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Running Wild by fxbricxtedrexlity
Running Wildby rex ::
"I'm Lauren. Can you give me a hug?" She asked, the alcohol making her tongue feel heavy. The wolf crinkled its nose. Lauren thinks it smelled her alcohol brea...
heart on your sleeve by daddyclessia
heart on your sleeveby j.
she has one friend though. lauren. and lauren's nice. camila likes lauren. sometimes, camila might even think she loves her.
Getting high | camren  by CamrenIsDating
Getting high | camren by Camren for life
Lauren jauregui She is a drug dealer who skips school and does what she wants Camila cabello She is a goodie two shoes who always follows the rules What happens when c...
guardian angel by daddyclessia
guardian angelby j.
Camila: noun; Spanish. Meaning: attendant, free born; noble.
Blue Moon (Camren) by cosmicjokee
Blue Moon (Camren)by a fat doggo
Inspired by Jude Deveraux's books. A romantic tale of modern Camila Cabello, brokenhearted and wretched in a place full of hope, and the sixteenth-century noble woman wh...
Into it by jealousoftherain97
Into itby Rain
Fluffy college Camren.
amor c'ha nullo amato amar perdona by rob_bie
amor c'ha nullo amato amar perdonaby thisbitchempty
"love, which absolves no one beloved from loving" Dante Alighieri, Inferno canto V Either you die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the b...
Nothing much, just fine, I am doing well. by jealousoftherain97
Nothing much, just fine, I am Rain
After being bullied for years at home and at school, Camila Cabello was immune to all kinds of emotions. She doesn't feel anything anymore. And then there is Lauren, a s...
5H texts by 2lipsthegreat
5H textsby B
This will probably mostly be Camren but ally Dinah and Normani will be included Also gp camila
PIECE OF ME by dummywhoami
PIECE OF MEby anonymous
this is not a fairytale. there's no happy endings. this is a story of heartbreak and misery.
Dork by jealousoftherain97
Dorkby Rain
Lauren keeps getting text from an unknown person and one day she decides to reply to it. She slowly learns more and more about this girl and starts to grow feelings for...
Consequences by atrailofwonders
Consequencesby kath
Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello are two ordinary girls, living in different states and bonding over their favorite artists on the internet. What happens when love int...
divinity by cabelliser
divinityby camden
In the darkness, Camila sees a lone soul - a stray. A familiar deep blue that pains the god every time she sees another soul like this, but underneath the blue layers...