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the BrightWin Diaries  by YashDesai781
the BrightWin Diaries by Yash Desai
Two university boys who hate each other to the core, Now are living together in a room for the sake of their brother's happiness. They both are unaware of their tragic...
Yours Again by bluewayda
Yours Againby sugarysweets
💞A short story about BrighWin💞. After a year of being exes what happens when someone wants to reunite again.
4Ever 2Gether?  by JellyQuin98
4Ever 2Gether? by JellyQuin98
Tine and Sarawat are in their third year, they both have struggles to make a time for each other, because of their busy schedules and different faculty. But what will h...
【𝐁𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝: A BrightWin Story】
   by kanemeiro
【𝐁𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝: A BrightWin...by Leigh
‪ [COMPLETED] - a story where Bright and Win are childhood bestfriends, but Bright has no idea that Win secretly loves him in a romantic way ever since. Suddenly, a girl...
❕❕In Love with My Brother [ILwMB BOOK 1] (UNDER EDITING & REWRITING) ❕❕ by Jy_Klaoud
❕❕In Love with My Brother [ILwMB B...by EroS KlaouD
↪Being a son of a wealthy family is nice. However, having a very protective, possessive, handsome and caring brother make it 10 times more nice. Keeping you away from da...
brightwin/ sarawat tine ff "Mafia's bride" by Mia_326
brightwin/ sarawat tine ff "Mafia'...by seventeen
"I will take care of all of your expenses. you just have to be my wife" what will tine do when school's most handsome and popular guy, standing in front of him...
The Eternal Rest (Completed) by Emilliooooo
The Eternal Rest (Completed)by Emille Alejandro
A fanfiction for Bright and Win. Highest ranking: #1 hot rising stories - April 26, 2020 #1 BrightWin category - May 5, 2020 #1 Tine tag - May 5, 2020 #1 in Bright categ...
The Bully. by bluewayda
The Bully.by sugarysweets
Win Metawin was the schools bad boy and bully. Bright Vachirawit, who was the introvert type, was the main victim to Win Metawins bullying. What happens when Bright f...
I do! (BrightWin) by NovemberXrayOscar
I do! (BrightWin)by Shriiii
Bright has always been a obedient child. He is a hardworking person, who invests all his time time to make his dad proud. He wants to gain his dad's trust, he wants to s...
When We First Met by bluewayda
When We First Metby sugarysweets
Win metawin (21) spent most of his life not caring about love.Work, family, and friends was his life. Until one day at the gym he meets someone who changes his perspect...
Risking The Hate by ionlyseedaylight
Risking The Hateby ionlyseedaylight
Sarawat & Tine are old college enemies turned office nemesis. Tine has worked hard to get where he is in the company. Sarawat is the boss's son who suddenly shows up ri...
Bad teacher  by bluewayda
Bad teacher by sugarysweets
What happens when a new teacher arrives and takes an interest in one of his students? *make sure to check out my other books♥️*
Teacher's Pet : Sarawat / Tine by fairy-effie
Teacher's Pet : Sarawat / Tineby fairy-effie
Tine is a player, he's hot, confident and dated almost every girl on campus. Sarawat is an ass****, he's considered one of the hottest guy but only acknowledge the exis...
The Psycho Prince | Brightwin FF | by e_unn_0
The Psycho Prince | Brightwin FF |by ...
[COMPLETED] When the bad boy's father brought a foster son, thinking it would be good for both, but it ends up all wrong. (A/N): This is just fiction and has nothing to...
Our Bond (Sarawatine) by NewEraBro
Our Bond (Sarawatine)by NewEraBro
COMPLETED✅ Tine an angel was expelled from heaven because of some reason... Now he live on earth by himself as an omega male for punishment... Until he meet Sarawat, a s...
The Wrong Twin | Brightwin by nongmeyn
The Wrong Twin | Brightwinby preiah
Win might be a little bit inlove with his best friend, Bright. But the thing is, Bright is straight, and it shouldn't matter. He vows that no matter what, he will be the...
Youth || SarawatTine by XiaoHebi
Youth || SarawatTineby 🐼🐰🐱
Sarawat was as cold as ice. People nicknamed him "The Ice Prince". Tine on the other hand was as radiant as the sun, warming up peoples' hearts and giving them...
The Proposal | Brightwin (Movie Au)  by nongmeyn
The Proposal | Brightwin (Movie Au...by preiah
When New York chief executive editor Bright faces deportation to Thailand, he convinces his assistant Win to marry him in return for a promotion. A trip to Win's hometow...
2GETHER TILL THE END[BOOK-3]by akhilaparvin
BrightWin got married, they had kids and they have a happy life going on..........is it the end.......no way......more is coming and here we're having SarawaTine too🌞❤️...
Soulmates ✓ by owl012
Soulmates ✓by Owl
The last thing Tine expected was to wake up in another world, and to find his soulmate - Sarawat, the university's number one heartthrob, and future Alpha of his pack. ...