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The new neighbor  (Tom x reader) by Robin_The_Hufflepuff
The new neighbor (Tom x reader)by Dumbass
You move in to a new house, you meet great neighbors and become very close to them. But the one in the blue hoodie catches your attention. New friends, new adventures, n...
"Playing God."  | Tord x Reader |  [SENSITIVE TOPICS AND LANGUAGE WARNING!] by -xxxanax
"Playing God." | Tord x Reader | -xxxanax
You; abused spy from the Blue army tracks down Tord. After withstanding pain, and a abusive past, she knows how to work people. Really make people click. Being the femal...
The lost one. Tord X reader. by Fan_girl76
The lost one. Tord X Fan_girl76
The lost one. Being absolutely broken was her specialty. Who knew my life would change forever when I met her. Beautiful as ever, she sees herself as a horrid mess. Sca...
Strawberry Milkshake (Suicidal AU) by DaBuN_Bun
Strawberry Milkshake (Suicidal AU)by DaBuN_Bun
⚠️Trigger Warning⚠️ Suicide attempts, strong language, mature content, descriptive scenes etc. Tord left the army long ago. He wandered around by himself, hating what he...
Eddsworld x Child!Reader {DISCONTINUED}  by AechonOfSorts
Eddsworld x Child!Reader { • ° ✴✝ヨピ✝✴° •
(☆^ー^☆) -Good Grammar, check! -No Mary Sues, check! -no random angst, check! Eddsworld belongs to the eddsworld crew, and most art belongs to it's rightful owners, I onl...
His Dronning~ | Tord X Reader | by CherryBlossom2021
His Dronning~ | Tord X Reader |by CherryBlossom2021
You're The Leader Of A Top Army, Your Ally Is The Red Army. But One War Will Cause You To Go Separate Ways. Years Later, You Decide To Take A Vacation And Decide To Move...
TomTord//TordTom Oneshots {Completed!} by Narkoma_
TomTord//TordTom Oneshots { Igloo
Please request im desperate The title is pretty much the description but theres other information. ALSO PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION Warnings will be at the beginn...
Childish (TomTord Fanfic)  by Anonknows
Childish (TomTord Fanfic) by Awkward Tv Head
Edd, Matt, and Tom decide to take another trip to the Magic Shop... Long story short, Matt has no coordination, Tom has zero reflexes, Edd is oblivious, and Tord takes t...
Red leader (Tord) X Reader  *Enemies can love~* (On Hold) by Potato_Writez
Red leader (Tord) X Reader * Hansel
Y/n was a soldier of the Blue Army, until one day when she was on a mission, she was captured and tortured to information. Until the Red Leader started having some pity...
It Will Be Better (Eddsworld X Child!Reader) by BlueBerryVSE
It Will Be Better (Eddsworld X BlueBerryVSE
You'd never really been treated like a kid before and especially not by your parents. However, after an incident occurs one day at the local mall and you're left practic...
Tord X Reader by ItsTotalyBlue
Tord X Readerby ItsTotalyBlue
Your Toms Twin. No eyes and everything. Your living in across the street from everyone. Also the End never happened, possibly never will? I don't know. Anyway, enjoy!
"I Love Her..." • [Tord x reader] {COMPLETED} by LB5538
"I Love Her..." • [Tord x reader] LB5538
Y/n has known Tord for a very long time. She has known him sense they were baby's and immediately came close friends. Over the years growing up and becoming adults you g...
My Highschool Sweetheart (TordTom) by TheDeadKitKat
My Highschool Sweetheart (TordTom)by Kit
(highschool AU) Tords POV me and my dad's have just moved to England from Norway since I was given a scholarship at a school here for gifted children. yeah right. I was...
Selfish [DISCONTINUED] by prettylittlepsychoe
Selfish [DISCONTINUED]by loVE mE
This fanfic takes place after "The End" and yes it's Tomtord cause that's my OTP. Years after the incident Tord and the gang meet again and Tord needs a place...
tomtord smuts by Betterthantrash618
tomtord smutsby Betterthantrash618
dom or sub Tom/Tord I will do requests Long reads and plot, many parts to requested stories and other stories
Blame It On Me (TomTord) by CrashTheParty
Blame It On Me (TomTord)by The FitnessGram™
After "The End," Tord has been kicked off the Red Army because he became too weak. Now, he's homeless because of his lack of money and lives in an alleyway. H...
Du er mitt alt~ (Tord x Reader) by shineheartstories
Du er mitt alt~ (Tord x Reader)by laurel
When Tom lets it slip that he likes you, Tord gets angry and you get hurt. What will happen to your relationship? What will happen to Tom?
Tomtord smut/ fluff by bellamia775
Tomtord smut/ fluffby Bellamia775
It's a horrible tomtord story but your still going to read it
*RE-MAKE* Under My Control (A TordTom Story) by I_Forget_Passwords
*RE-MAKE* Under My Control (A 私の心が痛いです
RE-MAKE! This is a TordTom story so.....anybody that needs my book already knows this won't be innocent ^^^THE ART COVER IS NOT MINE^^^
Eddsworld Oneshots, Fluff, Lemons, and Smut by -Eddiction-
Eddsworld Oneshots, Fluff, CAMPE DIEM
what the title says :3 ~ (HIGHEST RANKINGS) #1 in Tordedd #1 in hehe (idk why I put that lol) #34 in Eddsworld #16 in Tord #28 in Tomtord