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Alpha of doom by QueenKeely
Alpha of doomby QueenKeely
"In the end, the guy doesn't change for the girl, the girl is still broken and they don't end up together." He was cold He was tormented He was cruel He was ru...
In My Head by kako44
In My Headby Louisa Bazzy
l feel his need for me. His thirst for my soul. And l am loosing it. Every single moment l am loosing it and l don't know how to deal with it. I now know that it's about...
My One True Bully ✔ by CZCake
My One True Bully ✔by 💥Lord_Explosion💥
Y/N is a transfer student that had come back to Japan. Little did anyone knew that she was the shy push-over before that everyone tormented because of how she looked and...
CHIMERA (Vol. I) by aundreathewriter
CHIMERA (Vol. I)by Aundrea The Writer
If I could find a way to stop and rewind it all, I would. That's all I wanna do. Go back to the beginning. I don't know how far back. Maybe one year? Maybe two? Mayb...
OCCULT: A Cryptic Love 2 [Under Editing] by xxareen
OCCULT: A Cryptic Love 2 [Under xxareen
* Book 2 in OCCULT Series. "Remus stop behaving like a child, I'm so fed up with your behaviour" Edmund said frustrated with his son's behaviour. "i can'...
Tormented • Kylo Ren/Ben Solo by elysianangell
Tormented • Kylo Ren/Ben Soloby Malak
Cover by: @GraphicLights Highest rankings: #4 in tormented #13 bensolo #41 in kyloren #43 in firstorder Tormented /tɔːˈmɛntɪd/ adjective experiencing or characterized b...
Cure me #JustWriteIt by AnniPea
Cure me #JustWriteItby Anni Pea
An idea popped into me today! And I just had to write it down. Its just a simple draft. And I hope I don't insult anybody with this story. It has a deeper meaning to it...
Tormented  by anonymousteengirlxo
Tormented by Nana
NOW EXCLUSIVELY ON DREAME (Link on top comment of my Conversations!!!) "What the hell are you doing?" I asked as he slowly stepped closer to me. "Taking w...
The Bad Boy Has Wings? (ON HOLD) by XMentallyHilariousX
The Bad Boy Has Wings? (ON HOLD)by McKenzie
Haley Robinson has always been the outcast, the nobody, the loser, the nerd, most importantly the Klutz. The only one who is known for calling her that is Liam Castle w...
Dying to Survive: A Collection of Poems  by Wordchantress
Dying to Survive: A Collection Udita Bedajna
A collection of poems ready to caress a part of your heart.
Tormented Souls And Other Poems by Propie
Tormented Souls And Other Poemsby Praylor
A look inside the minds of my characters, and my own, through poetry. All poems are original, albeit inspired by many things in this world. I may occasionally write poem...
TORMENTED! RusAme [ENG] by Tito_624
TORMENTED! RusAme [ENG]by N̷̈́͜õ̷b̶̫̍o̸͙̐ḓ̴͊y̶̠͘
~WARNING!!!~ BLOOD, KILLING, ABUSING AND 'YANDERE'!!! Just a random Fem!Russa x Fem!America fanfic, because I have no soul. :'D Sometimes I feel like I'm Russia and my...
Shh, it's a secret. by scarsxjpg
Shh, it's a Deaxd
Jodie developed an eating disorder due to being bullied her whole life, it was the only way she could cope with things. Soon after she began self harming and couldn't go...
The Leather Bound Journal by QuisbyWiddendream
The Leather Bound Journalby Quisby Widdendream
This is some poems, random thoughts, and my feelings. I sit down and just write what flows from my head. Please, read at your own description. If it gets too much, don'...
TORMENTED ⚡⚡👻😨 by Venus12e
TORMENTED ⚡⚡👻😨by Venus Okeke
A girl, Bella trying to make everything alright because of the pledge she made to her father before his death, her sister who is mysteriously and cunningly evil torments...
Tormented by SelfMadeAA
Tormentedby Bells
Drugs, pain, & sorrow.
Lost & Found - A Harry Styles Fan Fic by DarnellEleanor
Lost & Found - A Harry Styles DarnellEleanor
Molly is a 17 year old girl and is going through hell in life. She is out running one day when she meets this guy, he turns her world upside down, or back to normal is w...
SNATCHED by xxCancerbaby98xx
SNATCHEDby Veteran
Imagine waking up in an unfamiliar room. The pain in your body spreads and intensifies. You're scared and alone. You can barely remember what had happened to you, but i...