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Headcannons (AUL) by BroxNinja
Headcannons (AUL)by Brrrrr
This isn't a story book so don't even like...ask for any...stories...P L E A S E- anyways uh. Enjoy ;~;...
.*+My Charli~+*. Addison x Charli lesbian story (THIS IS OLD-) by tickyup
.*+My Charli~+*. Addison x Tickoel
Addison had just finished making a tiktok with her best friend Charli damelio, but she didn't know how much her heart fell for her...
2am thoughts.. by irechar
2am irechar
Dream, George, Badboyhalo, and Sapnap had recently moved in..but dream and George get into odd stuff.. //TW: suggestive themes.\\
MHA Oneshots... lots of SMUT by lilcinnabun1
MHA Oneshots... lots of SMUTby lilcinnabun1
This is basically going to be full of smut and fluff... Most just smut cause i know there a sinners out there like me hehe..... This is my first story by the way. I woul...
Fire and Ice by Liftabitch
Fire and Iceby Liftabitch
Two students in boarding school fight the odds to be together
Kenma (nsfw) by httpsel1j4h
Kenma (nsfw)by httpsel1j4h
kenma nsfw as a top and bottom in one short pad.
The Dilemma  by bitchywowbeep
The Dilemma by bitchywowbeep
there's a boy named danielle who is a bottom. He is 22 years old and doesn't have a boyfriend (like seriously) . He is just really wants someone to love him ....... . ...
try me || draco malfoy ♡ by animethxts
try me || draco malfoy ♡by freya 🏳️‍🌈
you get accepted to hogwarts and you meet harry , ron and hermione. your house wasn't the same as theirs , yours was slytherin. you face palmed and walked to your table...
GAY (Karther fanfic) by BorkBooork
GAY (Karther fanfic)by BorkBooork
Ruby x Spooky smut by fuckboyyyyyy
Ruby x Spooky smutby 🥵
⚠️⚠️18+ STORY⚠️⚠️spooky cheers ruby up 😌⚠️⚠️18+ STORY⚠️⚠️-ruby is aged up and is not a minor ! ! !