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Hanahaki Disease (TordMatt) by honey_roo
Hanahaki Disease (TordMatt)by honey_roo
Tord discovers Matt having a disease called Hanahaki, he tries his best to help him but ends up with different plans.
You stole me and my heart<3 (eddsworld tordmatt saloonatics)  by mysticZsingle
You stole me and my heart<3 ( mysticZsingle
A/n: (all art by me! UvU)this story is ep saloonatics but deffrent. Its Matt's point of veiw and Tord is also in it. Tord is a bandit knows as 'Red bandit' and he robs...
💔💜sweet boy💜💔 by WildCard720
💔💜sweet boy💜💔by Wild Card
matt feels sad when tord betrays him and he's friends, matt designs to move on but little do matt know that tord has some plans for them, especially matt....
My Mirror Boy|tordmatt|  by Pipcheerioss
My Mirror Boy|tordmatt| by PaperFaze
A story that happens during the end, the robot incident hasn't come..yet. Tord has been very slick when he comes back, trying to impress a special ginger. When he fails...
Beautiful Boy (Tordmatt) by simplyaaccident
Beautiful Boy (Tordmatt)by 🐝 b e e s c u i t 🐝
Beautiful Boy. Made on this specific DATE: 1/11/19 (January 11th, 2019). • All Rights Reserved • !!Warnings: Lemon/Smut later into book, uncensored swearing, mature lang...
tordmatt + tomedd one shots // fluff and smut by mumptydumpty
tordmatt + tomedd one shots // mumptydumpty
in my opinion these are the best ships ( especially tordmatt ^W^ ) plz don't haras real people. It's fine to ship the characters and stuff but like c'mon guys.
Eddsworld smut/fluff pictures by patrykowo
Eddsworld smut/fluff picturesby c h ee s e
idk every few days i'll dump a ton of smut/fluff pics, and leave the title as whichever it is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Fluffsworld pictures by jakesin
Fluffsworld picturesby jake
since i can't post porn on this account besides smut writing, im gonna post fluff instead and, no, before you ask, im not posting anything other than eddsworld here if y...
Eddsworld One-Shots - Requests Closed! by DamagedEcho
Eddsworld One-Shots - Requests Dongus57
*Cover art by me! [Instaccount: shy.angrl] *Requests Closed!
TordMatt Oneshots.(smut & Fluff) by OneHeartlessGamer
TordMatt Oneshots.(smut & Fluff)by Heartless Hope
A collection of Tord x Matt stories. I will not be using their real last names.I TAKE REQUESTS. And I don't own any of theses pictures all rights belong to their rightfu...
Don't worry, you're safe now.(Tom x reader) by tomasandtord
Don't worry, you're safe now.( tomasandtord
I honestly don't know how I'm gonna describe it, but it will be a good story. I promise.
It's nice to see you again {TordMatt/Mattord} by senpapiclub
It's nice to see you again { murduck
{Warning, this is an old story} This takes place after the end. Matt ends up finding Tord and talks to him. {I don't own the cover picture or the characters mentioned in...
♡TordMatt Oneshots♡ by LinaTheWriter
♡TordMatt Oneshots♡by Jack Stauber
I AM OVERLY EXCITED ABOUT MAKING THIS. I will take any requests you can throw (that are about TordMatt, of course). All images aren't mine unless I say they are!
<<Eddsworld Oneshots>> by LinaTheWriter
>by Jack Stauber
With all of your favorite characters and ships! I've gotten into this fandom a while ago, and I think I have a... weird obsession to it. ANYWAY, there's character x char...
Young Love (Matt x Tord HighSchool AU) by ouma-exe
Young Love (Matt x Tord 💜It’s a Lie💜
Matt's the popular kid. Tord's a otaku outcast. What will happen to these two when they both harbor romantic feelings for each other? READ FOR MORE!! Bonus: EddTom in th...
Just as Before (Tord X Matt) by Hoshimi-Fujimura
Just as Before (Tord X Matt)by Hoshimi Fujimura
A year had passed since Tord destroyed the house, and wasn't seen again. But a nagging thought was left in Red Leaders mind since that day. That look of complete betray...
"The Shy Boy" (A TordxMatt and TomxEdd story) by EveCrystalCat
"The Shy Boy" (A TordxMatt and TransgenderKing2002
In this story Matt has a difficult choice to be with either Tom or Tord Warning this will include Smut, Sexual Assault, Thicc Matt, Abusive chapters and blood (Also this...