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TORA by aurum_autumn
TORAby t
tora x reader ;)))
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when we were kids ( holland ) by opu1ent
when we were kids ( holland )by h
best friends since they were 6. it seemed like they would be together until the end, but what happens when his career takes off and she's left in the dust? [high schoo...
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Tora x Poppy Lemon  by KayMarie467
Tora x Poppy Lemon by Kay Marie
I loveeee midnight poppyland and I noticed that there isn't a lot of fan fic on it, you know that.... aghm... kind of fanfic. shout out to LillyDusk for making a master...
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Xenoblade 2 One shots by HolographicAnime
Xenoblade 2 One shotsby Anthri
There is not enough fanfiction of these precious characters, so here I am. After giving my life to that game, I am here. Updates are slow! (Sorry) These will be anything...
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Found - Naruto FanFic by SympathyToVillains
Found - Naruto FanFicby SympathyToVillains
(Sequel to Lost - Naruto FanFic) My name is Kaji Tora. I still enjoy blood, killing, and training. I still hate a lot of people. My hobbies, well, they are still none of...
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Struck by fanahjumma
Struckby fanahjumma
Tora Igarashi is a man of confidence. How can he not be, when he is rich, good-looking and intelligent. Girls are head over heels for him. He was happy, or at least he t...
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Xenoblade Chronicles 2: The Fourth Driver by WaylonTFD
Xenoblade Chronicles 2: The WaylonTFD
With Malos defeated, true Elysium founded, and the Conduit destroyed, everything should be finished now right? But have you ever wondered what side effects a multi-dimen...
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OC & My Everyday Gacha Life 2 by Tialuna
OC & My Everyday Gacha Life 2by Tialuna
Welp, here's part 2 of this book~
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Ghost Hunt: Earning Forgiveness by AsyaNightShade
Ghost Hunt: Earning Forgivenessby AsyaNightShade
Masako is back again, but can she earn her forgiveness, and can naru and tora forgive her. Read to find out!
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Nanny McPhee//Simon x Reader by K_PopGirl20
Nanny McPhee//Simon x Readerby K_PopGirl20
At the age of 4, Ashley's parents died in of drug addiction, she is now 12 but she has no choice but to live with a family, the Brown's family but see meets a certain bo...
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When The World Change. (Original Anime Story.) by Tialuna
When The World Change. (Original Tialuna
......I know. In this world... There are many sorrowful things. Feelings that cannot be expressed. Thoughts that I can't understand.. matter what...I love our w...
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BSG Version: What If Bardock Saved The Saiyans by BSGNetwork
BSG Version: What If Bardock BSGNetwork
Time for another BSG take of a popular discussion. What if Bardock saved the saiyans! What would happen in the BSGVerse if Bardock managed to defeat Freiza and save Plan...
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The President & The Photographer by R5getsLOUDER
The President & The Photographerby Jordan
You have to cover for a friend. Reader-insert.
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New feeling( Tora x reader )(Ushio and Tora) by Katiefangirl5050
New feeling( Tora x reader )( Katie :3
You had perfect life,you lived with your best friend that you sometimes called a sister.Yes,she was a human and you a Youkai but you still get along pretty good.You are...
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Gormotti Love (Nia X Rex) by AlphaExPrototype
Gormotti Love (Nia X Rex)by Delta Morgan
When Nia confesses her love to Rex, the young salvager takes her heart and uses his power to protect her. With this journey the couple will face countless obstacles as...
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Like High School Didn't Suck Enough Already (A Konoha High Fanfic) by xXToraUchihaXx
Like High School Didn't Suck Chloe Castilian
Tora Namikaze was born into the Uchiha family, but her parents gave her away at birth. At age 6 she was adopted by Minato and Kushina Namikaze. When she was 14 her older...
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Visions: The Third Uchiha by xXToraUchihaXx
Visions: The Third Uchihaby Chloe Castilian
Tora is the older twin sister of Sasuke Uchiha. She is taken to the Akatsuki by Itachi after the massacre. A few years later she is kidnapped by Orochimaru and experimen...
Faker by NaNaMi527
Fakerby Crystal
What if usui broke up with misaki when he left to miyabioka? What if misaki has another identity? What truly will happen? I own nothing but the plot and my own OCs. This...
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Xenoblade 2 : An Unlikely Blade by nintendoaddict
Xenoblade 2 : An Unlikely Bladeby Cepha 🥰
After Malos has been defeated, Jin finds himself summoning with....... a blade? ❗️Spoiler warning for the end of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and parts of Torna❗️
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Naruto Time Loops by Ciiiieeelllll
Naruto Time Loopsby Ciiiieeelllll
In here, I'll write one shots, about mainly Naruto and Kakashi right now. There probably won't be any x readers because I suck at romance of any type. I don't have a be...
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