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Jack is Back - Jack Dawson by kirahljackson
Jack is Back - Jack Dawsonby kirahljackson
It's 2016. Rose Calvert's 17-year-old great grand daughter is called on Brock Lovett's ship to try and find the Heart of the Ocean AGAIN, after Rose dropped it in the se...
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Finally Flying • Jack Dawson x Reader - Titanic by sunsetsinouterspace
Finally Flying • Jack Dawson x Rea...by to the grave ☠️
(Y/n) Dewitt Bukator and Jack Dawson fall in love on the Titanic as their love becomes a race for survival.
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Titanic (Jack Dawson Love Story) by SerenaChintalapati
Titanic (Jack Dawson Love Story)by Serena Chintalapati
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Dreams to Reality ~ Jack Dawson X Reader by SharDaPotato
Dreams to Reality ~ Jack Dawson X...by Kawaii Potato
"You're so stupid, Y/N!! Why didn't you go?!" He said between kisses. "You jump, I jump, remember?" She replied, her face wet with tears, kissing Jac...
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Titanic II: Revival (REVISING!) by writer-liz
Titanic II: Revival (REVISING!)by writer-liz
A scientist and her colleagues find a way to unfreeze a man who is one of many Titanic victims. Little does she know, that man and her family have a lot of history. More...
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Jack Dawson Imagines l DiCaprioImagines by DiCaprioImagines
Jack Dawson Imagines l DiCaprioIma...by Celeb Imagines
Only Jack Dawson Imagines!!! Credits to the owners!!!
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{young leonardo dicaprio imagines + social media aus} by marshbeverly
{young leonardo dicaprio imagines...by ❝ hazel ❞
imagines and social media edits for leonardo dicaprio (some are character imagines, some are celebrity imagines)-send in your requests for either.
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The journey of a lifetime by Aiden2003adamson
The journey of a lifetimeby Aiden Lewis Marc Adamson
My name is Joe Dawson. My Family and I were 1st class passengers on R.M.S. Titanic. We were headed to America because our parents had died of some sort of illness in Cu...
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thespian, leonardo dicaprio  by gaychalamet
thespian, leonardo dicaprio by - ̗̀ 𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐢 ̖́-
❝only fools do what i do, only fools fall for you!❞ in which, while studying at ucla, leonardo becomes fascinated with the quiet girl that runs the theatre tech boo...
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Leonardo Dicaprio Imagines  by calumhoodwifey1
Leonardo Dicaprio Imagines by alexis thomas
Just a lot of imagines of Leo and message me if you want me to do a certain topic!
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An Unsinkable Love (Jack Dawson x Reader) by daesies_
An Unsinkable Love (Jack Dawson x...by innocence
jack i'd rather die than live another day without you please readd #1 in #dicaprio 26/06/18 #1 in #dawson 14/08/18
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young! leonardo dicaprio gif imagines by lxvelyhaim
young! leonardo dicaprio gif imagi...by a
"You learn to take life as it comes at you...to make each day count." gif imagines 🖤
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80's Imagines by thatsrudemister
80's Imaginesby cass
Imagines of your favorite characters and actors from the 80's and 90's. Now adding preferences to the story!
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No Dream's Too Big- Young Leo Dicaprio  by leoimagines
No Dream's Too Big- Young Leo Dica...by lucy 💕💕
It's every girls fantasy. Leonardo DiCaprio, living next door.
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If Jack Lived COMPLETED by Ashleighx04xo
If Jack Lived COMPLETEDby Ashleigh
Obviously in this Jack lives!!! - "We're safe now Rose. We will be there in no time." As I tenderly placed a kiss her on her forehead I saw a ship come closer...
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Love You Forever (William Murdoch Titanic) by klausmikealson2001
Love You Forever (William Murdoch...by klausmikealson2001
im Alyssa Smith I'm chief officer Smith . I love the sea. just like my dad captain Smith. I started getting feelings and then started dating first officer William Murdoc...
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Sokeefe x Titanic by peachyxbitch
Sokeefe x Titanicby thrill killer 💋🔪💕
enjoy this piece of shit i wrote when i was 13
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𝐌𝐖𝐀𝐇 ˡᵉᵒ ᵈᶦᶜᵃᵖʳᶦᵒ by -codyferns
𝐌𝐖𝐀𝐇 ˡᵉᵒ ᵈᶦᶜᵃᵖʳᶦᵒby ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
𝐌 | ❝ if we don't f*ck this whole thing up guarantee i can blow your mind, mwah ❞ ━━ レオ ❛ . . . leo dicaprio ❜ 𝐓𝐇𝐄 annual french...
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Ship Of Dreams- Titanic/ Disney Descendants FanFiction by dzny_oddity
Ship Of Dreams- Titanic/ Disney De...by Karina C.-M.
Take a journey, back in time. In search of a mystery, locked beneath the sea. Read this book, and you'll be given the key. Ben DeWitt Bukater, the son of Adam and Belle...
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A New Beginning by starchild10
A New Beginningby starchild10
Emma Carson is travelling on the Titanic back to America with her fiancee, Peter Whitman and her baby sister Sybil, to save her parent's company after their deaths. Alon...
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