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The Red Leader's Pet [TomTord by TakotaQ
The Red Leader's Pet [TomTordby Smeg_Off
Ill come up with it tomorrow. I put this as the description a month ago I put this description ^ well over two months ago. I put the first one around a year ago.
Enemies or Lovers? ( Tord x Reader) by cupcakegodforlife
Enemies or Lovers? ( Tord x Reader)by ♡trashqueen♡
(Y/N) is finally coming back home to live with her brother Edd. she's a detective that is on the case for finding and arresting The Red Leader. little does she know, sh...
·TomTord shorts· by TaterxTot
·TomTord shorts·by Tater Tot
I made this book because I read most of the TomTord stories and decided to make my own! This story has TomTord. Meaning dom Tom and sub Tord. So if you don't like that t...
Eddsworld kids by catkittylover
Eddsworld kidsby Catkittylover
The three friends an self obsessed Matt an sarcastic Tom and an artistic Edd. New kid from Norway names Tord his English wasn't good he understood some English. Two meet...
Hunter Tord x Centaur Tom (TordTom) by Kipbennet
Hunter Tord x Centaur Tom (TordTom)by KIPP
Tom lives a calm and peaceful life in a beutiful forest...Well that is until the best hunter of the North East; Tord and Tom meet face to face....What will happen of...
Unfinished Business- TordEdd by maescop
Unfinished Business- TordEddby h
***COMPLETED 3/23/2018*** "You can't let anyone know. They'll kill me." "Anything you say, kitten." ((There's implied PauPat and ToMatt in this ;P ))...
avian mistake (tomtord) by altneighbourhood
avian mistake (tomtord)by ❌exclusion❌
he falls in love with the enemy. love is the only part that matters. avian! tord x scientist! tom
It's nice to see you again {TordMatt/Mattord} by senpapiclub
It's nice to see you again { murduck
{Warning, this is an old story} This takes place after the end. Matt ends up finding Tord and talks to him. {I don't own the cover picture or the characters mentioned in...
[Eddsworld Oneshots] by senpapiclub
[Eddsworld Oneshots]by murduck
This will be a book of eddsworld oneshots. Ships ranging from TomEdd to MattJon, any ship really. [I don't own any characters or art used in this] [This is shipping the...
Streets [A TomTord Fanfic] by CreepypastaFan014
Streets [A TomTord Fanfic]by Hazard
After the events of The End, the Red Army decided that their leader was too weak to lead them anymore. Since he lost his position as the Red Leader, he now roams the st...
I'll Be Good [Eddsworld Fanfiction] by FriendscallmeMoonpie
I'll Be Good [Eddsworld Fanfiction]by [No Name]
After what happened in the end, Tord has been thinking a lot on his old allies; Matt, Tom, and Edd. He wondered what it would've been like if things were different. If h...
Black Eyes (TomTord Eddsworld Fic) by Cannedbabs
Black Eyes (TomTord Eddsworld Fic)by Brave
This is a Tom x Tord FanFiction! Oneshots of them will come later if I feel like it// Warning: Possibly NSFW Material! (I will put at the beginning of the chapters), cur...
Mine  {FUTURE TOMTORD} {COMPLETED} by mindfulchump
* ART IS NOT MADE BY ME AND FULL CREDIT TO WHOEVER DID THAT AMAZING WORK OF ART x A few years after The End, Tom moved out of Edd and Matt's house and found a place of h...
Shattered Memories (TOMTORD/TORDTOM) ~COMPLETE~ by Strawbirry
Shattered Memories (TOMTORD/ Strawberri
Tord has lived in the army base for a couple of years before he wanted to move back to his friends house. But there was a catch Tord never thought about. Tom was still...
《I'm So Sorry!》TomTord by Pengus_Gun
《I'm So Sorry!》TomTordby Pengu
Okie. Egg-treme Trigger warning. This book will contain: • Self Harm. • Suicidal thoughts • Suicide Attempts • curse warning It's been a few years after the end. Tor...
Hello, New Friend | Tord x Reader by ProxieGeno
Hello, New Friend | Tord x Readerby L S
(Y/N) was the twin sister of the oh so famous Edd. She was very different from Edd in looks and personality ever since they learned to talk. The only thing they had in c...
A Test of Time (TomTord) by NikkiNightLight
A Test of Time (TomTord)by Pebble
Tord's entire life has been an uphill battle. He's had to fight so hard for everything. When you have it all, you might as well be ruling the world. But when the puzzle...
Red ( Tord x Male!Reader) COMPLETED by Kittyunknown
Red ( Tord x Male!Reader) COMPLETEDby Kittyunknown
(Y/n) is Paul's Younger brother and he had to join the Red army for safety reasons find out more in thet story!!! ~WARNING~ Will contain self harm, suicide thoughts and...
Eddsworld! Alter Motives by welpDoesStories
Eddsworld! Alter Motivesby welp.
In this take of The End, Tord never wanted to have to blow up his friend's house. He was in massive danger and never wanted his friends involved. But now he has to deal...