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Doll (Ticci Toby X Reader) by LittlePyschoChick
Doll (Ticci Toby X Reader)by Gravity
(Y/N) (L/N) is a 17 year old Pasta, who goes by the alias of 'The Doll'. She was abused as a child, bullied by her classmates for being 'a freak'. When she was 13, she k...
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Creepypasta Oneshots by KarmaSurelyKills
Creepypasta Oneshotsby KarmaSurelyKills
What the title says. I remembered to put a title right??? This one won't be updated nearly ever but that is because I am putting more thought in this story then most...
  • slendermanfanfiction
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Sweet As Candy(Laughing Jack X Reader) by scarlet_vantas
Sweet As Candy(Laughing Jack X Scarlet_Letter1998
Moarning over the loss of your family relative Isaac you were brought to his mother and fathers house, given a very mysterious music box as a remember me preasent. Thing...
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Thirteen [Creepypasta x Reader]  by LifeisFunandGreat
Thirteen [Creepypasta x Reader] by LifeisFunandGreat
(Y/N) woke up to three people carrying her through the woods. She couldn't recall any memory of what had happened before she was being carried. All she knew was that she...
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Complicated (A Ticci Toby Soulmate AU) by pokemon240
Complicated (A Ticci Toby Pokemon240
Imagine waiting years on end for your soulmate only to find out he's a serial killer. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any creepypasta characters, just my own character Lauren.
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Toby X Eyeless jack smut book  by BaconBloody
Toby X Eyeless jack smut book by BloodyBacon
i just - idk -
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Fallen apart (Ticcimask) by Tobythewaffleboi
Fallen apart (Ticcimask)by tobydawaffleboi
Toby's slowly letting himself die and Tim wants to save him TW .self-harm .eating disorders .depresstion
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tHe pRoXy wAy by VikingMetalToby
tHe pRoXy wAyby ⦻
In no way do I approve of the cringe title of the story. It's just that I made the cover a long time ago and now using it again, I'm too lazy to change the name. *I do n...
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Welcome To Our World (Ticcimask) (On Hold) by RaynSakamoto_Fanfic
Welcome To Our World (Ticcimask) ( Fan fiction Writer
Ranked #1 in Ticcimask (1/28/19) Ranked #1 in tobyrogers (forgot when) Ranked #1 in maskyxtoby 9/20/19 Ranked #1 in tobyxmasky (forgot when) Ranked #1 in hoodieandmasky...
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Hidden (TicciMask) by laeta039
Hidden (TicciMask)by Jay
[Completed] [Highest rank: #1 in ticcimask] Toby is always happy, at least on the outside. Masky always pushes everyone away, too scared to let anyone in. Toby have nev...
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Ticci Toby X Reader by VikingMetalToby
Ticci Toby X Readerby ⦻
Literally forgot T's stuttering until Chapter 21 so yeah. This is pretty bad. This story is cliche and cringe. Probably my worst work out of all. If you want utter clich...
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Creepypasta x Reader Lemons by AnYoNe_WaNt_A_dRiNk
Creepypasta x Reader Lemonsby Creepypasta Supporter: Subjec...
So, me being a freaky weirdo(as usual), I was reading Creepypasta lemons and not a lot of them were that great so I decided to try to write some myself, if you guys have...
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Who to choose? (Jeff the Killer x Reader) (Reader x Ticci Toby) by UnicornLoverF1
Who to choose? (Jeff the Killer Summer
(Yn) (Ln) was never normal. She read about creepypasta's from time to time. She was abused by her parents and only had one friend. She was bullied and had attempted suic...
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Switched (Toby x BEN) by thatgaythOt
Switched (Toby x BEN)by I’m gay,deal with it
So basically Toby and BEN are fighting and then as punishment Slendy put them in a room for a few weeks. (might be smut might not) The title might not fit rn but you'll...
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Just Their Little Sister || Jeff the Killer's Sister by HotaruWuvsPanda-Kun
Just Their Little Sister || Jeff Hotaru-ChanMew!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blood... screams... blood on the walls.. dead bodies... a puddle of blood... All that is my memory... that incident.. I was just only 5 years old.. ...
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The path of a Proxy by Wicked_Darkness
The path of a Proxyby Wicked_Darkness
*Cover art belongs to me* Being a Proxy isn't a choice, it's forced. You may think it would be a dream come true, to eat all the cheesecake and waffles you could ever im...
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A Ticking Time Bomb (Ticci Toby x Reader) by Maeghan0618
A Ticking Time Bomb (Ticci Toby Maeghan0618
A Ticci Toby x Reader Story. Feel free to leave comments/ suggestions and I hope you guys enjoy my story. *The picture I used for the cover was created by Adhiva-K-I on...
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The Woods  by Chess_Cat
The Woods by Chesire Cat
Some believe that the forest cares for nothing but itself. That's not true. If you listen carefully, you can hear its voice. Its tortured heart can feel our pain too... ...
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My Boyfriend Is Popular  by starlight_fairy
My Boyfriend Is Popular by Chloe Fitzpatrick
Read to find out more
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Creepymon: Pokémon X Creepypasta Crossover { very OLD} by VikingMetalToby
Creepymon: Pokémon X Creepypasta ⦻
Creepypastas as Pokémon, I guess. Cut me some slack, I started this back in 2017 when I sucked at writing MUCH MORE than I do now. *All Creepypasta belong to their respe...
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