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The Girl That No One Noticed... by Puppies59
The Girl That No One Puppies59
Sang Sorenson a girl with a past and secrets she wants to forget, she escaped the worst of it at 16 to travel the world and learn all sorts of things, she's not the weak...
Blackbourne's First by TigerLuna
Blackbourne's Firstby TigerLuna
What is Owen to do when he meets Sang first? Though he tries, he can't keep her a secret for long. The boys slowly, but surely meet and fall for Sang. What will the boys...
They Called Her El Diablo by coraswan
They Called Her El Diabloby Evelyn
Academy fic. According to Sang Sorensen she can't handle her boys and their newfound 'needs'; abandoning them for a 'normal life'. The Toma Team were abandoned too. They...
Pretty damaged little bird  by Nikkie-Randoph
Pretty damaged little bird by Nikki Randolph
~At the age of three I was required to be the perfect daughter as my mother was the butcher and I the lamb heading for the slaughter. I didn't complain I sat through the...
Finding you! by HealingHart98
Finding you!by Amara
Sang is merely stranger,helping any in need.She saw a lady sitting quietly looking at a picture with a very longing look. She made a promise. She will find the one she m...
Spectator by Paper_pigeon
Spectatorby Paper_pigeon
After Athena Frost joins Ashley Waters, she begins to understand and unravel the mystery of the Blackbourne team and helps them befriend the sweet abused bird named Sang...
Academy Tales: 14 Men And A Baby by Obsessed_With_Cats
Academy Tales: 14 Men And A Babyby Anonymous Writer
Raven and North go grocery shopping and meet a heavily pregnant Sang. She's got bruises everywhere and one hell of a story to tell. The Blackbourne- Toma team are tryin...
THE GIFTED by Thundering_Fanfics
| Avengers | Ghost Bird & Scarab Bettle | X- Men | {Set during Avenger's End Game - Soulmate AU} Lydia Stark, the billionaire genius daughter of Tony Stark, is left as...
Childhood Friends [GB+SB] by btsawakejin
Childhood Friends [GB+SB]by btsawakejin
Sang Sorenson and Nathan Griffin were childhood friends. Both having their own struggles and both were hiding it from each other. Sang was kind hearted, understanding, a...
Sorenson's Survival (On Hold) by turtleluvr09
Sorenson's Survival (On Hold)by Lilly Navarro
"All I could feel was emptiness and darkness. I felt like I could never wake up from it like it was swallowing me up." My name is Riley and I have been abused...
Glass Slippers by AmCameron12
Glass Slippersby AmCameron12
What happens when the Sorensen house hold get an invite from Prince Victor Morgan demanding that all the maidens in the kingdom attend his ball where he will choose a br...
Academy Detective by BleuAre
Academy Detectiveby Corina
The Blackbourne team and Toma Team are in need for a detective on their team. They have everything a team part of the Academy needs except for a detective to help them s...
Academy Bird by Charliebear144
Academy Birdby Theinvisableone
In the world where you have soulmates.Sang thought she found hers but he did the one thing he promised he wouldn't, he left her. Now two years later she meets him once a...
My Two Sons || Official || Sasunaru by polyAnime
My Two Sons || Official || Sasunaruby YoU.RoAcH(☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎
This is a story of a guy named Sasuke, he's 28 in this story, and he has two sons who were sent from his boyfriend, named Naruto. His sons names are Toma and Menma. Sasu...
Ghost Girl by NativeScorpio
Ghost Girlby NativeScorpio
After making a tough and final decision to leave home where family clearly didn't want her, Sang meets Phil and is joined into the academy very quickly. Finding out she...
Sang Insane | ✔ by JadeQueen100
Sang Insane | ✔by Jade
Sang Sorenson doesn't understand what is normal. She has been abused by her family and heard two voices in her head her whole life. The Blackbourne -Toma team goes to As...
Darling | All16 | ✔ by JadeQueen100
Darling | All16 | ✔by Jade
Sang Sorenson, the darling of the universe, is the sweetest, nicest person you will ever meet. Her parents are wealthy and kind to all, including their beloved daughter...
A Certain Heroic Boy Book 1: Science, Magic and Aliens by hunterman12345686
A Certain Heroic Boy Book 1: Wolf
(A Ben 10 male OC x Mikoto Misaka fanfic.) "Just because you can get stronger doesn't mean you have to" i yelled at the strongest level 5. "OH but I want...
¡!Hoshiai☆No☆Sora!¡ Chatfic by Official_TadashiYams
¡!Hoshiai☆No☆Sora!¡ Chatficby ✨Yamagucci 😎 💵 ✨
This anime is underrated, immensely dark, and has LGBTQ+ rep so I'm writing a fic on it because I have nothing to do, so just enjoy my non existent humor
After | All15 by JadeQueen100
After | All15by Jade
"Of course, I talk to myself!" I replied indignantly. "Sometimes I need expert advice!" Zoya Ventrova, also known as Ghost Bird, lives in a world tha...