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True Blue (Complete) by dlcroisette
True Blue (Complete)by D L Croisette
Does true love deserve a second chance? The summer before university, Emily met and fell in love with Finn. It was a love to stand the test of time. Until Finn disappear...
TORN APART by princess29_
What happens when your own family keeps secrets from you?
Falling For The Mills Twins |Max And Harvey| by MillsiesForever
Falling For The Mills Twins |Max 💙Annie&Sarah❤️
Harvey Mills and Max Mills have been bullying Sarah Gilbert for years. But Sarah has a secret. A secret that once Max and Harvey find out, will change their perspecti...
Torn Apart (pt. 1)  by QueenOfWeirdness
Torn Apart (pt. 1) by Lora
It's been twelve years since Avatar Aang and the infamous Team Avatar defeated the ruthless Fire Nation and ended the Hundred-Year War, and everything has changed for th...
Lovely Drawings by 1m_just_trying
Lovely Drawingsby 1m_just_trying
"It doesn't matter." "I asked, where did you get that ring?" "Why do you care?" "...Why did you draw it?" Two best friends. One...
For Better Or For Worse by fantasyscenarios
For Better Or For Worseby gianna
"The tension was thick in the air, the only thing between us was the unmerciful blade of our daggers." EastStar and WestStar. The king of WestStar dies, the on...
The Tragic Hum Of A Fairy (NaLu Fanfic) by melodyelaine
The Tragic Hum Of A Fairy (NaLu Melody Elaine
Natsu and Lucy have been friends since the middle of kindergarten when Lucy moved into the town of Magnolia with her mother. They had always been in the same class and k...
12pm by pineapplelosers
12pmby pineapplelosers
you ever have that one childhood friend and you thought, you would grow up and still be friends? well life sucks because they never stay. they always leave and take yo...
Broken Blood: A warriors fanfiction by Avery_is_hopeless
Broken Blood: A warriors fanfictionby ❤ Avery ❤
⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⊰⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⋅•⋅∙∘☽༓☾∘∙•⋅⋅⋅•⋅⋅⊰⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⋅•⋅ The arrival of a ravenous dog pack and their horrific killings leave every clan shaken, but this seemingly awful accident...
Forbidden Dream(Extremely Slow Updates) by Drabblelove
Forbidden Dream(Extremely Slow The Lost Treasure
Ruhaan Faizal and Yamuna Swaminathan was once a part of the same painting called love and weaved beautiful dreams of togetherness. But fate was not that compassionate to...
The Barista AU (Lumity) (Luz x Amity) (The Owl House) by StarZTheWriterAlt
The Barista AU (Lumity) (Luz x ThatOneDumbWriterALT
I AM "StarZTheWriter aka ThatOneDumbWriter" I HAD TO REPOST THIS STORY ON THIS ACCOUNT DUE TO BEING LOCKED OUT (at least for now) OF MY ACCOUNT (Thanks wattpad...
HIS angel by sugarxh0e
HIS angelby alyssa klein
"There's no way I'm jumping down there" I take a peek at the view frm 6 metres beneath us. Bloody hell, There could be sharks in there. There's no way I'm risk...
Jane and Maura Get Stuck in a Tornado by samiiJane
Jane and Maura Get Stuck in a samiiJane
Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles take a long road trip. They decided to go to the Mid-West. Both are tired of the daily crime and solving, and need a break. They get stuck i...
Torn Apart  by LissaLori
Torn Apart by Lissa Lori
Seven siblings are separated in the foster system after their parents all disappear for two months. Will the kids be reunited? What really happened to the parents?
Torn Apart (A Steven Universe Fanfiction) by Anony--Moose
Torn Apart (A Steven Universe Hyper-Extended-Thalamus
!!ON HIATUS!! *Description contains spoilers both for Change Your Mind and my story! If you want it to be more suspenseful, don't read the description!* After Steven bec...
Forbidden Passion by JodyShea
Forbidden Passionby Jody Shea
Forbidden couple A young man who falls in love with 16-year-old girl.
Confessions. by AngelBlueDawn
#17 Angel
A short story looking into the darker parts of a confession. A priest listens to a woman confess her love for a man that seems eerily familiar, a man who is forbidden to...
Helium by pearl_of_faith
Heliumby Saradactayl
People call me helium Because I'm small and puny But messing with me would be the biggest mistake of their lives and its not like I'm mental or insane I just do what I...
Could we be better? by BallisticEnder
Could we be better?by BallisticEnder
In the perspective of a young man experience his failed relationship such a nice one but he feels anger and guilt he's blamed even though it was her how will things be w...
Splintered Heart by 12_ixnnie
Splintered Heartby Inaaya Khan
*** Splintered heart, the definition of splintered is 'separate into smaller units, typically as a result of disagreement.' *** In this case it is referring to the main...