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•EddsWorld X Reader • Imagines• by Tordorito
•EddsWorld X Reader • Imagines•by Insta: Aju.iice
Hello, people. Mod Jay here~ So here's what you'll need to know: •Most stories will be gender-neutral (unless different for requests) •Request any genre. Literally any...
Tom x Reader [DISCONTINUED] by AechonOfSorts
Tom x Reader [DISCONTINUED]by • ° ✴✝ヨピ✝✴° •
You move out of your parents home in search of a home of your own. And the only available one is with 3 guys! You take it anyway and become good friends with 2, Edd and...
We are a different type of family-- EDDSWORLD monster au by CriBabyBoyo
We are a different type of Wisdom the Wizard
*Discontinued* EDDSWORLD MONSTER AU Edd - Radioactive wizard Tom - Monster Tom Matt - Vampire Tord - Demon Paul and Pat - Werewolf What you don't see...... Is what we...
"Jeg er Lei Meg" A TomTord Fanfiction by NyctophiliacRose
"Jeg er Lei Meg" A TomTord I'm gay
WARNING **Self-harm, Violence, Depression, Harsh language, etc.** After that catastrophe, the gang's left in ruins. Except, one of them feels far worse. Tom is unable to...
<Cola, Candy, Cake> (Edd x Reader) by IcedGazelle6888
(Edd x Reader)by Søtnos
♥️High School AU♥️ ⚠️Swearing⚠️ ⚠️Mature⚠️ 🏳️‍🌈Have fun! Hope you enjoy!🏳️‍🌈 💚All rights to Edd Gould💚 After a boy moves into the school, Y/N finds out she might b...
Songs for the Soul {Tom X Reader} by __rainy_days__
Songs for the Soul {Tom X Reader}by Rain
COVER BY: Trash778 (Y/N) ,a young person in their twenties, decides to move to England to start a new life, only to find themself falling for a strange, eyeless man that...
Joke Fanfics by wr1ting_fanat1c
Joke Fanficsby rhythmDan
This is a book filled with oneshots or continuing stories that I make whenever I get a random idea from something or I just make it up. I usually get these ideas from fr...
Thomas and the Ink machine...  by FjcCunanan
Thomas and the Ink machine... by Fjccunanan
"B-boris..?" I look in horror as I look at Boris's open corpse, I shake in fear as I lift my face up, hoping it wasn't a nightmare, but it wasn't a nightmare...
A Future War ~  Future Au TomTord Eddsworld FanFiction by Fangirl-9-1-1
A Future War ~ Future Au Fangirl-9-1-1
Tom wakes up in a strange room unable to move and with no memory. Waking up in this confused haze surrounded by interesting characters as he discovers the events that le...
Out of body. (Tord redemption story.)  by sugarfroggy
Out of body. (Tord redemption Bacommm
The accident happened quickly. When Tord was skimmed by that harpoon, it crashed into a panel containing many important wires. The wires sent electric shocks through out...
I Missed You Too Much - Edd x Eduardo by TheGreatMissY
I Missed You Too Much - Edd x ♥Imogen Tankian♥
Eduardo is kept awake at night with thoughts of Tom, Matt and Edd. Especially Edd. © TheGreatMissY 2015
Music and Coffee (Noodle × Reader) by HatsunemikuxTom
Music and Coffee (Noodle × Reader)by Scp 049 fangirl
You meet Gorillaz at the local cafe you work at and you notice something up with Noodle he (Yesh it's a genderbend story) wasn't drinking his cup'o noodles and is starin...
Attack On Youtube by HonkHonk24
Attack On Youtubeby Honk Honk :o)
This is a youtuber attack on Titan AU Attack on Titan aka Shingeki No Kyojin is owned my Hajime Isayama not me. I highly suggest you check out these YouTubers Characters...
Sandersska  by Sher_ska
Sandersska by edd edward
A story on how the two met and became friends, this is 100% fictional and made up this story is about the characters not the real people. Thanks and enjoy. Another psa...
Angel with a Shotgun --- A Tomtord Songfic --- Wattys 2017 by ImagineRabbits
Angel with a Shotgun --- A oops im inactive
Song: Angel with a Shotgun - The Cab Ship: Tomtord I guess I'll write songfic requests lmao When the Red Army starts WW3, Tom, Edd, and Matt must find out their sides in...
The Guns and the Cola (A TordEdd story) by laubur07
The Guns and the Cola (A TordEdd hard to breathe <3
A new boy just moved in with his sister but that is not what Tord is wanting,but what does he want. eddsworld is NOT owned by me REPEAT: Eddsworld is NOT owned by me ALL...
50,000,000 shades of Tomska by CheesyKiansBooks
50,000,000 shades of Tomskaby CheesyKiansBooks
A romantic novel , all about my favourite youtuber, Tomska