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i think i'm ready to dance again. by larryy28bluegreen
i think i'm ready to dance larry.28.bluegreen
"Fuck off." Harry laughed. "That's for later." "So you're just in one of those moods today then?" Harry asked with a fake groan, because he...
Rivals |l.s| by xxNikita1dxoxo
Rivals |l.s|by ~ Nikita ~
"Stop," Harry whispered as the smaller man in front of him placed his soft delicate hands on either side of his head. Harry whimpered as he felt another body...
DMs (Larry Stylinson) by harrys-rings
DMs (Larry Stylinson)by Court
"Louis Tomlinson just messaged me!" Or the one in which Harry Styles is a huge fan of a singer named Louis Tomlinson and gets the opportunity to get in a gr...
Is it so wrong?  by Shiplover28
Is it so wrong? by Shiplover28
" Please, Tell me what you want from me!" The laughter grows louder making Harry want to cry. " Isn't it obvious Harry? We want you!"
Crushin' and a Blushin' by wakamonster
Crushin' and a Blushin'by bitch :))
Harry is scary. Or he's at least intimidating, with his long curly hair and piercing green eyes. People tend to be shy and nervous around him, so when he meets a small l...
The Singer And His Ballerina by HazzaandlouTomlinson
The Singer And His Ballerinaby Gorgeousstylinson
Harry Styles dream is too become a professional ballerina and to play the lead in swan Lake since he was five. However for now he runs a small ballerina workshop for kid...
innocence / larry // disconnected  by riotlarry
innocence / larry // disconnected by n
the one where Harry is a small innocent baby and Louis is his best friends dad
Slut//l.s -discontinued- by now-kiss-me-you-fool
Slut//l.s -discontinued-by sad girl
"I can see your ass, get a longer skirt" "Why do you care?" "Because it makes you look like a slut" or Where Harry wears short skirts and L...
So Much More To You » L.S by jealouslouis_
So Much More To You » L.Sby Z
"There is so much more to you than your scary facade and body full of tattoos, Harry, and I'm going find out every single thing, every last bit of you." [or an...
Sisters Boyfriend l.s (boyxboy) by louisgotthedagger28
Sisters Boyfriend l.s (boyxboy)by baby Harry
This story is being continued by @_hamartithia and will be wrote on their account. (Mpreg) Harry's a 16 year old spoiled child who loves short skirts and pastel pink. Lo...
Agent 28- Larry Stylinson au by sophieskates17
Agent 28- Larry Stylinson auby Sophie💙💚
This story is a spy story between Louis Tomlinson and harry styles. Harry styles is a new recruit and Louis Tomlinson is his partner. Louis Tomlinson is one of the best...
smut {l.s.} by litlikelilz
smut {l.s.}by NEW ACC // BABIEBUNS
a collection of smutty one shots written by moi, of harry/louis from one direction. all of these one shots are top louis. please do not request a top harry one. ********...
princess // Larry Stylinson by natasja_hop
princess // Larry Stylinsonby natasja_hop
Where Harry is a feminine barista at the coffee shop Louis Always goes to. of course Louis falls in love with the pretty boy with green eyes and feminine clothes
boss , zourry by 444styles
boss , zourryby xo
"you're okay, then?" zayn spoke, his skilled fingers braiding the flowers into harry's hair "feel better now, yeah?" he added, watching louis set up...
Fan Boys Exist ༉Larry Stylinson  by 2louhaz8
Fan Boys Exist ༉Larry Stylinson by 2louhaz8
this fic is very cringe i wrote it a long time ago but it gets better i promise. sorry for any mistakes english is not my first language. harry is just a fan boy with b...
Won't Let Go | Larry Stylinson Mpreg by 1D_HarryStyles_1D
Won't Let Go | Larry Stylinson NO UPDATES. SHHH
It's funny how people make it their life goal to take away another's happiness. [Book One] ---- Copyright 2017 to Brianna ( @1D_HarryStyles_1D )
Until Now (Larry Stylinson) by Heyidkyay
Until Now (Larry Stylinson)by L:)
Harry's eighteen and in his last few weeks of school before heading off to uni in September. He and his best friend, Niall, have always been close, they both shared a lo...
Bubble Baths | l.s. by asamosprincess
Bubble Baths | offline
little space; "Littlespace is a mindset in which an adult relaxes into a state of carefree, responsibility-free safety. [...] An adult in littlespace may involve an...
wild thoughts ➼ l.s by larrysmeatballs
wild thoughts ➼ l.sby risa
"i just wanna be your baby , but i can't be around you." or harry is a priest's son and louis's a rebel who's being forced to go to church every sunday by his...
Showing you I love you  by L0u1sMyLuv
Showing you I love you by LouisMyLuv
"I wanna fuck." Harry says breaking the silence. "Excuse me?!" Louis gulps eyes wide open. Or A story where Louis and Harry hate each other. They'...