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Danagnronpa One-Shots Cuz I Am Bored Lol by PigeonBoiii
Danagnronpa One-Shots Cuz I Am PigeonBoiii
Just some random kid writting danganronpa one-shots or headcanons maybe senerios idrk I dont think im gonna do request. But if you have one i guess you can just dm or co...
Destined for Greatness - A Togiri Fanfiction by kappnlover
Destined for Greatness - A Mari Strange
In the midst of death and mystery in the malevolent killing game, a relationship develops between two Hope's Peak Academy students. Kyoko Kirigiri, quiet and brooding, w...
Togiri Oneshots (Not exactly cannon to DR) by AtlxasShruggxed
Togiri Oneshots (Not exactly Atlxas Shruggxed
Just some oneshots. I'll take requests but it's mostly just me writing out what I've already had in my head for a while.
Togiri part 2 by 4wfulb4tz
Togiri part 2by Fleck
This is the better updated togiri book I have cuz the other one is old and cringey
Sleepy Time In Hope's  Peak by blueberry-perfume
Sleepy Time In Hope's Peakby blueberry-perfume
Danganronpa Kyoko Kirigiri and Byakuya Togami fanfic. After taking away her room key, Kyoko has no where to sleep and a reluctant Byakuya allows her to share his room. A...
48 types of kisses! | danganronpa n' ocs by emoaavocado_
48 types of kisses! | hara
escenas de las parejas del rol que tengo con @Bakamatsu_Kaedead. prompts sacadas de tumblr
danganronpa ; drabble compilation by kuzuryuusun_
danganronpa ; drabble compilationby ɦαɾα
pequeños drabbles que he escrito para el fandom de danganronpa y no he subido nunca. prompts de @motinfanficker [pueden haber crack ships]
Home [Naegamigiri Oneshot Collection] by fishpocalypse
Home [Naegamigiri Oneshot Noah
Title: Home [Danganronpa Naegamigiri (Byakuya/Makoto/Kyouko) Oneshot Collection] After a grueling day at work calculating the costs from a recent purge, Byakuya and Kyou...
dev's ship book ! by t0moriz
dev's ship book !by yoru
꒰🖇꒱ these are in no particular order! just some danganronpa ships i love! ♡꙼̈ ࿐ ࿔ #1 in #naekusaba 💞
꧁ ToGiri Oneshots ꧂ by fwogtastic
꧁ ToGiri Oneshots ꧂by »»————- ➴ ————-««
ToGiri oneshots, featuring the pairing of Byakuya and Kyouko from the video game 'Danganronpa'. Most characters will be trans in this.
it's future rust by cynamonow0
it's future rustby sil
They grow closer, but the future won't change just because of that. There's no chance of altering anything, not for them.
Fuck it , Togiri by 4wfulb4tz
Fuck it , Togiriby Fleck
Idk what this is anymore but 😺👍 Togiri good
24; 1440; 86400 by cynamonow0
24; 1440; 86400by sil
A one day, just a fragment of their shared eternity.
danganronpa dump by yellowcatsup
danganronpa dumpby KIWIW!
lots of ship headcanons but occasional one shots (or attempts at them,,) i wont do requests sorry 🥺👉👈 tags will be added as chapters are (ps im a multishipper so ther...
Old Friends, a Togiri Oneshot collection by fishpocalypse
Old Friends, a Togiri Oneshot Noah
Title: Old Friends, a Togiri (Byakuya/Kyouko) Oneshot collection. ---- Follow the lives of Togami Byakuya and Kirigiri Kyouko as this novel shares multiple stories throu...
꧁ ToGiri Smut ꧂ by fwogtastic
꧁ ToGiri Smut ꧂by »»————- ➴ ————-««
Togiri smut, featuring the pairing of Byakuya and Kyouko from three video game 'Danganronpa'. Most characters will be trans in this.
The Detective and The Former Affluent Progeny by kaz0-0
The Detective and The Former kaz!!
DISCLAIMER --This is a Criminal AU! --This is in no way canon at all and just my imagination! --Various ships will be in this! --Still in progress! --and finally,, this...