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Game On, Horan (Niall Horan Love Story) EDITING! by NiallerTime
Game On, Horan (Niall Horan Love NiallerTime
He broke the promise that would've kept our friendship together. No calls, texts, facetimes, or any signs of communication while he was off at X Factor. So what happens...
The Girl With The Red Lipstick by Guardiian_Angel
The Girl With The Red Lipstickby @/sparkydooodle
Hailey Pierce has never understood the appeal of One Direction. On the other hand, her best friend Kiara is obsessed with them, especially one boy in particular. But wha...
Silly Bunny - The Pumpkin Rabbit x Reader by drsunshinelives
Silly Bunny - The Pumpkin Rabbit flora
The first two chapters of this story were conceptualized and written in late March. Reader's gender is unspecified, but is implied to be somewhat nonbinary. I am so very...
One Direction Lyrics - Take Me Home by OneDLyrics
One Direction Lyrics - Take Me Homeby One Direction Lyrics
*In this book you can find lyrics to all songs from Take Me Home album. I hope that you'll enjoy it.* THERE IS SOME PROBLEM AND IF YOU WANT TO OPEN LWWY YOU HAVE TO FOLL...
The Runaway Groom -- ON HIATUS by BarneyTheDinosaur
The Runaway Groom -- ON HIATUSby Charry
"It could have been Harry and Bethany against the world, as he would say, but the sad reality of this all, is this is just the hypothesis of those simple what ifs...
Potty rabbit x Reader 2: Electric Boogaloo by PottyRabbit2
Potty rabbit x Reader 2: Pottyrabbit
We couldn't get back into the old account so um, remakeboot. Thumbnail credit: Zhoe_Bean on Twitter
I Kidnapped One Direction by Up_all_night_17
I Kidnapped One Directionby Karen
Completed All I ever think about is One Direction. Those five boys are my entire world. I have all their posters, cardboard cutouts, pillows, and blankets. Simply saying...
the day I didn't meet one direction by amandalaynemiller
the day I didn't meet one directionby amanda layne miller
On the day of One Direction's Take Me Home tour stop in Nashville during the summer of 2013, two fangirl sisters embark on a serious mission to meet the band before the...
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Finding A Way Back: A 1D FanFiction by ADiffKindofFanGirl
Finding A Way Back: A 1D FanFictionby ADiffKindofFanGirl
I'm Liv. I'm a size18 and I love to travel. Liam and I used to be best friends until something happened and I went away. Next thing I knew Liam and One Direction were ta...
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Remembering Harry Styles by imlostwoyou
Remembering Harry Stylesby imlostwoyou
Harry looked at me and chuckled. "You know what sucks?" He asked. "Ww-what?"I stuttered. "Realizing that everything you believe in is pure bulls...
I'm Fine [HARRY STYLES] by WhatYouKnow
I'm Fine [HARRY STYLES]by WhatYouKnow
Katherine Pena and Harry Styles...after years of going to hell and back, the two friends can't help but fall for each other. But, will Katherine be willing to accept the...
Hired By Swift (A Harry Styles Fanfic) by xstardux
Hired By Swift (A Harry Styles xstardux
Farrah Caverly has come a long way since her troubled past. After months of hard work, she is accepted into UCLA, the college where she can start anew. The only thing sh...
trinity of false infinities. by kthaphantom
trinity of false RaFael.
"how will I be able to fall in love with you?" love through different eyes.
They Don't Know About Us by _CupcakeNiall_
They Don't Know About Usby _CupcakeNiall_
Not a lot has changed in Brooklynns life since she started dating Niall Horan from One Direction. Brooklynn and Niall met one day and got along very. They got to know ea...