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CHANGE by stylinsonair
CHANGEby stylinsonair
It's the day Directioners everywhere are screaming, the day that social media is exploding, it's the day where the world is going crazy. It's the the day One Direction a...
Polaris || l.s. by saturnlarry
Polaris || 𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐱𝐢𝐦𝐚
Harry's heart was dead set on freedom. It was not a recent thing, he had been itching to get away from the confines of the responsibilities he had as the prince of Eonsh...
Rent Boy... by narrymff
Rent anna ...
He didn't know who he was,or what he could have been but all he knew was what He is,He is a slut or a whore or a streetwalker as they might say but it wasn't always the...
Skirts and flirts by niallhi
Skirts and flirtsby Eva Tomlinson
Harry Styles is a virgin. He also wears cute outfits and sips vanilla tea. He's tired of boys hitting on him just to have sex with him. He meets Louis, who intrigues him...
unholy l.s by niallhi
unholy l.sby Eva Tomlinson
Louis and Harry have sex. Lots and lots of it. No strings attached because it's just lusty days and nights. They don't love each other. They really don't. Ironically, H...
Biology - A/B/O | l.s. by IAdoreWalls
Biology - A/B/O | T
Harry is an omega, who has a crush on his biology professor Mr. Tomlinson, who happened to be an alpha. What will happen when Harry will sign up for a trip with his bio...
Hurt |L.S| by Wienersoldier_stan
Hurt |L.S|by Wienersoldier
Niall Horan, a successful solo artist Louis Tomlinson, a successful solo artist Harry Styles, a successful solo artist Zayn Malik, a successful solo artist Liam Payne...
It's Mutual by wakamonster
It's Mutualby bitch :))
"Do you know the difference between hate and love?" For Louis and Harry things have always been quite simple, they hate each other. Harry hates Louis and Louis...
Something Great by hazs_maplesyrup
Something Greatby Hazs Hazelyyy
A Larry story based on a song called 'Something Great'. Where Louis is afraid to commit a relationship after the toxic one he's been through and Harry, who's willing to...
You're Cute  L.S. by LickingOnLarry
You're Cute Insertdisplayname
LouisNotLewis: you're cute LouisNotLewis: I think I'll keep you umm? I'm not for sale. *the majority of this story will most likely be in mess...
Larry Stylinson Recommendations (Happy endings) by Loved_you_since_16
Larry Stylinson Recommendations ( julia
some good larry stylinson recommendations. I can't do sad endings so for all those people like me here are some happy ending larry fics, feel free to comment and vote. L...
UNCOVER by Vanhace
UNCOVERby Vanhace
There are no coincidences in life. Just happenings of fate. The most beautiful yet tormenting one being Love; A meeting of two people who can accept both the dark and li...
Larry one shots  by Larryforever280913
Larry one shots by Larryforever280913
Larry one shots with mostly bottom Louis and a few of bottom Harry. Many many kinks and one shots with big age gaps because there aren't enough in my opinion. They are...
Instagram [Larry stylinson] by scar_brook
Instagram [Larry stylinson]by Larry_stan280
Just a Instagram story where harry is a model and is Louis biggest fan. And where Louis tomlinson is a famous singer that is best friends with Zayn malik.
Heroes by Labsareawsome
Heroesby Lunarlove
(Zianourry relationship, Harry centric) One the power of plants, one the ability of super speed, one the ability of telekinesis, one the ability of invisibility, one the...
PARANOIA by louissushirestaurant
PARANOIAby Louistomlinsonsbutt
"30 million have been stolen from The United California Bank. The heists was said to be pulled of by 4 people, most likely men in their early 20s, however the polic...
your delicate point of view  by grapejuiceblue
your delicate point of view by Larry is world
It has been always you ... (a Larry fanfic)
Bondage |•| L.S. by twooghosts
Bondage |•| Two Ghosts
Louis is the leader of a pack of 31000 members.Louis wants an omega. He wants Harry as his omega. •Alpha Louis •Alpha Liam •Alpha Liam •Omega Niall •Omega Harry
He's F*cking Mine!- MPREG by twooghosts
He's F*cking Mine!- MPREGby Two Ghosts
Louis made quite a few mistakes throughout his and Harry's relationship, so Harry broke up with him. But Louis isn't quite done with the cute curly-haired boy. Harry is...
The Badboy's Baby L.S by NayAf04
The Badboy's Baby L.Sby Life Is Suck
Louis Tomlinson the badboy, everyone scared of him, even his teacher and principal. But then he meet Harry Styles, Harry hate him, Harry's not scared of him, that make L...