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Fight fire with fire. by snowVantas69
Fight fire with Snow Vantas
What if Marco danced with Tom at the blood moon ball instead of star? How would any adventures be different, and how would star react? I know this is an overdone idea...
Fiery love (svtfoe)   by Hitherefriends345
Fiery love (svtfoe) by Hitherefriends345
Tom is tired of being rejected by Star So he decided to find a new target Marco Diaz *SMUT WARNING*
What Boyfriends Do [Tomco] by TigersEye9
What Boyfriends Do [Tomco]by TigersEye9DISCONTINUED
So Tom and Marco are the best of friends now! Who would've thought they'd get along so well! Tom has a family dinner coming up and his parents are dead set on having tom...
tomco smut by pandalover1298
tomco smutby pandalover1298
too little too late ahoo-ooo
Toms little puppy  by that1guy500
Toms little puppy by that1guy500
Marcos becomes Toms faithful puppy
Tomco - Still Lit Coals by DepthsOfLife
Tomco - Still Lit Coalsby DepthsOfLife
Tomco story that starts at the blood moon ball when marco goes after star, but bumps into Tom instead. Does the dance effect Marco more than he let's on?
My Demon by DemonsAngel55
My Demonby DemonsAngel55
Tom invites Star to the blood moon ball. Star goes and Marco tries to "save" her. what happens if Marco grabs the demons hand instead of stars. This story is...
Tomco: My love for you is infinity  by Barne163
Tomco: My love for you is infinity by Dust <3
(obsession Tom) Star was getting ready for the blood moon ball, but Marco thinks she will need help, So Marco goes to the ball with Star dressed up as a skeleton, but th...
Marco vs the forces of Life by snowglitchz
Marco vs the forces of Lifeby snowflake kitsune
Ever since a girl came to live in his house hold. He came to a life with danger. Something he wanted. What he didn't expect were secrets of his past he never known. How...
Love spells, Safety kids, and fire demons by KatxofxthexKit
Love spells, Safety kids, and im the trash man
Tom uses a love spell that was meant for Star, but it backfired big time and ended up affecting Marco, instead, and Star is the only one who can fix it and reverse the s...
Tomco || I Love You  by chocolatemuffincyrus
Tomco || I Love You by Cloudedd
Marco and Tom got together. They love each other very much, they have some arguments here and there but, they love each other. That's all that matters.
A Demons True Intentions by GamerChika
A Demons True Intentionsby Noir Luna Rose
Marco goes and tries to save Star from what he thinks is danger at the Blood Moon Ball, but is being played into a trap. Tom, not only Star's ex, but a demon prince of h...
Princess Marco by Maryam_With_An_E
Princess Marcoby maryam
Marco and Star go to Quest Buy in search for a birthday present for Tom, who was sent to the prince reform school nearby St. Olga's. While at Quest Buy Marco gets left b...
Whoops...  (TOMCO) by sho_sho83
Whoops... (TOMCO)by sho_sho83
Tom and Star have (finally) made up. They're over each other. So are him and Marco, they're friends now. That's it. Right? Of course not.
Tomco images that I don't want to lost track of by NakamuraNakamura
Tomco images that I don't want Mikaela D.
This book is so I don't lose my Tomco images, but you can check it out too. All the images from Google, if I can find credit I will give it. haha 666 in svtfoe tag
Bonded | Tomco by dipperp_ines
Bonded | Tomcoby awkward smol dipper
What would've happened if the arm that Marco grabbed ahold of had not been Star, rather, a very irritable demon? What would've happened, say, if Tom didn't regret being...
Marco and Tom Bdsm by svtfoe_fanfictioner
Marco and Tom Bdsmby pedro francisco
After Tom kidnapped Marco, Tom had some "fun" with his new sex slave. Marco completely tied up and gagged could do nothing but to hope his master would go easy...
Janna likes messing with Marco  tomco by Jessie_Marie17
Janna likes messing with Marco Jessie_Marie17
Everyone who has seen the show at least up to the episode Tom and Marco hangout. We all know how Tom betrays Marco and they end up singing too little too late. Well what...
Our Bloody Hell Fate by Chiimei
Our Bloody Hell Fateby Chiimei
Marco decided to go to the Blood Moon ball after all. He knew Star wouldn't like it, but he can't trust that demon ex-boyfriend of hers. He wanted to save Star, but... h...
Tom x Marco *Fire burns brighter with Love* (Slow Updates!) by dragonslayergirl
Tom x Marco *Fire burns brighter Sabrina Booskie
this is a tomco also know as marco x tom. (YAOI) dont like dont read. There is a plot line and there are still all the other characters to, its a one sided thing but the...