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Limits | YeonBin by LuvIX95
Limits | YeonBinby Luviii
Limits are there to teach a person not to cross or step over someone's boundaries. Choi Yeonjun is a man of his word when he said to Choi Soobin─the guy who he met rand...
Pretty (Yeongyu) by Aidaaaannnnn
Pretty (Yeongyu)by Aidan Jung o.o
A pretty exchange student, who is still learning Korean, stays at Yeonjun's house. 'Yeonjun oppa.' 'nO yOu don't call me that-' 18+ (Yeonjun x Beomgyu) (Minimal plot wi...
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Surreptitious || Taegyu by SoobatoPotato
Surreptitious || Taegyuby 💜🍞SoobatoPotato🌝✨
Choi Beomgyu works as an Undercover Secret Agent, and has to keep his work a secret from his friends. But what happens when Kang Taehyun, the son of the most famous news...
It's all Your Fault|| Yeonbin/Soojun Story  by yeonbin1287
It's all Your Fault|| Yeonbin/ yeonbin1287
"You look beautiful under this moonlight" Yeonjun said softly while caressing his cheek. "Stop saying stuff bro, your going to make me blush" Soobin...
TAEJUN|| Caught On Vlive by yourrelatablefriend
TAEJUN|| Caught On Vliveby Tiny Taehyun
Yeonjun pulled Taehyun into the lounge room to make out. He didn't know their seniors were doing a VLIVE tho... Based on this vid: (not my account)
𝐅.𝐑.𝐈.𝐄.𝐍.𝐃? || ʜʏᴜɴᴡᴏᴏ/ʏᴏᴏɴᴊɪ  by vkook_condomsupplier
𝐅.𝐑.𝐈.𝐄.𝐍.𝐃? || ʜʏᴜɴᴡᴏᴏ/ʏᴏᴏɴ 𝕭𝐄𝐂𝐂𝐀•°
This book is the sequel of our brat siblings... A story of four childhood best friends got separated within time and met again in college but now let's see What will hap...
Perfect [M] by yeonbiniez
Perfect [M]by <3
The journey of Soobin's transition from an alpha to an omega, with Yeonjun guiding him all the way. TOP! YEONJUN BOTTOM! SOOBIN •each chapter is a different part of thei...
BUG [YEONBIN] by cantdosoy
BUG [YEONBIN]by cantdosoy
Choi Yeonjun's new android, Soobin, is making him feel things that only another human should. What's most surprising to the boy however, is the way the bot's skin heats...
𝐹𝑜𝑟𝑒𝑣𝑒𝑟 𝑊𝑖𝑡ℎ 𝑀𝑒 by dont_touch_myfaceu_
𝐹𝑜𝑟𝑒𝑣𝑒𝑟 𝑊𝑖𝑡ℎ 𝑀𝑒by Jimeo🐥&🐰Kooliet
Soobin and yeonjun are childhood friends. Soobin and yeonjun have feelings for each other, but they both didn't know the other felt the same. Little did they know one li...
The Bully's Fuck Buddy | BEOMJUN by PeachyYeongyu
The Bully's Fuck Buddy | BEOMJUNby ATLAS
Where "don't fucking disrespect me' turns into 'only you can talk to me like that.' ** Beomgyu's a brat and Yeonjun hates people who give him attitude. Although his...
Once his mistress......... by MikkyMouse576
Once his Mikky Mouse
Kook : I don't know about you anything but from the moment I land my Eyes on you..... YOU ARE MINE. So don't do something Stupid which will made me angry. Iam a Very pos...
The Loners Baby (Yeonbin) by Woojin_isbaby
The Loners Baby (Yeonbin)by Woojin_isbaby
Yeonjun is a filthy rich introvert he wasn't alays a introvert but after the betrayel if his bestfriend he clises himseld off. Soobin is a bright bunny who brings a smil...
sociopath [yeonbin] by sooboob
sociopath [yeonbin]by hiA♡
"i know what i do isn't right, but i can't stop what i love to do." - the ending of their story began right when the soft boy couldn't resist his...
Crown Me by Crazwoolf123002
"It's like we're playing a game of checkers that no one wants to play." __ In which Prince Yeonjun is soon to be king, and Prince Soobin has no choice but to m...
Colour Rush by wHaT_tHe_bReAd
Colour Rushby Sexier than you🌬🤍
A story about a mono named soobin who found his probe. There is a very small chance of a mono meeting his probe,but even after meeting his probe he is in denial he doesn...
Cat&Dog •YeonBinGyu• by bear___gyu
Cat&Dog •YeonBinGyu•by BottomGyu
"Who the hell are you two?? And what are you doing here?" "I'm your pet master" "meow~~" "woof woof" Both said in unison, and lo...
MAFP | x TXT  by gayforgeomie
MAFP | x TXT by Crispys babie
What does MAFP stand for you ask?? You dont ask...? WELL IMA TELL YOU HAG 🖕 MAFP is the 'stage name' of one of the best and most famous make-up artists in South Korea...
-∂ιѕ¢σитιиυє∂- вrєαd вun | чєσnвín ff by ShirroSan125
-∂ιѕ¢σитιиυє∂- вrєαd вun | чєσnвí forever hiatus || check websi...
-Discontinued- Choi Soobin was a shy young boy when he entered elementary school, but that one boy helped him out of his shell, Choi Yeonjun. Yeonjun and Soobin became c...