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Eddsworld Lemons(Comeplete) by devilish_lee
Eddsworld Lemons(Comeplete)by leeland
WARNING!!! this has mature content that might not be suitable for some viewers A book of Eddsworld, ships and sins and very little fluffs. This book has ended so no req...
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Eddsworld Oneshots by Luminous_Anarath
Eddsworld Oneshotsby dead
Some smut, some fluff, a little bit of lemon and a whole bucket ton of gay. Short stories and requests based around gay shippings of Eddsworld! {Requests are OPEN} //Lu...
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Eddsworld Ship One Shots by j-town-funk
Eddsworld Ship One Shotsby J-TownFunk
Just read the title.
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My Art Book- by Andyyx_15
My Art Book-by [ Hello, Karamatsu Boys/Girls...
*Cringe alert.png* i kinda wanted to upload my art here 'cuz sometimes i dun update so- i draw almost all the time-- This contains mostly Eddsworld but i'll do Undertale...
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💙♥️Eddsworld Oneshots💜💚 by ChipIDK
💙♥️Eddsworld Oneshots💜💚by Chip
I will do ALLL requests!! Smut, sad stuff and separate works!!
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eddsworld picture book(+oneshots) by TordleLeGayBitch
eddsworld picture book(+oneshots)by Ellsworld Lover
all credits goes to their respective owners/artists might as well add my art too there will be sin but I'll put a warning before it :3 Ships will be there but mostly tom...
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TomTord/TordTom Oneshots #1 by Saltiest_Sardine
TomTord/TordTom Oneshots #1by Sardine Juice
I take requests! Started: July 28th 2018 Ended: June 29 2019 ~Goals~ 100 reads ✔ 250 reads ✔ 500 reads ✔ 900 reads ✔ 1k reads ✔ 1.5k reads ✔ 2k reads ✔ 3k reads ✔ 6k re...
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Ask Eddsworld (Tordedd/TomMatt stuff because I'm trash) by Goldwither
Ask Eddsworld (Tordedd/TomMatt ❄ merry chrysler ❄
Just . . . Read the title. Rules are explained in the first part. Have a good day/night. :D
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Death of Love by Laughinglikenidiot
Death of Loveby stupidprofile
After Edd and Matt saved Tom from the red army Tord became very aggressive,He made his army bigger and tougher every single month.Every day he will capture every single...
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Eddsworld Sin (Pictures and Comics) by _TinyTom_
Eddsworld Sin (Pictures and Comics)by _TinyTom_
lots of sin.
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You Idiot  by Laughinglikenidiot
You Idiot by stupidprofile
Tom is a ordinary tsundere who always gets annoyed easily,And Tord is a yandere who's popular.Tord was still sane until he met Tom,he was so interested about the boy tha...
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Eddsworld oneshots by Mellekelle
Eddsworld oneshotsby Cunt
I write shit
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My Dearest Leader by Laughinglikenidiot
My Dearest Leaderby stupidprofile
Tom is a leader that leads hundreds and hundreds of soldiers while he always keeps up with the charades of eight handsome men who's names are Todd,Tord,Edd,Matt,Jack,Jos...
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ToMatt Oneshots• Because The World Needs A Little More Of This~ by nnnnnNanio
ToMatt Oneshots• Because The ➶Nana.uwu➶
ToMatt is such an underrated ship which is sad cuz its so cute, I feel like ships like TomTord/TordTom get so much popularity while ships like ToMatt are not as liked. I...
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FANARTS (MOSTLY EDDSWORLD) 【Old】 by Laughinglikenidiot
FANARTS (MOSTLY EDDSWORLD) 【Old】by stupidprofile
Art,Check it out but im warning ya there ain't any memes inside,be careful. 【Old description:LE DESCRIPTION】
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Redsworld//Eddsworld AU// by deathbydream
Redsworld//Eddsworld AU//by deathbydream
A nuclear apocalypse has swept the Earth. Except it's not the kind we thought it would be- instead, a terrorist group suicide bombed nuclear power plants and waste stora...
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Tord x Reader [My girl] by _its_me_dio_
Tord x Reader [My girl]by That one weird Gay
*breathes in*please don't judge meh Ranked #4 in TomMatt 20/2/19 Ranked #5 in eddtom 25/2/19 Ranked #6 in patryk 6/4/19
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♡Tord x Edd♡ by hiimashipper4life3
♡Tord x Edd♡by hiimashipper4life3
credit goes to the person created this picture This is after the end and the explosion
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Eddsworld rp by xXi-dont-knowxX
Eddsworld rpby Phone Guy
Sun shining lollipops and rainbows everything is wonderful it's what I feel when we're together
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My One-Shots of Eddsworld! [DISCONTINUED]✔️ by JurassicAlex
My One-Shots of Eddsworld! [ ♥️•••Alex•••♥️
Just as the title says, it's a book filled with one-shots revolving around the lives of the Eddsworld crew: Edd, Tom, Matt, Tord, and maybe more! |Also: I do NOT own any...
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