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I'm Fine (todobaku) by weeb-below16
I'm Fine (todobaku)by weeb-below16
Todoroki first noticed something was wrong when he heard bakugou crying in him dorm room. he thought the TV might be on but when the door opend he saw a teary eyed blon...
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todobaku Omegaverse by gaybeanfanfiction
todobaku Omegaverseby gaybeanfanfiction
Omgeaverse Just read Swearing involved smut idk, yes. Omega Todoroki Alpha Bakugou Uncompleted
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A Broken Cell (Bakugou x Todoroki) by OnePunchOtaku
A Broken Cell (Bakugou x Todoroki)by OnePunchOtaku
A short (?) story of some TodoBaku involving a study session, a cafe, a broken cellphone, and a yandere looking to make Bakugou her own. Not interesting at all, right? D...
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his little secret by addrieyanna
his little secretby /_(0w0)_\
Todoroki and Bakugo promised to keep their relationship as a secret. But what will happen if the secret is exposed to their friends or the whole class? I'm so sorry if I...
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Mine - BakuTodo by yatsuz
Mine - BakuTodoby Yatsuz
Don't take what's others unless your name is Bakugou katsuki. ~ Todoroki has developed a unhealthy crush on Bakugou. He keeps thinking about him and getting distracted b...
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 CLASS PLAY 1A [ TDBK CRACK FIC] by reallyidontknowthat
(voting doesn't cost you, the author appreciates being spamed by votes) The girls of former class 1a never forgot about the time when they were pranked on and had to wea...
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The night that changed my life by nirexa
The night that changed my lifeby Princetrick
My mother was always the loud yet caring type of person until she became addicted to drugs and alcohol and my dad. well at first he was evary thing anyone would expect...
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Bakutodo Texts! by 0_Halcyon
Bakutodo Texts!by ColdEmpress
As the title says, it's Bakutodo texting each other. There is a storyline so I recommend checking it out!! Enjoy ~~
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curry || todobaku by seatuurtles
curry || todobakuby ella | semi-hiatus
"i'm not doing it, dipshit." "how about for free curry?" ... "fuck you." ... "fine." or in which todoroki has night terrors and b...
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Criminal by hotchocolate_fox
Criminalby hotchocolate_fox
My friend, @chpisobo edited the cover for me, go check her out. Story rated for 13+
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The prince and his dragon king a •-•todobaku fanific•-• by coffeebeanart
The prince and his dragon king a • Artcookie
6/5/19 #2 todobaku Bakugo the king of the dragon kingdom one day gets captured by a young prince, Todoroki. What happens next is up to fate.
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Have you Ever? by XoLoUwU
Have you Ever?by XoLoUwU
"Well, have you?" "Have I what?" "Felt so..betrayed?" Uraraka Ochaco was a liar, and Bakugou Katsuki was a gullible person. (characters ar...
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Opposites love~Todoroki x Bakugo (heat addition) by BnhaVoltronBlack
Opposites love~Todoroki x Bakugo ( BnhaVoltronBlack
It was the second year at U.A, everyone had become great friends except for well Bakugo and todoroki and Deku of course. They're had been a new rumor going around about...
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Todobaku Angst by todobakuis_uwulife
Todobaku Angstby todobakuis_uwulife
Hehe, get ready to cry? :)
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It's strange, isn't it? by RatLordowo
It's strange, isn't it?by ▪️⬛️RatKing⬛️▪️
This story will be a story that takes place in U.A. Highschool, a school made to train students into becoming Pro Hero's; saving civilians lives. The story I'm writing i...
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« A TodoBakuDeku One-Shots Book » by chamilisa
« A TodoBakuDeku One-Shots Book »by • ❦ •
A TodoBakuDeku One-Shots Book just some one-shots about todobakudeku in hopes of blessing your souls. featured ships- TodoBaku / BakuTodo TodoDeku / DekuTodo BakuDeku...
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TodoBaku - That Special Place by KiwiThePanda
TodoBaku - That Special Placeby KiwiThePanda
So pretty much it's gonna start as them being little and they will meet somewhere, becoming the special place, meet each other almost every day, becoming friends, but so...
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My Omega Is An Alpha // Todobaku by Archbishop_Tash
My Omega Is An Alpha // Todobakuby Archbishop_Tash
Bakugo's been having heats - at least he thinks it - despite being an alpha. The 'heats' he's been experiencing are already painful enough so when Todoroki comes to his...
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Why Me? (TodoBaku)  by WokeASF
Why Me? (TodoBaku) by WokeASF
Depressed Bakugo tries to hide his secret. However, things never go his way.
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I'll Love You No Matter What {ON HOLD} by the_emo_muffin
I'll Love You No Matter What {ON ☠️Emo Muffin🧁
Trans!BakugouxTodoroki. Bakugou and Todoroki are friends in this story. They both have feeling for each other, but are afraid to confront the other about it. One day, To...
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