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once upon a scarred story☆(completed) by Naimahtullah_sirboh
once upon a scarred story☆( Naimahtullah_sirboh
Nawwar thought her dreams finally came true she thought she was careful Then Her life changed ......... I'm bad at descriptions at times but it's a nice book💯
The Loving Lie  by RyssaRoo0
The Loving Lie by Ryssa Roo
About a teen girl and her somewhat older ex-boyfriend who was full of lies.
One more chance by Surae11
One more chanceby Surae11
My boyfriend is a playboy, he always having an affair but why do i keep forgiving him? Why do i still love him?
A Normal Teen Age Life by JustATeenAgeGirl_
A Normal Teen Age Lifeby JustATeenAgeGirl_
Spencer is a HUGE star and when she gets home from her tour things get real!
Stay,Stay? by clarisajessa_p
Stay,Stay?by Kamportchup
Sa buhay ng isang tao walang humpay ang pag dating ng taong handa silang mahalin at ipaglaban pero kahit sa dinami dami ng dumadating may isang taong mag papabgo ng tak...
DRAMAtical Murder Randomness  by iRIVAILLE
DRAMAtical Murder Randomness by ♡
Guys just wanna have fun. Yeah, pretty much explains everything. Introducing you to life; DRAMAtical Murder Randomness! Characters and media (images, music, etc.) belong...
Baekyeol/Taoris/Sulay/HunHan/Kaisoo/Xiuchen/2min/JongKey/Gtop AND JEONGCHEOL!lel by yaoi_r3ad3r
Baekyeol/Taoris/Sulay/HunHan/ Kawaiiness_not-included
In a fight for true love, the pairs are out up to a set of tasks that they themselves cant manage. it not really what its like in the actual fanfic im writing they all...
Too Much Love by AllimationsOfficial
Too Much Loveby AllimationsOfficial
Imagine seeing someone in the distance, staring into your soul and not breaking eye contact, flustered and turning red as a tomato. Taking a single step forward, you rea...
The Painter's Fate (Book 3 of The Painter Trilogy) by britneynebria1020
The Painter's Fate (Book 3 of BrittleDreamer
How far are you willing to go in the name of love? How much are you willing to gamble? If everything fails and the world seems to be against you, will you still pay the...
Step Brother-Austin Mahone fanfic by LifeOfMahone
Step Brother-Austin Mahone fanficby LifeOfMahone
sam and austin are step siblings. its been a month and austin is driving sam insane. they both know they love eachother to the core through all the bullshit. but they mi...
SANDY by RachelJamoraAbril
SANDYby Rachel Jamora Abril
Ang kwentong ito ay naglalaman ng matinding pagmamahal, pakikiapid, pagtataksil, selos at obsession.
Scars That You've Made [Jungkook FF] ✔ by Kookie_Dale
Scars That You've Made [Jungkook Faye😘
"What did I do to you Jungkook? why are you treating me like this?" Hyunyoung asked while lying on the floor twisting due to the pain that Jungkook kicked. &qu...
Why!? by LittleCuteness2
Why!?by LittleCuteness2
Lalya a 23 year old girl moves to London With her best friend, Zoe Sugg. Lalya has always had a crush on Joe Sugg but never said anything to him... Soon there connectio...
4/11/17 by ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhx
4/11/17by (:
The day everything almost changed
To Much Love  by Katerank01
To Much Love by Katelyn rankin
When it comes to dreams mine came true, but after awhile I hated it I had too much love! This story is about me Kate rose lynch. Yes I'm related to the lynchs! But I'm a...
Inner Ramblings by Brittany-Fowler
Inner Ramblingsby Brittany Fowler
Writing helps me cope. This is the inner crumpled mess of thoughts inside my head and writing them down helps me iron them out. Even if that iron is stone cold.