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Unrepentant by myatpannuhtun
Unrepentantby florjoven
The first time they met, he was a downtrodden prince everybody bullied whilst she was a small palace maid responsible for was.h.i.+ng the clothes of the people in the pa...
The boy next door  by TheNerdBird_28_
The boy next door by TheNerdBird
Alessia was your average nerdy tomboy. She never goes to parties and never drinks, never really liked putting effort into looking nice. She liked to read and study. She...
A Player in Disguise: Book 1 by liv814
A Player in Disguise: Book 1by liv814
Alexandria Rose Solano is definitely not your typical high school girl. She hates dresses, makeup, and anything girly. Instead, she is known as the school's starting qua...
#4 MinseoIsLaifu
The M4gic4l R3v0luti0n of th3 R3inc4rn4t3d Princ3ss and the G3nius Y0ung L4dy Anne-Sophia, the Princess who remembered her previous life at a young age, as well as her o...
Brothers? by 12panther
Brothers?by 12panther
She's a normal girl never done anything to bad so what did she do to deserve 11 foster brothers moving in with her? Note: The personality of the characters and some of t...
Charming (Hogwarts boys x reader) DISCONTINUED by -YN_LN-
Charming (Hogwarts boys x reader) Yolo swag
⭐️ Your a new transfer from a muggle school and your were an orphan until a kind lady had found you and raised you. She was also a witch but she never told you anything...
you're different(HaikyuuxOc) by WeissSchnee290
you're different(HaikyuuxOc)by Eli, duh!
when Kurasano's volleyball team where invited to training camp by Fukurodani and all changes when a sweet giggled echoed the Gym ⚠️DISCLAIMER⚠️ I don't own Haikyuu or th...
Dating Guys For Mother [girlxgirl] by midnightliss
Dating Guys For Mother [girlxgirl]by Alyss
Vye is a normal seventeen year old lesbian the only problem is that her mother doesn't want to accept it. To keep her mother happy Vye agrees to go on a date with one of...
THE ADVENTURES OF SAM ( Bts V FF) by sai123sri
'KIM TAEHYUNG' the playboy of the school . 'PARK SAM ' the topper and tomboy in the school . Something happen which made him to fall for Sam . Will Sam accept his propo...
The Guide to Being a Tomboy by titsubro
The Guide to Being a Tomboyby 🔮Tetsu🔮
Everything you need to know about being a tomboy. I hope this helps you guys with the whole tomboy thing.
Academy of the Dragon Riders by Feathermist412
Academy of the Dragon Ridersby Feathermist412
When Ari Capra is chosen as an Elemental and as one of the five Dragon Riders for this year, she can't believe it. It's been her lifelong dream to go the Academy of the...
High School Horrors by ViaKelly21
High School Horrorsby KellyMccupcakes
"Hey Jovi, the crew is here" that was xalander I call him lander. "Yo hurry up Tj is starting to creep me out again", and that was Xavier I call him...
That's My Tomboy by flyingdeadleaf
That's My Tomboyby flyingdeadleaf
Elle Dela Cruz believes that she is a guy trapped in a woman's body. But this belief was changed ever since she decided to break up with her GIRLfriend and shortly after...
I'm here too by RarandJal
I'm here tooby
My feelings that I can't tell anyone because I'm scared Funny stories Rants Something that nobody will read
Billie Eilish!?(Complete) by Readers1303
Billie Eilish!?(Complete)by BillieEillishMyGirl
For Fun Don't take this seriously Im Billie Eilish fan. Maybe u love her too, so welcome to my little world. *virtually hugs*😚
Sold by Ieekiseop
Soldby Ieekiseop
read to find out
common sense of a warrior, Chapter 1-Chapter 100 (Not Mine) by 1010ZZ
common sense of a warrior, 1010ZZ
(For offline purposes) Not mine I was born to a Marquess military family; my father is a hero of the country. Motivated by my mother's death one night in a burglary, I...
One Of Those Girls by PurpleFuzzyNinja
One Of Those Girlsby PurpleFuzzyNinja
Matilda is a tomboy, she is moving school and reckons it will be like her old school with everyone being friendly and kind but how wrong can she be!? Especially when she...