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Switched Up by perksof_being_payton
Switched Upby perksof_being_payton
We all know the story of how Sang and the Blackbourne Team met. But what if, Sang had never tried to run away the night she met Kota? She would have never gone shopping...
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Years Apart by perksof_being_payton
Years Apartby perksof_being_payton
It has been four years since the Blackbourn-Toma Team had left Sang and broken her heart with a simple note. They meant to protect her, but they did more harm than good...
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They Called Her El Diablo by coraswan
They Called Her El Diabloby Evelyn
Academy fic. According to Sang Sorensen she can't handle her boys and their newfound 'needs'; abandoning them for a 'normal life'. The Toma Team were abandoned too. They...
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Missing Sang by whyamihopeless
Missing Sangby whyamihopeless
Kota: She is his passion... He is her backbone Victor: She is his kindness... He is her compassion Silas: She is his voice... He is her strength Nathan: She is his softn...
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All Alone (Book 1)(All 14) by crybbyalert
All Alone (Book 1)(All 14)by Leslie
Sang Sorenson has been alone for most of her life, that is until she moves to South Carolina and attends Ashley Waters where she meets fourteen boys and her life was cha...
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The Alpha Team by coraswan
The Alpha Teamby Evelyn
-No need to read the books to read this- Officially, Harley is a rogue agent, presumed killed in action. Unofficially, she's who the secret organizations call when thing...
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Sang Insane | ✔ by JadeQueen100
Sang Insane | ✔by Jade
Sang Sorenson doesn't understand what is normal. She has been abused by her family and heard two voices in her head her whole life. The Blackbourne -Toma team goes to As...
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The Girl That No One Noticed... by Puppies59
The Girl That No One Puppies59
Sang Sorenson a girl with a past and secrets she wants to forget, she escaped the worst of it at 16 to travel the world and learn all sorts of things, she's not the weak...
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Wanderer ~ Ghost Bird Fanfic (DISCONTINUED) by StAl2LiGhT
Wanderer ~ Ghost Bird Fanfic ( Brooke Butler🎃
{Based on C.L.Stone's Ghostbird Series. Mature content warning ⚠️: Sexual themes 👌🏻👈🏻, cursing 🤬, some scenes with hard to stomach situations🤮(nothing that will ma...
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Blackbourne's First by TigerLuna
Blackbourne's Firstby TigerLuna
What is Owen to do when he meets Sang first? Though he tries, he can't keep her a secret for long. The boys slowly, but surely meet and fall for Sang. What will the boys...
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Darling | All16 | ✔ by JadeQueen100
Darling | All16 | ✔by Jade
Sang Sorenson, the darling of the universe, is the sweetest, nicest person you will ever meet. Her parents are wealthy and kind to all, including their beloved daughter...
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After | All15 by JadeQueen100
After | All15by Jade
"Of course, I talk to myself!" I replied indignantly. "Sometimes I need expert advice!" Zoya Ventrova, also known as Ghost Bird, lives in a world tha...
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Irresistible Mistakes by iluvsexyvoltageguys
Irresistible Mistakesby iluvsexyvoltageguys
Fandom: Irresistible Mistakes (Love 365) Warnings: 18+ Smut Summary: Join me in romancing these hot men in their suits and ties! Toshiaki is bae 😍
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The Poisoned Dawn by ThatDumbKpopFan
The Poisoned Dawnby Sleepy😴
A Ghost bird Fanfiction (Made by C.L Stone) Sang Sorenson is a princess to a kingdom that doesn't even know of her existence, but this year everything is going to change...
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And Then They Came (GB x SB x TVD) by perksof_being_payton
And Then They Came (GB x SB x TVD)by perksof_being_payton
The job at Ashley Waters is done and things are finally starting to calm down. The Blackbourne Team are finally all on board with the plan and things are moving forward...
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Runaway Sang {COMPLETED} by IAmCandi
Runaway Sang {COMPLETED}by AcademyAddict
*Description* Sang gets new friends, gets to have some new adventures, gets herself in more trouble? Join her to find out, yeah? *NOTE: This story is now completed...
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The Phoenix (Raven's sister C.L. Stone fanfic) by waliany1234
The Phoenix (Raven's sister C.L. em
"Your a Phoenix baby. Your a challenge, you created walls so high they burn us like flames, and Sang your our songbird that keeps us sane. You balance us and each o...
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Ghost Bird- Russian  by ghostbird01
Ghost Bird- Russian by ghostbird01
Sang Sorenson is not the shy dependent girl we have read about. Now she is a part of the Russian Academy sent to help the Toma and Blackbourne teams with her unique skil...
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Academy Detective by -Corina-Haydn-
Academy Detectiveby Corina
The Blackbourne team and Toma Team are in need for a detective on their team. They have everything a team part of the Academy needs except for a detective to help them s...
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If The Amnesia Characters Got Amnesia by XsoulcandyX
If The Amnesia Characters Got XsoulcandyX
Haven't you ever wondered what would've happened if the roles switched and Shin, Toma, Kent, Ikki or Ukyo got Amnesia? These are one shot chapters of what I think would'...
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