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mentally unstable ~ shigadabi by face_ache_
mentally unstable ~ shigadabiby eli
"your beauty never scared me." ---- dabi had been in the hospital for a year and he has spent everyday trying to escape. however, after one attempt he found so...
mentally unstable pt.2 ~ shigadabi by face_ache_
mentally unstable pt.2 ~ shigadabiby eli
"save your tears, it'll be okay, all I know is you're here with me" ------- dabi and tomura have started their new life together. everything seemed perfect. bu...
The Arrange Marriage  by naoishe1
The Arrange Marriage by mushiescibbles
This is a story about the two rival kingdoms from an alliance for a arrange marriage for there king choron gave his son kai hand to all for one's Prince tomura. To from...
DabiHawks by my_chxmicxl_rxmxnce
DabiHawksby 𝚗𝚜𝚏𝚠
So this will be my first ship story and please no hate. I will do my best- Probably gonna end up being oneshots and maybe a little Dabi x Shig x Hawks I'm really not su...
If I Was in MHA by my_chxmicxl_rxmxnce
If I Was in MHAby 𝚗𝚜𝚏𝚠
Hey so I'll be working on this randomly, it's literally the title.
Just Friends.. (Toga X Twice) by HISD0LLIE
Just Friends.. (Toga X Twice)by S<3
Please read the first chapter before you start the story or decide to leave hate, thanks! This story is about the ship Togawice (Toga x Twice) no other characters will b...
Class 1-Gay Omegaverse by seroisabottom
Class 1-Gay Omegaverseby Alex Garcia
Shinsou was supposed to be the next alpha of his pack, but when it was attacked the Wolf Villain: Jinxs. His entire pack was killed, including all of his friends. Or so...
Chronostasis X Quirkless Izuku by Raineymouse406
Chronostasis X Quirkless Izukuby Raine And Mouse
(real quick, this book was requested by @key_jay0 ) Izuku Midoriya has taken care of his mother for years, due to their father leaving izuku and izuku's mother, inko, a...
UA Traiter Aoyama X Ink Demon Izuku (Being Rewritten) by Raineymouse406
UA Traiter Aoyama X Ink Demon Raine And Mouse
(ok this is not based on the actual batim lore, there will be tons of differences, and yes, i have seen bendy and the dark revival and the original batim, but guess what...
~Christmas Special~ |Lots of ships| by WhatALovelyPotato
~Christmas Special~ |Lots of ships|by WhatALovelyPotato
The ships in this are: Overhaul x Shigaraki, Dabi x Hawks, Toga x Twice, Kurogiri x Mr. Compress, Deku x Shoto Todoroki, Aizawa x Present Mic, Uraraka x Iida, and All Fo...
Villains Together (ON HIATUS) by junkie_xe
Villains Together (ON HIATUS)by milkmerch
What happens when Deku needs to get away from his overprotective boyfriend(Todoroki). He wanted to be a villain deep down but he didn't know it yet. He met up with Shiga...
Love in the league by ins0mniaaaaa
Love in the leagueby Hmm Tired
A my hero academia fanfic written by someone who has done an extensive amount of research on it because although they don't watch/read it they love the league of villain...
♥ No Strings Attached ♥ by Shintori_Wholesome
♥ No Strings Attached ♥by ♥𝒞𝓊𝓅𝒸𝒶𝓀𝑒♥
Himoko Toga is a 17 year old girl, while Jin Bubaigawara is a 31 year old man. They both go to the same party. They both get drunk...everything goes to shit. But what ha...
The Names by 21SEPerez
The Namesby I_hate_my_life
I might write this later. Who knows...not me...
The Traitors by My_Hero_Academia876
The Traitorsby My_Hero_Academia876
Who would of thought that Izuku Midoriya and Hitoshi Shinsou were the U.A traitors. The two kidnapped their lovers and brought them to the L.o.V . Their lovers, Katsuki...
Fate Maker || MHA Fanfic || BKDK || DABIHAWKS || !READ DESCRIPTION FOR MORE! by Katara_Curse
Fate Maker || MHA Fanfic || BKDK | Katara
Hana Aizawa is the daughter of Eraserhead and Present Mic. Not their adopted child like Shinso but biological. She spent her life surrounded by heroes and she vowed to b...
Com todo amor by HorseWndPig
Com todo amorby HorseWndPig
Hey! Não negue, ou você irá viver uma doce negação. Além do mais, corações de verdade não mentem, o seu é de verdade? Eu preciso conferir, mas eu verei com o tempo de qu...
Sasaki no Himitsu (The Secrets of Sasaki)  by Hydra-Ardyh
Sasaki no Himitsu (The Secrets Hydra-Ardyh
This story is going about a girl named Hailey Sasaki. She is 17 years old and has a powerful quirk. I hope you guys will like the story Ps. There can be some swearing(i...