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Stuff for only Marble Hornets' fan by truth_with_light
Stuff for only Marble Hornets' fanby a trashcan clod
Just some things I hope you can relate with, thoughts, personal opinion, hilarious and sad stuff, theories and pictures all about Marble Hornets that you can read when y...
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The path of a Proxy by Wicked_Darkness
The path of a Proxyby Wicked_Darkness
*Cover art belongs to me* Being a Proxy isn't a choice, it's forced. You may think it would be a dream come true, to eat all the cheesecake and waffles you could ever im...
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Stuff for only Marble Hornets' fan -part 2 by truth_with_light
Stuff for only Marble Hornets' a trashcan clod
The continued of the book 'Stuff for only Marble Hornets' fan' WARNING: it contains important spoilers about the plot. ((part 1, part 3 and part 4 are on my profile))
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Stuff for only Marble Hornets' fan -part 4 by truth_with_light
Stuff for only Marble Hornets' a trashcan clod
The continued of the books "Stuff for only Marble Hornets' fan -part 3", "Stuff for only Marble Hornets' fan -part 2" and "Stuff for only Marble...
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Marble Hornets: The fourth Season by Traumfantasie
Marble Hornets: The fourth Seasonby Queen of Brim
The story of how Masky, also known as Timothy, and Hoodie, aka Brian, became The Slender Man's proxies. Two years after the misery of Marble Hornets, Tim finally manage...
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I'm Here by laughingmasky
I'm Hereby laughingmasky
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Lil' Jay [a Marble Hornets FanFic]  by Traumfantasie
Lil' Jay [a Marble Hornets FanFic] by Queen of Brim
The Marble Hornets crew lives together in a mansion. Said mansion is being woken up by some loud, weird housebreaker- that's a kid? Jay has been made to a small child a...
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Marble Hornets Explained by CavalryEXE
Marble Hornets Explainedby •ʙʟᴇᴀᴄʜ ʙᴏʏ•
Marble Hornets (abbreviated MH and sometimes stylized Marble Hornets) is a YouTube web series inspired by the Slenderman online myths. The first episode was posted on Yo...
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The Beginning to the End by Be-You-Be-Proud
The Beginning to the Endby Just A Writer.
The first generation comes with some college students. Nothing wrong with college students and some homework. Especially a student film. But how can that student film ch...
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Guide to all ToTheArk's videos by truth_with_light
Guide to all ToTheArk's videosby a trashcan clod
A little guide to watch and to understand all the ToTheArk's videos, a part of the horror web series Marble Hornets. WARNING: it is necessary have watched Marble Hornets...
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Ask Marble Hornets! by MarbleHornets8744
Ask Marble Hornets!by Marble_Hornets_LilyA_8744
Ask Alex, Jay, Tim, Brian, Masky, Hoodie, Operator, Totheark, Jessica,
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The Death of Alex Kralie by SomePersonality
The Death of Alex Kralieby SP
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Back To The Ark by SU1C1D4L
Back To The Arkby EJ/Sero
Timothy Wright also known as Masky to his creepypasta comrades, and Brian Thomas, known as Hoodie to the others. They work to survive, and hide their past. But what if a...
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Incomprehensible Nights~ A Marble Hornets story. by Tickle_Me_Pickles
Incomprehensible Nights~ A NightShade and Black Rose
Tim walks down a cold path in the woods as he looks back many times over his shoulder. He can't shake this feeling... a feeling of being watched. His heart rate increase...
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Nodus Tollens [Marble Hornets] by StringCheese12
Nodus Tollens [Marble Hornets]by StringCheese12
Alyssa was excited for her summer, ready to spend time with her family and spend time taking care of her collection of plants. What she wasn't prepared for was to be dra...
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[[Yo, Zalgo!]] _PFF! Creepypasta Original AU_ by TorukaB812
[[Yo, Zalgo!]] _PFF! Creepypasta 21~16-2~36
Colaboración con @-ErrorSans_Girl-. El inicio del AU se encuentra en su cuenta.
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totheark Explained by CavalryEXE
totheark Explainedby •ʙʟᴇᴀᴄʜ ʙᴏʏ•
totheark is a YouTube Channel, which commonly responds to the videos created by Marble Hornets. The videos in Totheark's channel are dark, cryptic, and disturbing, and s...
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"The Operator" Exposed by TheMarionettesSmile
"The Operator" Exposedby TheMarionettesSmile
if i do not update for atleast a month, assume me dead... do not worry, i am fully prepared for death. THANK YOU TO SHATTEREDROSE, sorry i stole your notes you posted an...
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The Ace of Clubs (Creepypasta) by Silver-Pen
The Ace of Clubs (Creepypasta)by Silver-Pen
This is where I will be posting work involving my to be hopefully creepypasta the Ace of Clubs, and any other creepypasta things I come up with. This will include art, v...
Marble Hornets and to the ark video summary's by Midnightshadow1238
Marble Hornets and to the ark Midnight
This is going to be a log of detailed descriptions of everything that happens in each of the videos in Marble Hornets and to the ark. This story may contain spoilers so...
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