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Through Fire and Water (A Legolas Love Story) by CrazyElfPrincess
Through Fire and Water (A CrazyElfPrincess, but you can...
Orphaned at 3 years old, Ariana was adopted by Aragorn, the rugged, handsome ranger who is the only parent she can recall ever having. At 63 years old she's a loud, dang...
Enchanted - HP/LoTR by _ELS_______
Enchanted - HP/LoTRby ♡
* UNDERGOING RE-WRITE * Re-written chapters: 1, Alarya Lily Potter; The girl who lived; the witch who won; alongside a multitude of other names which over the years she...
The Dwarf Prince by wyatt67
The Dwarf Princeby wyatt
"So you've fallen in love with a dwarf?" "What?! No!" When Gandalf came to Mirkwood with a quest of reclaiming Erebor, Alithia Thranduillell couldn't...
The South Park chatbox. by doyin-ig
The South Park doyin |ドイン
This is based on how i think most characters would text/type to eachother and the tone thy would have! Enjoy! -doyin 1# In chatbox. Noted: 4/11/22. (April 11, 2022) 7# I...
CartmanMailed (Style/StanxKyle) by ThatFFWNamedOliver
CartmanMailed (Style/StanxKyle)by Oliver Lunt
This is an au where cartman finds out kyle and stan are secretly dating, he then decides to blackmail them because why not, [Read to find out what happens]
You Are My Sunshine- Legolas x Reader by melodiagreenleaf
You Are My Sunshine- Legolas x Melodia Greenleaf
You are a teenager living a normal life. You have siblings and stressful tests. Even worse, you're an outcast because of your pointy ears that you genuinely try to conce...
Silhouettes by elliebean394
Silhouettesby Rose Fury
At first they were friends And they made a vow To stay that way From then until now. But something changed One sunny day As they laid in the grass And it stayed that wa...
Marvel/ LOTR/ Inheritance Imagines by Wild_Dimension
Marvel/ LOTR/ Inheritance Imaginesby Unimaginably Imaginative
[Requests Open] [Currently rewriting a few cringey imagines at the beginning] ... The title says it... But let's skip to the main point. The imagines are based on fictio...
My new Life... in Middle Earth?! (A Lord of the Rings, Aragorn love story) by smile_they_say
My new Life... in Middle Earth?! ( Alex
Amanda 'Belle' Summers has never had a good life. Her mom is dead, and her dad is abusive. When she gets dropped into Middle Earth, its probably the best thing that has...
Acorns~ Thilbo Bagginshield fan fic by Grantairepugx
Acorns~ Thilbo Bagginshield fan ficby Grantairepugx
Bilbo returns to bag end but part of him is missing, a part that can never be replaced.
I love you (Aragorn x Legolas one shot/slash) by rivendellion
I love you (Aragorn x Legolas CanElvesHaveFreckles
Aragorn and Legolas are out on a camping holiday in the woods, but end up realising that they see each other as much more than friends. Please don't copy or translate. A...
The Forgotten Race by LunaraWolfina
The Forgotten Raceby Luna666
As my swords meets the neck two other orcs, I let out a battle cry. My body moved on it's own taking the lives of my enemies. From the corner of my eyes I see two more d...
☼ DYING EMBERS ☼  by _ELS_______
"Was it love at first sight, Ada?" The young Prince asked his father. Thranduil chuckled in spite of the hollow pang of remembrance which sparked in his heart...
The Shadow of the Flowers by Roozle
The Shadow of the Flowersby Roozle
SEQUEL TO SAURONS DAUGHTER. Do not read if you haven't read it. You have been warned. Find it here: After Elino...
Look to the East - A Legolas Story by thearrowsoflegolas
Look to the East - A Legolas Storyby Official Human Disaster (TM)
Ava is a wanderer; a skilled ex-Easterling soldier who has been travelling Middle Earth for the past three years taking work where she could get it, and trying to wash h...
In the Shadows | Legriel by I-Am-Tauriel
In the Shadows | Legrielby Tauriel
Even while in the shadows, she walks in starlight in another world. But she does not walk alone.