The Procedurals by dulcetest
The Proceduralsby B.L. Slate
Procedure versus University. Not a rare topic in these parts. Because if you don't fit in either of the molds created by the president, then where is your place in the c...
  • war
  • sciencefiction
  • futuristic
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Josie by LaurenRoberts5
Josieby laurenx
Raised in a totalitarian country run by powerful gangs, Josephine is now eighteen and must be placed in a gang leaders home to marry. Her golden blonde hair and wild pe...
  • boy
  • totalitarianism
  • innocent
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Our World Redefined by KeiFioreJpn
Our World Redefinedby Fred Sallis
The world seemed okay. A young trio goes on adventure that changed their lives forever as they consider to survive or solving the crumbling world.
  • adventure
  • futurepastpresent
  • youngsoldiers
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Total Control by William_J_Rahl
Total Controlby William J. Rahl
A perfect plan. A perfect location. A perfect murder. What could go wrong? (This was for a writing competition with an 850 word count limit.)
  • enhancement
  • dystopia
  • totalitarian
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Death in Hell by enronius
Death in Hellby enronius
Fighting a foreign totalitarian regime before they are consumed, a Russian covert ops team attempt to destabilize and overthrow it. Damian Marx must now protect his sis...
  • terror
  • totalitarian
  • covert
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Islands of Hope by TheDuckA
Islands of Hopeby Chris Harvey
The year is 2245 and the Earth is largely controlled by Princips Ltd who have monopolised by slowly buying up different companies. The rich now live in mega cities whils...
  • totalitarian
  • war
  • sci-fi
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