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Todoroki Shouto x male villain reader  by BoxingHauhau
Todoroki Shouto x male villain BoxingHauhau
Todoroki never really had love in hes mind. But what will happend wen he meets (Y/N) (L/N), a villain ready to make everyone's life a living hell? (Yes. Im finally maki...
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STRANDED by LarryTheDemon
STRANDEDby larrythedemon
There are great and terrible things dwelling in the seven seas, forgotten monsters and ancient gods. Katsuki just never really expected to actually find anything like th...
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Hanahaki | Todoroki Shouto X Reader by senpaied
Hanahaki | Todoroki Shouto X Readerby Miso
"You made flowers grow in my lungs and although they're beautiful, I can't breathe." Hanahaki Disease (花吐き病) n: A disease in which the victim coughs up flower...
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behind the screen. | todobaku / bakutodo by T0DOROK1
behind the screen. | todobaku / lai™
bakubeauty : HEY DIPSHIT HOW DO YOU CONFESS YOUR FEELINGS TO SOMEONE YOU LIKE icyhot : wait what icyhot : who ©T0DOROK1
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|| Strong Bond || Bakugou × Reader × Kirishima || by Jaztine_Gemini
|| Strong Bond || Bakugou × Jaztine Lulu
After dying in the real world, it seems as if she were reborn or awaken in another world. A world of what seems to be war of some sort, where "powers" seems to...
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The Demon Was Once An Angel |||( BNHA VARIOUS x Reader )||| by TheaOtaku
The Demon Was Once An Angel |||( TheaOtaku
Y/n Okamoto. A girl, who always have hated her quirk, has been rejected, bullied, compared, hurt. She has been stepped on so many times, leaving her broken. She hated he...
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bound together ; shouto todoroki x reader [ soulmate! au ] [female pronouns] by kaminari-trash
bound together ; shouto todoroki kaminari-trash
"Our universe grants every soul a twin -- a reflection of themselves -- the kindred spirit -- And no matter where they are or how far away they are from each other...
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Help Me Help You by Stormyspark
Help Me Help Youby Stormyspark
With no other options, you're forced to take a job and leave your dreams behind. But chance encounters are a normal in a world like yours. Can your debt of life be paid...
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Missing [Todoroki Shouto] by Burn_your_soul
Missing [Todoroki Shouto]by Soul
When Kawabe Mizumi lived her normal life, she always felt that something wasn't right; that something was missing in her life. When she goes to U.A on her journey to bec...
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With Me II todomomo by Makeneatlol
With Me II todomomoby Bangtanned
Momo, a determined, diligent hero who saves the day with her intelligence and strategic skills one day rencounters her old high school crush in work.
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Just Smile (Boku no Hero Academia Fan Fiction) by WaterMistress
Just Smile (Boku no Hero vibe check
just had this idea... uh huh Related to Bakugou Katsuki?! Thought to be quite the exact same as her older cousin, fortunately she isn't! Her father is related to Bakugou...
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【Forgotten. Reminded. Remember. 】Todoroki Shouto x Reader by NioXUntitled
【Forgotten. Reminded. Remember. 】 Nio X Untitled
(re-editing till chapter 4) Forgotten. "(y/n)! Let's be best friends until the end of the world!" Reminded. " I know you? You really do feel fa...
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Peppermint. || Shouto Todoroki x Reader  by Dakota_Phoenix_
Peppermint. || Shouto Todoroki x Dakota_Phoenix_
After Minoru Mineta gets kicked out of 1-A for being too inappropriate, someone needs to replace him. (Y/N) (L/N) has been training to get into UA since the first grade...
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Ice Hot Prince Vs Dragon Prince (BNHA Fantasy AU) by HKshirayukiHK
Ice Hot Prince Vs Dragon Prince ( Senkyu!!!
Y/n L/n is a Sorcerer and an Adventurer, she love to venture as she encounter Midoriya on one of her adventure after encountering Midoriya tell his story that make y/n...
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Ice Cold Insomnia - Todobaku by parkerurcar
Ice Cold Insomnia - Todobakuby parkerurcar
it's back baby :) / / / it's the time of the year where UA moves the first years into the dormitory. each year having a different building, and all the students in each...
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♥Herogatari♥BNHA Fantasy AU♥ by Puripuriko
♥Herogatari♥BNHA Fantasy AU♥by Mi-chan
The prequel to all Rewrites, the beginning of everything. The beginning of the repeated world all stemmed from this one starting point. Follow Katsuki, a foul-mouthed ad...
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change of plans || todoroki shouto x reader by straehylenol
change of plans || todoroki len
todoroki shouto x reader (with not romantic!dabi x reader) ¡lowercase intended! warning: strong language sfw you are made to attend ua against your will, what could go w...
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Adopted (Izuku x Sibling! Reader) by DRfinklestein
Adopted (Izuku x Sibling! Reader)by Isabella Padilla
you are izuku's (adopted) sibling NOT INCEST
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