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TINY TALES by Tallguy_shortstory
TINY TALESby Tall Guy Short Story
[BOOK1 COMPLETED] Tiny Tales (TT) is the collection of Shortest original stories ever, written by me, It covers all genre and I am maintaining a strict word limit of 50...
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A Pocket Sized Adventure {Shimeji!Undertale x Reader} by ForgottenMatter
A Pocket Sized Adventure {Shimeji...by Melancholia
Cute, pocket sized, & mischievous characters. What could possibly go wrong? {Completed} (Don't own the pictures, unless specified. Undertale belongs to Toby Fox. May con...
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Slice of Life: A Collection of Micro tales by Toroneel
Slice of Life: A Collection of Mic...by Parth Toroneel
[Ranked #1] [More than 100 Tales] Quick reading short tales...
  • microfiction
  • sliceoflife
  • shortstory
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AU SANS X READER  by originalirishcoffee
AU SANS X READER by originalirishcoffee
  • grilledcheese
  • sans
  • xreader
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Terrible Tiny Tales by stealmyfoodandyoudie
Terrible Tiny Talesby B A N D H U L I
~Words are stronger than a sword~ Give this book a chance. I promise you'll not be disappointed.
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series of shots.. by rilahramla
series of shots..by princess 5
hey everyone! swasan are love forever... hey swasanians...this book contains shots on swasan... one two & three shots... hope you like it!!
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Building Blocks by Writingpurposes
Building Blocksby Writingpurposes
Flash fiction for inspiration. The prompts are mine, anything that comes from them is yours. Let me know if I spur on any creativity!
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  • adventure
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The Beginning In The Ending  by xoxoSamihaRahmanxoxo
The Beginning In The Ending by Samiha
This is the moment that I read in the 49th chapter in the 50 chapters Wattpad book. This is the moment in the 1:45:15 in a two hour movie. This is the moment that usuall...
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Just another Flower. by PrathiushaPoduval
Just another Flower.by Prathiusha Poduval
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The Absence of Sadness by smarquezramos
The Absence of Sadnessby Santiago Marquez Ramos
What's happiness? Maybe a couple of dogs can help us figure it out.
  • microstory
  • dogshelter
  • sadness
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Scrawled Stories ♥ by Ahana2003
Scrawled Stories ♥by Ahana
Highest rank - #130 in random. Hey guys! Thanks for visiting here.... Plz take a look at this book...i am sure u will like it! It contains extremely tiny stories, quotes...
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The Wild Heart by Blue_Dreamer_
The Wild Heartby Blue_Dreamer_
The Random Ramblings Of My Mind, That Make Way Into THE WILD HEART. Do Give It A Read. I'm Sure You Won't Regret. ;)
  • shortstories
  • poetry
  • randomthoughts
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Chica Loves To Write  by chicalovestowrite
Chica Loves To Write by Kamakshi Luthra
Quotes and tiny tales
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  • relationship
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The Literary. by RohitKane
The Literary.by Rohit Kane
This is my collection of miniature tales, kind of short verses with deep and hidden meanings. Just scratch your heads a bit and please enjoy my work :)
  • mothersday
  • shortverse
  • deepmeanings
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Terribly Tiny Tales by TheFranticScribbler
Terribly Tiny Talesby Finding My Way
These are some Terribly Tiny Tales that I wrote! There isn't a word limit to them but I will try to keep them as short as possible. Cheers!
  • tales
  • tinytales
  • veryshortstory
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Short Stories by sharoni_banerjee
Short Storiesby Sharoni Banerjee
A collection of short stories! **Major editing required** All the stories are written by me and are therefore my property. Happy Reading! ****Highest : 18 in Horror****
  • sad
  • death
  • hope
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Souls Bigger than their Bodies {Tiny Undertale!} by GLitCH_the_ViRuS
Souls Bigger than their Bodies {Ti...by PRIDEFUL SIN
Okay, I will admit I was reading a story about a tiny character, and it was really good and I just had to write my own. DESCRIPTION TO BE DONE LATER Otherwise, Frisk fin...
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Short Cuts #2 by shahidscorner
Short Cuts #2by Shahid Kazi
Continuing with the Twitter's tire. Complete stories in 280 chars or less. For the Twitter generation...
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  • twitter
  • drama
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Sparkling Thoughts by MaragathamMunusamy
Sparkling Thoughtsby MaragathamMunusamy
sparkling thoughts is a compilation of tiny tales, quotes, etc which are sparkled in my mind.
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