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Death of Love by Laughinglikenidiot
Death of Loveby stupidprofile
After Edd and Matt saved Tom from the red army Tord became very aggressive,He made his army bigger and tougher every single month.Every day he will capture every single...
You Idiot  by Laughinglikenidiot
You Idiot by stupidprofile
Tom is a ordinary tsundere who always gets annoyed easily,And Tord is a yandere who's popular.Tord was still sane until he met Tom,he was so interested about the boy tha...
eddsworld picture book(+oneshots) by TordleLeGayBitch
eddsworld picture book(+oneshots)by cheridabigass
all credits goes to their respective owners/artists might as well add my art too there will be sin but I'll put a warning before it :3 Ships will be there but mostly tom...
Eddsworld Oneshots by Luminous_Anarath
Eddsworld Oneshotsby dead
Some smut, some fluff, a little bit of lemon and a whole bucket ton of gay. Short stories and requests based around gay shippings of Eddsworld! {Requests are OPEN} //Lu...
Tiny - Tomatt by LaziLion
Tiny - Tomattby ▪ Lazi ▪
All Matt wanted was that pretty mirror. But when he tried to get it using an unconventional and frankly illegal method, he created so many more problems than he solved. ...
ToMatt Oneshots• Because The World Needs A Little More Of This~ by nnnnnNanio
ToMatt Oneshots• Because The ➶▫◻Nana◻▫➶
ToMatt is such an underrated ship which is sad cuz its so cute, I feel like ships like TomTord/TordTom get so much popularity while ships like ToMatt are not as liked. I...
some of my eddsworld art. (nsfw warning) by ScootScoot449
some of my eddsworld art. (nsfw ScootScoot449
if you want more, follow me on eddsworld amino @💜🕶scoot💘scoot🕶💚. if you tell me you're from wattpad, I'll follow you! (I don't follow very often so it'd be an honor)
"The Shy Boy" (A TordxMatt and TomxEdd story) by EveCrystalCat
"The Shy Boy" (A TordxMatt and Zaynieboo2002
In this story Matt has a difficult choice to be with either Tom or Tord Warning this will include Smut, Sexual Assault, Thicc Matt, Abusive chapters and blood (Also this...
[Eddsworld Oneshots] by senpapiclub
[Eddsworld Oneshots]by murduck
This will be a book of eddsworld oneshots. Ships ranging from TomEdd to MattJon, any ship really. [I don't own any characters or art used in this] [This is shipping the...
🍁|愛してる ■《Eddsworld Oneshots》 by koiichiro
🍁|愛してる ■《Eddsworld Oneshots》by Snezhnaya's simp
Eddsworld is created and by Edd Gould. None of the characters are mine. Contains: Fluff, angst, lemon, gore, orange Very slow updates!!! Rankings: #4 mattord #25 Eddsw...
Tom Oneshots by Laughinglikenidiot
Tom Oneshotsby stupidprofile
Just about all Tom Ships either way i don't do anymore ships,very sorry about that.I just don't do any kind of ships and don't have interests on the ships,feel free to r...
What's love - TomMatt by MiniMeows65
What's love - TomMattby BlankPage420
The story begins at a high school with the main four in there junior year. Tom always liked the tall boy, but soon starts to fell something different something more. He...
Just a Tomatt Story by blazeshinohara
Just a Tomatt Storyby Blaze Shinohara
-cover art by green loser on amino-(I will remove the picture if you want me to but I'd really enjoy if I could use it because it's amazing!!)
Eddsworld Fluffshots by RyanArts
Eddsworld Fluffshotsby RyanArts
This book is no longer being written (NO PORN) (Cover is not mine)
My One-Shots of Eddsworld! [DISCONTINUED]✔️ by InactiveEddy
My One-Shots of Eddsworld! [ Inactive
Just as the title says, it's a book filled with one-shots revolving around the lives of the Eddsworld crew: Edd, Tom, Matt, Tord, and maybe more! |Also: I do NOT own any...
Some Clever Title (Just Read Desc.) by ThatPanTransMan
Some Clever Title (Just Read Desc.)by Harry What's For Din Din
So, this is basically gonna be some cringy Eddsworld fanfic where everyone has a crush on each other Edd 💚 Tom Tom 💙 Matt Matt 💜 Tord Tord ❤ Edd But the thing is no...
Tomatt - ♡ Beautiful Boy ♡ by weeabuwu
Tomatt - ♡ Beautiful Boy ♡by inactive
Matt adores Tom. Tom doesn't much love himself, and Matt is going to try his damn hardest to let Tom know how much he deserves the world.
what love does to you  by Kaili1130
what love does to you by Kaili1130
it's been 8 years since the robot incident. Tord has taken over as the red leader and has captured Tom and matt them now working for him. Edds been alone he's been worki...