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Creepypasta Headcanons by Scorpius_Malfoy_16
Creepypasta Headcanonsby Scorpius
Because I can ⚠️Trigger Warning⚠️ Swearing Angst Violence Mentions of sexual assault Gore Blood Suicide Alters Abuse Etc If you are triggered by any of the above I'd su...
marble hornets crack because this has evolved into something else by skylerr182
marble hornets crack because this...by skylerr182
Hello. Here you can see marble hornets memes. warning!! spoilers for marble hornets! watch it first. it's not just memes anymore lol. XD
BRŔRIIIMMM by skylerr182
BRŔRIIIMMMby skylerr182
this is a fan fiction! it may contain spoilers for the internet series marble hornets though aka. it does!! But not to many. It is really what happens after between Tim...
Twitch (T(h)ICCIMASK FANFIC) by 1-800-BitchPlease
Twitch (T(h)ICCIMASK FANFIC)by Depressed BitchyTeen
This is a description? *Note* I plan on updating this Book every Friday, and if I can't I will notify anyone who reads this book as to why. Also, you don't have too. Bu...
Brian x jay ( insert eye catching title ) by skylerr182
Brian x jay ( insert eye catching...by skylerr182
this story is for @CreativityWrites814 as they said they liked this ship, I thought I would write about it. I'm probably gonna start a series about all the marble hornet...
My Masked Lover, My Masked Liar: Tim/Masky x reader by PrinceOfAllAlpacas
My Masked Lover, My Masked Liar: T...by Austin Alpaca
Uhhhhh yeah, first story, More or less of a Tim x Reader rather than a masky x reader.... but you know... they're the same person but also not.... yeah
a slenderverse fan fiction 2 by skylerr182
a slenderverse fan fiction 2by skylerr182
this is the second book k. it's not a follow on, it's literally the better version of my old one. you are welcome to check that out but I wouldn't if I was you. ⚠️!warni...