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Mr. Bodyguard ✓ by ssssss21199
Mr. Bodyguard ✓by Power Couple VK
"This baby like boy will protect me? Seriously?!" Taehyung laughed. . . . . . . . Where Mr. Kim aka Taehyung's father hires a bodyguard for Taehyung but he don...
Crazy For You {T.k} by Tigers_Bunbun
Crazy For You {T.k}by Sushii ☄️
☆°◕•⁠◍Ongoing◍⁠•◕°☆ Kim Taehyung, heart-throb of Emerald University came from a rich family...Is a spoiled brat and a very short tempered boy...Girls and Boys go crazy o...
Cold Ceo (Taekook) by Kritti132
Cold Ceo (Taekook)by Kritti132
Jungkook is a cold, arrogant and rude ceo who doesn't care about anyone. Let's see how Jungkook will change from coldie to softie only for Taehyung. Top Tae Bottom Kook...
one week [taekook] ✓ by -bangtanbbys
one week [taekook] ✓by — thea⁷
jeongguk, interested in free food. taehyung, interested in jeongguk. a one week relationship that might turn into more. -• "take a risk." "how?" &q...
DUALITY - KTH×JJK (*finished) by dark_kimtaekookie
DUALITY - KTH×JJK (*finished)by Masky
Book-cover by: @qwfcfanfic Who would have ever thought the biggest nerd of the university will turned out to be the most feared person of the whole world. Well the badbo...
My Ramen Boy  ☑  by PetalBuns
My Ramen Boy ☑ by Corolla
"Ramyeon meokgo gallae, Hyungie??" "H-huh ?? Wh-What?? Could you repeat ??" Said Taehyung after he recovered from choking , from what he heard. &quo...
take my hand by jungk00kie_jeon
take my handby jungk00kie_jeon
Jungkook is a little, he's lonely and self conscious. All he wants is a life he can enjoy, instead of being scared of what's to come. All he wants is a caregiver which w...
Brother in law ( taekook ) by JeonJaeKay
Brother in law ( taekook )by Kimbweee
15-year-old Jungkook, who knows nothing about marriage, becomes Taehyung's older brother's life partner. The day after the marriage, Jungkook, abandoned by his husband...
Maze-Taekook by Annie029597
Maze-Taekookby Annie Anna
No one knew how their relationships are going to be entangled in the most twisted way I don't care I only want you-taehyung why don't you understand-jungkook said while...
taekook oneshots  by innocent_army099
taekook oneshots by innocent_army099
some taekook oneshots... all are top top koo... if you want to give me any ideas then you can... These oneshots contains... #love #forced marriage #abuse #cheat...
My World Stops When I'm With You [Taekook] by Ggukie_Tokki
My World Stops When I'm With You [ 𝐦.𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞
Mafia leader Taehyung meets the famous bad boy Jeon Jungkook, to which he fell in love with... But danger awaits for them... '너와 함께하면 내 세상이 멈춰' (When I'm With You, My...
My Baby Boyfriend ||TAEKOOK ✅ by sodashar
My Baby Boyfriend ||TAEKOOK ✅by sodashar
"taetae!!!i love you!!!",he said with a bunny smile on his face. "who are you,kid??Here have this candy and go to your school like a good boy",he sai...
I Want You by Kimtaegukk05
I Want Youby vkrc06
Tae is poor has a father and brother after his mother died his father became more violent towards him . Jk is rich and cold gets want he wants. Photos used in this b...
Vents | TK ✓ by yoongiflo
Vents | TK ✓by Yoongiflo
❝What does a dick mean?❞ ❝Uh❞ Wherin innocent Jungkook secretly talks to his new first friend Taehyung through the vents. [translated in Arabic by @tkbutterfly] [trans...
A Team by rexsci
A Teamby rexsci
In which two officers who hate each other are assigned as partners. top tae bottom guk
You broke me first [Taekook] ✔️ by blfanfics_
You broke me first [Taekook] ✔️by blfanfics_
Jungkook is the nerd of college. Taehyung is the popular boy from college. And yet somehow they are a couple. That changes one day when Taehyung decides to dump Jungkook...
Huh? Father? [Taekook] by Ggukie_Tokki
Huh? Father? [Taekook]by 𝐦.𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞
Taehyung meets a teenager who introduced himself as his son. He was so confused, if he's the father, then who's the other parent?
Delusional Love || Vminkook by DarkCastingMoon
Delusional Love || Vminkookby ℓυηα☾
Where Taeyung and Jungkook was a happy couple Suddenly an accident changed their life Jungkook started to see someone in his dream Whom he never saw before Who was he...
KISS OF SNOW | Taekook | Werewolf AU  by bts_bangtang7
KISS OF SNOW | Taekook | Hadia._.
A perfect story of opposite attracts, where Jeon Jungkook, sweet yet sassy omega met, Kim Taehyung true blood Alpha, business tycoon and his mate. Taehyung never wished...
Taekook : Useless Wife by Manu82545
Taekook : Useless Wifeby Manu
Taehyung : You're worthless..I frickin' hate you! Jungkook : B-but what did I do!? Dive into the journey of two guys..their lives got entangled together because of certa...