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Don't leave me...        (discontinued) by MarsIsntHigh
Don't leave me... ( Mars
This is book two to soulmates?! If you want to read it I guess. 1 in #todokiribaku 10/9
Why Can't We Just be Happy Being Us? by msindependent95
Why Can't We Just be Happy Being Kiribaku!!! <3
Life after UA was complicated. They simply desired a long, happy life together, so why was that so hard to ask for? Why did life have to make being happy together so dif...
Punk Izuku... by Nightshade1331
Punk RaeJae
||First 5 chapters just skip as they are A/N's from the first couple tries at making this book|| Denki Kaminari has just meet the infamous vigilante, Izuku 'Deku' Midor...
bakubottom oneshots by this_is_meOwO
bakubottom oneshotsby this_is_me
hey! so I wanted to write this one shot things take requests! I do most ships and plots so just suggest anything. ~disclaimers~ bakubottom smut (maybe? idk) angst (maybe...
Izuku Afton by Jas_mine889
Izuku Aftonby Jas_mine889
Izuku Afton was a son from the fandom travelling family. He has visited Harry Potter Fandom, FNAF Fandom, Creepypasta Fandom and right now he is the MHA Fandom where he...
Bakugou oneshots (Hold) by Bakugou______
Bakugou oneshots (Hold)by OikawaTrash
I am going on hold for because of school I don't really read over my story so don't be shy and correct my mistakes.
The Necromancer || Villain!Deku x fem!reader || WIP by GenderIsAScam06
The Necromancer || Villain!Deku Sol
"We were all so worried." "I didn't mean to scare you." "You nearly died." "But I didn't." -- (Y/n) wasn't who everyone thought s...
Three Times A Charm {ON HOLD} by GalaxyQueenAquarius
Three Times A Charm {ON HOLD}by Blip
2 kids jump into a portal, unaware of the, journey their about to take to meet their younger parents
Bnha/Mha OneShots by Sparky_69
Bnha/Mha OneShotsby Sparky
Hey, So basically this is just bunch of my hero academy OneShots. Many ships. Like many many ships. Warnings - - Swearing - Gayness - Shipping Also since this is a FanFi...
Heros of All Shapes by fanfictionreadervek
Heros of All Shapesby fanfictionreadervek
I DONT OWN MHA, PICS OR MUSIC USED Izuku Midoriya was born quirkless and a unhealthy child. He was in and out of the hospital since birth. He has been severely bullied a...
❤️🧡🤍 TodoKiriBaku Oneshots 🤍🧡❤️ by FrightmareShipz
❤️🧡🤍 TodoKiriBaku Oneshots 🤍🧡❤️by \: Fright :/
This book includes: - Fluff - Smut (I'll try to write...) It will always be bottom Kirishima and Top Bakugo & Todoroki. It will mainly be fluff (cause I love writing it...
!¡todokiribaku au; one shot!¡ by tdkrbktrash
!¡todokiribaku au; one shot!¡by izu
Onde Katsuki, Shoto e Eijiro preparavam a tão esperada ceia de natal, durante a manhã de 24 de dezembro. ou Onde durante a troca de presentes, Katsuki surpreende Shoto e...
the ua killers by Elijah782
the ua killersby
the sweet dekusqaud are vis murders
I'll think of a title later.  by cat_Is_rich3
I'll think of a title later. by cat_Is_rich3
I wanted to make a KamiDeku story but I dodnt know/didn't have inspiration but now I am making one. (Kaminari is smart he just doesn't show it) ~Midoriya is not in UA a...
Depression/angst stories by Yo_Its_Kandi
Depression/angst storiesby Knitemare
These are some depressed/angst fanfic stories.
Across The Stars by HikingandPuppies
Across The Starsby Sad Baby
Hitoshi Shinso is a Mandalorian, tasked with guarding young Jedi apprentice Izuku Midoriya. LOTS OF ANGST, POTENTIAL SMUT Co-authored with several people on ao3 and @H...
Hanaki Disease//TodoKiriBaku Ship by AllieWarkocz
Hanaki Disease//TodoKiriBaku Shipby JapaneseCelestial
This a TodoKiriBaku fanfic. Bakugou is almost deaf so he learned sign language early on, he can't always read their lips but pieces togather what he can. Midoriya doesn...
bakubottom oneshots because yes. 😋 by itz_dollie
bakubottom oneshots because yes. 😋by Dollie.
first story don't judge it😟 I don't own MHA or any of the characters