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Coffee boy (TomTord) by Darke1234
Coffee boy (TomTord)by Darke
Tom works as a barista in a coffee shop and he's the best one they've got, he has hopes of becoming a musician but can barely afford rent. He gets left a large tip by a...
Forgiven War(editing) by ChibiHedgehog
Forgiven War(editing)by ChibiHedgehog
(Futrue Tomtord) Red Leader, Tord, Is the leader of an army known as The Red Army. In the Red Army history he's the most powerful leader yet. Thomas, Tom, is the second...
Drama (Tom X Tord) by Shipping-Chan
Drama (Tom X Tord)by Sean-Chan
(HighSchool AU) Tord is a new student at school hes shy,inteligent,harmeless? & a Nerd. Tom had been at this High-School since Kindergarden and he basicaly owns the plac...
TomxTord Smut!  by XJordanxXxTaylorX
TomxTord Smut! by Jordan Taylor
This is a smut/nsfw story between Tom and Tord. Also, all four of them are room mates because the whole ending of eddsworld never happend. (Btw dom Tord)
death hotline (tomtord) by altneighbourhood
death hotline (tomtord)by ❌exclusion❌
tom deems his life is at an end, but is still hopeful. he turns to the suicide hotline for help, but accidently falls in love with the hotliner. does the hotliner feel...
。Vengeful。 by Yaoi_lover-UwU
。Vengeful。by Yaoi_lover-UwU
Tom lives alone working as a paid criminal for this reason his face floods the streets.As for tord he became the red leader with his comrades Paul and Patrick.He hated T...
Shouldn't Have [TomTord] by CeramicGarden
Shouldn't Have [TomTord]by Uh
Hanahaki Disease AU: Tom doesn't try. He doesn't want to. This is because no matter what he does, he knows he'll always end up in last place. It's no big deal, it's not...
Eddsworld Lemons  by SilverBeetle451
Eddsworld Lemons by Annoying Trash
We got some story and we really got some lemons 🍋. You like kinky we got kinky too 🔥
In The Future(TORDTOM) by WrittingTrash101
In The Future(TORDTOM)by Dead Account
FFS STOP READING THIS IT SUCKS SEVERELY- ---- It's been 4 years after the whole robot thing and Tom is feeling worse then ever. He killed a man, a man who used to be hi...
STUCK (TordTom) by MjelikART
STUCK (TordTom)by Bad Coffee
Tom and Tord had been broken up for 3 years, It has been good really. No communication what so ever. But the memory of Tord breaking up with Tom was still very clear to...
tomtord smut fanfics n stuff by haha_gay_dabs
tomtord smut fanfics n stuffby violet leader
yeah so these are pretty smutty and stuff so maybe don't be next to your mom and stuff while reading these these are just short, simple, pwp (porn without plot) sometime...
Mattsworld bodyguard Au? by summerblues1983
Mattsworld bodyguard Au?by summerblues1983
Hello! This is my first story on here so it wont be the best buttttt hope you like it anyway..??? Matt-6'4ft Tom-6ft Edd-5'7 Tord-5'2
I won't forget you... (Sequel to "Blame it on me") by CrashTheParty
I won't forget you... (Sequel to " The FitnessGram™
Tord has already committed suicide a few months ago, and Tom rarely leaves his room. He knew it was his fault, and he knew that Tord had left the world thanks to him. On...
💙♥️Eddsworld Oneshots💜💚 by xgaymoonx
💙♥️Eddsworld Oneshots💜💚by xgaymoonx
Smut, sad stuff and separate works!!
You're Mine Now (DISCONTINUED) by Reactier
You're Mine Now (DISCONTINUED)by “This Is Fine”
(DISCONTINUED) After the incident Edd gets diagnosed with cancer... They try to fight it and make him better, but when 5 years of fighting pass Edd dies. Tom and Matt ar...
For Him [TomTord] by ItsTorTo
For Him [TomTord]by 𝒢𝒶𝓎𝒞𝑜𝓉𝓉𝑜𝓃
Tord's parents leave on a buisness trip, and he's left to deal with his anxieties and lack of affection by himself. When a certain blue bird flies into the window of his...
Red Leaders Lover(TordTom/TomTord) by TheDeadKitKat
Red Leaders Lover(TordTom/TomTord)by Kit Kat
A/N Oki so this Gon be cliche but I don't care :P. This story will update late and slow because of My Highschool Sweetheart but if your patient you'll love it~ so just w...
1 More Chance by Reactier
1 More Chanceby “This Is Fine”
Tord comes back AGAIN to the good old original Eddsworld crew, not for friendship, but for something to help him later in his plan for world domination. (This Book Has M...
No Fear by Reactier
No Fearby “This Is Fine”
Growing up Tord always tried to make Tom cower in fear, but Tom was never afraid of Tord to even show a response to his attempts to scare him. It started when they were...
Unwanted Comunication | TomTord - EddsWorld by lost_ext
Unwanted Comunication | Lost
After long years of hardship, Tom wants to have nothing to do with the red devil horned bastard who started the war, but after somehow getting in contact with him, unwil...