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I'M NOT WEAK (Tododeku) by emodeku1villian
I'M NOT WEAK (Tododeku)by Rose Thorns
My name is Izuku Midoriya and I am a omega. Most alphas think they can use me for there own selfish desires. But not this time, this time I have the upper hands. Just be...
Better me (tododeku) by hoesmad-_-
Better me (tododeku)by simpin25/8
Deku finds kacchan cheating on him and also finds out his classmates hate him with this deku goes to America for a new life and doesn't expect to find his former crush...
[MissWannaDie Traducciones] [Boku no hero Academia Yaoi][BNHA-Y] by MiissWannaDie
[MissWannaDie Traducciones] [ Miss Wanna Die
Traducciones de doujinshis, comic (kor), fan-art, etc.
A  Little Mishap -Tododeku- by ellantyson
A Little Mishap -Tododeku-by Cat and Banana
One day, Izuku is babysitting Eri when her quirk goes wild. Thankfully Aizawa is just in time to erase it before anything can get too bad. When the smoke clears, they fi...
Changing | Tododeku by random_otaku___
Changing | Tododekuby idk man
Todoroki Shoto, one of the most dangerous and most feared villains in the city. He's known for his cold and stoic attitude, it's almost as if he has a wall of ice const...
Sick day -Tododeku by ellantyson
Sick day -Tododekuby Cat and Banana
✨F l u f f ✨ (no smut you nasties) Todoroki is not going home. He feels awful but is determined to power through the half day. After a long morning Shouto begins feeling...
TodoDeku One-Shots by owletshii
TodoDeku One-Shotsby 🥡 kōsei 🥡
BEING EDITED. The daily life of Todoroki Shōto and Midoriya Izuku. - Slow-updates ! - Grammatical and Typographical errors !
Tododeku One-Shots by AngalinaWhite101
Tododeku One-Shotsby 💍TODODEKU4LIFE💍
One shots F = fluff S = smut SF = sad fluff #2 in izukuTodoroki #6 in kawaii #26 in MidoriyaxTodoroki #20 in Todoizu #3 in todomido
The MPD cat boy by Idiotwhotalkstoomuch
The MPD cat boyby A Living Person
Izuku Midoriya, a very special boy. He had a cat mutation quirk and another one called MPD. He had multiple people inside him and they were part of his family and became...
My Tododeku Story ~ Season 2 by Tarrastory
My Tododeku Story ~ Season 2by Tarra
The sequel to 'My Tododeku Story'. hello fellow Wattpad users and also welcome back to the people from my first book 'My Tododeku Story'. i can't wait to write this book...
Nekoroki by owletshii
Nekorokiby 🥡 kōsei 🥡
"I miss you so much. Please come back, Shōto." Midoriya Izuku, a high-school student, lost his first love, after being saved from a villain. Todoroki S...
Game Boy (Tododeku) by KinziFace
Game Boy (Tododeku)by Jirou
"I'll tell you what. Let's have a challenge. Every night, we play one game and the person with the higher score that day gets a point. First one to win five games h...
Only A World Apart .:Tododeku Fluff:. by _todobroski_
Only A World Apart .:Tododeku .:tododeku trash:.
Midoriya has always had an adventurous heart that's too big for his body. He can't help it, and he doesn't regret his impulses at all. One fateful afternoon, he is explo...
Healing (A My Hero Academia Fanfiction) (Sequel to 'Hurting') by uwufangirluwuuwu
Healing (A My Hero Academia FanGirl
"His left side is unbearable!" "Mom?" Mother turned around and stared at me, horrified. She grabbed the kettle, put her hand on my head, and pour...
a fateful encounter ;; tododeku by -aesque
a fateful encounter ;; tododekuby -
"when a fateful encounter becomes inevitable: the journey of the heart that can change fate begins." [ completed - 1.12.18 ]
Phoenix Feelings (Izuku x Fem Todoroki) by TheJesterLK
Phoenix Feelings (Izuku x Fem TheJesterLK
Todoroki a friend of Izuku Midoriya, is one of the many attacked at the training camp. One of the villains however can alter another persons body, accidentally making to...
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Slowly but surely [Tododeku Angst] by 3RROR-UserNotFound
Slowly but surely [Tododeku Angst]by User Unknown
Slowly but surely, he's slipping away. His hands are coated with the blood of the people he let down, coated so much it's difficult for Todoroki to hold on before he fal...
My Alpha (OmegaVerse AU) by XBlueRoseGachaX
My Alpha (OmegaVerse AU)by Ramen_N00dles
Midoriya Is a Male Omega but when he was 7 His Mother Divorced Hisashi Midoriya and Hisashi took Izuku's Brother With him, When his Stepdad Came along his life has been...
oneshots ; t o d o d e k u by MissMixMatchUp
oneshots ; t o d o d e k uby tocaine
one-shots;; /wan-shats/ •short stories that either consists of angst, fluff, and/or sexual tensions. •drugs that you can read about your favorite otp's //REQUESTS OPEN...
Euphoria (Tododeku) by Aster_midori
Euphoria (Tododeku)by Aster
Todoroki confessed his feelings to midoriya, but our little greenette did not feel the same way. He told the heterochromatic male, that they could still be friends and o...