing)by Zero_5 (Hiatus)
Welcome to Gravity Falls. It is the place were weirdness live but there is one legend. A legendary drifter, and his name is Stanley Pines. He was the legendary drifter o...
A Story About The Street Racing Specialist And His Rise by SomeGuyReading01
A Story About The Street Racing SomeGuyReading01
A street racing specialist is challenged to a race one day which will change his life forever. The street racing specialist then calls a few friends to get together for...
Ignition by bookwormdanielle
Ignitionby Danielle
Trisha is a 21 year old girl who has just spent her savings on a new, blue Cobalt SS. The first night at the drag strip she races Christian; the hot leader in a Celica G...
Black Celica by JuanPedroPartalPrez
Black Celicaby Juan Pedro Partal Pérez
Un joven corredor a bordo de su amado Celica surcando los pasos de montaña surfeando las curvas sientiendo la velocidad en tras la que la vida sucede
Autumn Tsukiyama by KaariTakahashi
Autumn Tsukiyamaby Kaari Takahashi
A story about a young japanese girl named Autumn Tsukiyama...
An initial D first stage fanfic (based on the anime) by stevegamerhog1234
An initial D first stage fanfic ( stevegamerhog1234
A 17-year old boy (Michio) sets his goal on being the greatest street racer in Japan.
Wangan Live Master : Touge Side by HiiragiIzumi
Wangan Live Master : Touge Sideby Rizki (Hiiragi Izumi)
Usami Nanako, baru punya sim diajak ngetouge ama seniornya yang juga sama-sama baru punya sim. Kemudian berkat Amami Haruka dan Kisaragi Chihaya mereka pun akhirnya seri...
Project Ghost: Touge Runners by iiAriSu
Project Ghost: Touge Runnersby Roku
In the mixed world of Roblox and Minecraft, Aries and his friends studied in college on Byte Island during the Covid-19 pandemic. Every day after their classes, they wou...
Late Night Ghost by Skelotron70
Late Night Ghostby Phoenix
This is a REALLY quick read (compared to some other story's. It is also about cars, and car terms will be used.