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Tmnt punk/swag T or D by WealthyDAK
Tmnt punk/swag T or Dby Shy
HEYY I'm shy love💖 and I live with the punk Turtles. my friends will gone us later and swag. Will that's all I have to say I hope you guys enjoy the book as much as I d...
my favorite ships from my Tv shows that I watched by Moona9076
my favorite ships from my Tv Moona9076
this is my ship book from every single tv show I watched.
Human Ninjas by BlackandWhitePain
Human Ninjasby NapstaBlook The Lovely Ghost
Leonardo and the Gang have been turned into humans along with master Splinter. The Gang who are now humans, still has their turtle like abilities.
Perfect Weapon by EllieWorsnopNew
Perfect Weaponby Ellie Worsnop New
Your abusive father works with someone who shouldn't be in your reality. Your father's greed sends your life down hill has he experiments on you since birth and your mot...
Ninjago crossover by ButteredSnake
Ninjago crossoverby Ryker
A crossover. A portal opens in two different realm and suck a few certain people in. What happens? Who knows! Has The Dragon Prince, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the...
Speed Lovers by CharlemagneDiaz
Speed Loversby Charlemagne Diaz
Since Leo and Twilight, Raphael and Sunset, Slash and Fluttershy, Casey and Applejack, Donnie and Rarity, and Mikey and Pinkie are couple but only Rainbow dash doesn't h...
The Teenage Mutant Ninja WHAT?! by kitkatgaming
The Teenage Mutant Ninja WHAT?!by kitkatgaming
Kat Remsee, a normal, fit, hyper, insane, loud, hormonal, tomboyish 15 year old teenage girl whom knows nothing about the giant turtles that live in the sewers of New Yo...
Random crap  by olivestastereallybad
Random crap by olivestastereallybad
pretty much random things that I see and think will be posted in here like memes and stuff. also I don't own any of the pictures of I tell a story there's more than its...
When in New York by music_nerd313
When in New Yorkby music_nerd313
When Savanah goes to New York to go to mineorama she never would have expected to meet four teenage mutant ninja turtles but she would have never thought she would fall...
the beast and the rat by Mgrimm123
the beast and the ratby Grimm and nico Studio
tnmt story but with a fem spinter
One shots by EVwriter
One shotsby EV
Just, all my one shots in one thing...yeah. Please tell me if you have any requests!
Forgotten Blue by Lexie5677
Forgotten Blueby Zoe
The tnmt go for a normal stroll around new york when a horrible accident happens. Leo goes missing 7 years later he apears agian but his brothers aren't there anymore an...
Having the power to do anything. but when no ones looking. by DayDreamMagicCat101
Having the power to do anything. !!!Catty Red!!!
HI this story has romance, action, and discovery. This is a story where a teenage girl name Aurora has the nightmares where she can lose control and gets power, but when...
TNMT STORIES  by tmntfangirl28
TNMT STORIES by tmntfangirl28
Hi guys! This is my first book hope you like it!!
The Training (Tmnt Anime Form FF) by Lazy_Panda711
The Training (Tmnt Anime Form FF)by Lazy_Panda711
As the 4 brother come a cross plenty of challenges master splinter divides them and gives them one task that they think is impossible romance can the 4 brother complete...
Fearless is back by Lexie5677
Fearless is backby Zoe
When the teenage mutant ninja turtles attack shredder and get defeated the get to chairs all their friends are placed in a jail cell far far away they have no hope right...
Dangerously blue by Lexie5677
Dangerously blueby Zoe
Leo has been part of shredders team for awhile until one day shredder turns on Leo. He runs away and becomes the turtle he always used to be.
tmnt x marissa by gachaflames
tmnt x marissaby gacha flames
i dont rember the seasones that well and dont own nonething ok