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A hybrid dragon and a viking girl's love and adventure(httyd with Fem hiccup) by purplegumamela
A hybrid dragon and a viking girl' purplegumamela
Hicca is the weakest viking in Berk, she was born early into the world but manage to stay alive. She is called by many names, weak, runt, useless, idiot, or the one she...
Human (Toothless x Hiccup/httyd) by Maryfracur
Human (Toothless x Hiccup/httyd)by Mary Fracur
Toothless has been in love with Hiccup ever since they first met but because he is a dragon, he knows his love is absolutely impossible. He wants to be a human more than...
 Revealing Secrets  by turquoiseblitz
Revealing Secrets by Loki
This is Toothcup. I suck at summaries. This is all you get for now. Also eventual mpreg. THIS IS BOYXBOY DON'T LIKE IT THEN LEAVE!! Thank you that is all. Also picture n...
hiccup centered oneshots ❤️ by thenoodleboy
hiccup centered oneshots ❤️by asseater9000
okay this is a oneshot collection because thats all i write now all will relate to hiccup in some way and ill specify which era of hiccup it is lol there will be VERY ma...
A dragons love  by toothlessthealphaTTA
A dragons love by toothlessthealphaTTA
Hiccup was stolen out of the village of Berk shortly after birth a dragon searching for food for her hatchings steals hiccup to take to her nest for her child to eat onl...
An immortal Hiccup au by Dragondevinity
An immortal Hiccup auby Dragondevinity
What would happen if Hiccup was immortal to a fault? Will he still lose his leg? Find out here! Picture not mine
Toothcup Fic (BoyxBoy) by geRAWRdXD9
Toothcup Fic (BoyxBoy)by Evie
Toothless finally gets what he's wished for when in one night, he turns into a human and obtains the opportunity to caress Hiccup in his arms. Although, it isn't easy ke...
Hiccups Birthday! by NightFury2011
Hiccups Birthday!by NightFury2011
All started with Hiccups birthday
How to Love a Night Fury by InfernoIronWings
How to Love a Night Furyby Inferno
REVISED What would How to Train Your Dragon be like if Hiccup was never in love with Astrid? What if he fell in love with Toothless? And what if Toothless was actually a...
httyd fanfic (toothcup by kira_yang
httyd fanfic (toothcupby kira yang
a toothless x hiccup fan fic. and no smut or lemon. but LOTS AND LOTS OF FLUFF. IT IS GOING TO BE THE FLUFFIEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!! ok maybe a little tine tiny bit of...
hicca the dragon queen by dragon6752
hicca the dragon queenby Nova~princess of harmony/chan...
when hicca (fem hiccup) runs away after being told that she gets to kill the monsters nightmere 6 years after she fakes her death the teens of berk + gobber and stoick...
Hicctooth - Story Collection by Arctic_Snow
Hicctooth - Story Collectionby ArcticSnow
A story collection for my hicctooth/toothcup short stories.
The Blind Dragon Tamer: A Httyd runaway story by Rolling_Noya_
The Blind Dragon Tamer: A Httyd Jasmine Ingersoll
Hiccup is the runt of the village, because he is small and blind. He usually always has to have somebody with him when he goes outside. When he is let outside without gu...
Toothless thoughts  by NightFury2011
Toothless thoughts by NightFury2011
Toothless thoughts while DRAGONS RTTE...
He is not a pet!! by IJeff_the_killer
He is not a pet!!by #oh shit
What is up with Hiccup? How does he react when people call Toothless a pet???
runaway  by snarrytomarry
runaway by asshole
this is a story about toothless X hiccup runs away. :€ ;3
Run Away   ( httyd fanfiction) by larinico
Run Away ( httyd fanfiction)by Tsuki no hikari
Hiccup run away for Berk . The king named Hiccup his son and he become the prince of dragons . hiccup founds an island and is making his village and becoming chief . H...
what happens when you cant find a life mate by thenoodleboy
what happens when you cant find asseater9000
hoo wee do not read this if you dislike noncon, or pet on human,, i dont condone this behavior irl i simply enjoy it fictionaly also this is a random one off just cuz i...
He is mine, I am his. by Artuitous
He is mine, I am ArtuitousYT
Takes place during httyd3, which made me sob like a baby, ngl. Toothcup involved! don't like, don't read!
HTLANF : Gift from a Lover by InfernoIronWings
HTLANF : Gift from a Loverby Inferno
REVISED A few months after Hiccup woke up from his coma, Berk was preparing for their first Snoggletog in peace with dragons. But the dragons randomly leave, and Kala's...