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FAKE  by joeysnudes
FAKE by joeysnudes
"i need you to be my fake girlfriend." [slow updates] - inspired by a dolan fanfic this book cannot be duplicated or altered without my permission ©️ joeysnude...
Letters to the boy I've only Loved.  by KevsNegron
Letters to the boy I've only Kevs Negrón
Lara Jean's in college now and she and Peter are trying their best to do the "long distance " relationship. Is it going to work?
The Letters♡ • Peter Kavinsky  by NaiStyles
The Letters♡ • Peter Kavinsky by NaiStyles
"Sometimes, home has a heartbeat." ♡ - Breu Taplin *Fanfic created by @NaiStyles*
A Letter To My Crush. by jujum18
A Letter To My Juwairiyah M
❝Everything wasn't meant to be chased, Certain things were made to be admired from afar❞
#ToAllBoysContest [COMPLETED) by Jeanksters_1221
#ToAllBoysContest [COMPLETED)by Jeanksters_1221
To all the random crushes I've had through out the years...let's do this. Mhm...#toalltheboyscontest 🖤🖤
True Stories From My Terrible Love Life [✓] by InsaneAtaraxy
True Stories From My Terrible A
Based on a true story, as pathetic as it is. This is the tale of my "love life" through high school. It's a documentary of my terrible mistakes. Enjoy! [#145 i...
Completely, Absolutely by DistantDreamer
Completely, Absolutelyby Monica Sanz
For years I was in love with a boy but was too scared to tell him how I felt... until now.
To The Boy I'm Loving by lisaasxmpson
To The Boy I'm Lovingby princessa
for the #toalltheboyscontest
Out of Reach|| #ToAllTheBoysContest Entry by PlantsInPots
Out of Reach|| PlantsInPots
Dear Crush, - This is my #toalltheboys contest entry. I wrote from my heart so I hope you guys enjoy!
To My Secret Crush by SunnySunset2021
To My Secret Crushby Serena🌸🦋🕊
Dear Secret Crush........... *this is originally created for a writing contest and now is a diary entry about my crushes
Unspoken Words | ✓ by darlingkarlee
Unspoken Words | ✓by Karlee ❁
A letter to my crush. :) COMPLETED *#ToAllTheBoysContest Entry*
Impossibly Possible #ToAllTheBoysContest by giveasmilex
Impossibly Possible giveasmilex
My entry for the #ToAllTheBoysContest I loved this movie so much. Enjoy :) I do not own the photo.
Val I by AmaniSky
Val Iby Amani Sky
From your Caroline.
To All The "Boys" I've Loved Before (CONTEST ENTRY) by killuyeh
To All The "Boys" I've Loved Hi! I’m killuyeh!
My entry to the contest #ToAllTheBoysIveLovedBefore ! I don't expect to win, but I liked the prompt. Here goes.
Letter to Crush by broski-is-bae
Letter to Crushby Angie
This is my 500-word letter to my secret crush, telling them how I feel.
Maybe This Time I'll Put A Stamp   by LightsOfTheWorld
Maybe This Time I'll Put A Stamp by LightsOfTheWorld
I fell for you like a character would in a story; I didn't know you until suddenly you were all I knew. ~~~ My entry for the #toalltheboys contest
A letter to Him by ACara39
A letter to Himby Samii
To my crush... Who held my heart from the very beginning
My love Letter to You by hannahslifess
My love Letter to Youby Hannah 💖
This is a love letter for the 'to all the boys I loved before' contest! If you read this thank you, I hope you enjoy!