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Lovely //tyrus High school AU  by tyrus_goodman
Lovely //tyrus High school AU by Neighbourhood weeb
Many trials are put upon many couples, but can Cyrus and Tj handle it? ⚠️ Strong language at times, homophobia, some sexual content ⚠️
smitten for the underdog  by r4nb0w
smitten for the underdog by emi
tyrus (from andi mack) oneshots! *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ i'll either be adding onto and digging deeper into scenes we got in the show, or writing highschool tj & cyrus just chillin
Swingsets by Unforgivablespelling
Swingsetsby Unforgivablespelling
... or how the cocky basketball star and the unconfident Jewish teen fell in love.
Tyrus One Shots by tyrusxdrarry
Tyrus One Shotsby Stephanie
Just a bunch of one shots of Tyrus that I come up with hope you enjoy!
Tyrus One Shots by cjisyourdaddy
Tyrus One Shotsby CJ
Just some random tyrus one shots I write when I'm bored. I do not own the characters in these one shots. I just do this for fun. The stories are mine, but the characters...
i like me better when i'm with you || tyrus  by wolfaline
i like me better when i'm with Wolf on a Line
"So, your crush just disappeared." "I wouldn't say disappeared, more like... changed..."
in his eyes: a tyrus fan fiction by juliamichelexx
in his eyes: a tyrus fan fictionby Julia :)
In his eyes is based on the Andi Mack ship tyrus. When Cyrus Goodman meets TJ Kippen, the new kid, his whole world changes. TJ is the cocky basketball player, or so ever...
Midnight Memories by PanQueen18
Midnight Memoriesby Hey, it me :)
TJ looked up at the bright moon that was lighting up the sidewalk as he made his way to Cyrus' house. It's been a couple weeks since he and Cyrus confessed their feeling...
Underdog by ArtieSafari
Underdogby ArtieSafari
Cyrus is the guy nobody knows. TJ is the guy everybody fears. Together, they're the secret anybody would love to get their hands on. Credit to @MariDefecates on Twitter...
the last breath; tyrus by fanthicction
the last breath; tyrusby —tess ✨
the oxygen has been out for eight years. cause? deforestation. cyrus goodman and his friends have varied opinions on the problem, some worrying and some not thinking muc...
TYRUS oneshot  by hopelessgayships
*Set a week after the episode Mount Rushmore or Less where TJ ditches Cyrus on costume day* Will Cyrus forgive TJ? Will TJ explain why he did that? Will feelings be reve...
Distance  by liamsvids
Distance by Ptgleexx
TJ and Cyrus reunite after 3 months. TJ hangs with a familiar face and turns to old habits.
A Natural Heartbeat  by tyrusxdrarry
A Natural Heartbeat by Stephanie
What happens when Cyrus the nerdy boy gets asked by TJ to be his tutor and makes a ultimatum to be his fake boyfriend. Will they stay only fake boyfriends? Or will Cyrus...
Somersault! by autumnmoe123
Somersault!by Autumn :)
so i had to write a short story for English and so im deciding to post it to wattpad since i'm done with it! •Tyrus oneshot•