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Undertale/Deltarune Lyrics by Light_Vision
Undertale/Deltarune Lyricsby A Random Person Who Does Stuff
Just lyrics from some fanmade Deltarune and Undertale songs. Songs not own by me. Idk what to put.
  • deltarune
  • seam
  • noelle
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THE KILLER ANTI-HERO:male killer bean reader x dc batworld mha undertale by juliogallegos5
THE KILLER ANTI-HERO:male killer julio gallegos
(Note to disclaimer:none of this belongs to me except the book and the other things belongs to the rightful owners.)
  • malereader
  • myheroacademie
  • batman4014
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morning melody || Napstablook BOOK I by Flamogedeon
morning melody || Napstablook Flamo.
a sweet melodic tune echoed through the chamber of the underground. an upbeat melody resonates within its depths. the music that saved your soul from utter damnation...
  • xreader
  • undertale
  • drama
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GLITCHTALE: Seasons 1 and 2 by Camila Cuevas by Light_Vision
GLITCHTALE: Seasons 1 and 2 by A Random Person Who Does Stuff
Just the whole in entire Glitchtale Series in a book. Obviously NOT OWNED BY ME. Undertale belongs to Toby "Radiation" Fox, and GLITCHTALE belongs to Camila C...
  • tobyfox
  • undyne
  • betty
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UnderCringe / CringeTale by Smirnoff_Tom_
UnderCringe / CringeTaleby Lanat Olası Smirnoffcu Tom
UnderTale İle İlgili Cringe Şeyler
  • flowey
  • papyrus
  • alphys
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My drawings! (Mostly UnderTale) by PancakeComa
My drawings! (Mostly UnderTale)by PancakeComa
This is just gonna be an art book. Made up of mostly if not all UnderTale drawings. The cover ain't mine tho so don't get your hopes up.
  • aus
  • artbook
  • undertale
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{Vivir La Vida} | Cross Chara X fem! Reader | by HowdyMiFlowey
{Vivir La Vida} | Cross Chara X Artistic Crosslyn & Fiy
I am not sure why I make so many Cross Chara X Readers... but this monochrome chocoholic boy needs some love. As you see whenever I make my stories, it's usually the rea...
  • undertaleaus
  • undertale
  • underverse
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La Copa De Los Mundos [PAUSADO] by Iznaga
La Copa De Los Mundos [PAUSADO]by JI-12
En un mundo alternativo a este, dos jóvenes, ambos fans de los juegos de Toby Fox, logran desarrollar sus habilidades al máximo y convertirse en los mejores jugadores de...
  • toriel
  • flowey
  • chara
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Le Dernier Reste by Black_Fox47
Le Dernier Resteby polution
alors que deux âme lier souffre une décide de se suicider mais son destin n'ai pas d'accord... vous aller suivre l'histoire de deux personnage don leur future sont meme...
  • sans
  • toby
  • tobyfox
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Undertale Imagines by Xx_Cervil_xX
Undertale Imaginesby *forgets how to breathe*
  • deltarune
  • unlimitedpride
  • lgbt
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A New Person....?? (DeltaRune FanFic) by TocixSoulsUwU
A New Person....?? (DeltaRune DepressoExpressoUwU
Kris And Susie Was Planning On Going Back To The Dark World....But There Are Problems There. Lancer Being Stressed About Being King, Ralsei Having His Fluffy Problems, B...
  • chapter2
  • deltarune
  • tobyfox
War takes everything (SpiritTale and Undertale AU) by BreadBoiHoi
War takes everything (SpiritTale BunsAndBoi
A long time ago, Humans and Monsters were at war. The humans won and banished the monsters to an isolated area of Ebbott, but that was just the first time humans and mon...
  • undyne
  • toby
  • sad
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Bill cipher x reader by BlueberryTilapidaLV
Bill cipher x readerby BlueberryTilapidaLV
Bill cipher x reader, read to find out!
  • billcipher
  • love
  • romance
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The story of frans by Blueberrysans2
The story of fransby Blueberrysans2
This is the story of how frisk and sans met
  • friskandsansbelongsto
  • tobyfox
Undertale: A War Between Monsters and Humans  by AwkwardTurtle_xD
Undertale: A War Between AwkwardTurtle_xD
Based off of the hit video game "Undertale," by Toby Fox; this story follows Frisk, a human child who has fallen into the Underground.
  • toriel
  • sans
  • undyne
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