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That Anti-Fairy? Anti-Cosmo Love Story (My OC) [~DISCONTINUED~] Read If You Want by VeteranTucker
That Anti-Fairy? Anti-Cosmo Love S...by • M o n o t o n e •
There isn't enough Anti-Cosmo stories... Anyway... Wanda has another sister called Lexi, her Fairy God Child has grown up. Lexi doesn't want to go anywhere else so inste...
𝔖𝔢𝔵𝔲𝔞𝔩|𝔗.𝔗 & 𝔇. 𝔓  by OG_Kermit_
𝔖𝔢𝔵𝔲𝔞𝔩|𝔗.𝔗 & 𝔇. 𝔓 by Kermit
(DannyPhantom X Reader X TimmyTurner) 🅂🄻🄾🅆 🅄🄿🄳🄰🅃🄴🅂 ═───────◇───────═ 𝕊𝕖𝕩·𝕦·𝕒𝕝 /ˈ𝕤𝕖𝕜𝕊ℍ(𝕠͞𝕠)ə𝕝/ 𝟙. ℝ𝕖𝕝𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕥𝕠 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕚𝕟𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕔𝕥𝕤...
Fairly Odd Parents ~ Timmy Turners sister (Reader insert)
   by Knuffie2019
Fairly Odd Parents ~ Timmy Turners...by Knuffie2019
Meet (Y/N) Turner, Timmy Turners 14, almost 15 year old sister. (Y/N) and Timmy are besides brother and sister, the best of friends. She loves hanging out with Timmy. As...
A new family (Loud house NSL fanfic) by Red16dragon
A new family (Loud house NSL fanfi...by Red16dragon
Lincoln Loud getting adopted into another family along with his new siblings who all have to fight off strange and magical creatures to protect royal woods while trying...
Fairly Odd Life of Timantha Turner by mNakahara
Fairly Odd Life of Timantha Turnerby Maki Nakahara
Timantha "Timmy" Turner is an average girl no one understands. Mom, dad and her evil babysitter Vick giving her commands. Dull and gloom up in her room, has br...
Nicktoons Unite 2 Return of the Syndicate(Ultimate Edition) by stark618
Nicktoons Unite 2 Return of the Sy...by Justinlx30000 L
The Syndicate has returned with new members and now it's up to our heroes get new members of their team to stop them from taking over all of their worlds
Fairly Odd Parents memes by Cryatic
Fairly Odd Parents memesby Cryatic
Come and read this hilarious book of memes from the fairly odd parents.
The New Babysitter [ALTERNATING POV'S]  by DdSparklez
The New Babysitter [ALTERNATING PO...by DD sparkles
Timmy was finally free of Vicky for a whole 3 months, as her and her family are going on a vacation. But of course, his parents still go to "work" and have to...
Toon Wars: A Crossover Series by Frozarburst
Toon Wars: A Crossover Seriesby Frozarburst
Enter the Toon Wars! A massive fan-made crossover between classic and new Nicktoons and Cartoon Network shows as the Syndicate wage war against their old enemies by some...
The Fairly OddParents Au: Nina Icewell by Sapphirejewe
The Fairly OddParents Au: Nina Ice...by Sapphirejewe
Meet Nina Icewell! The town's do good of a sweetheart related to Timmy Turner who's the complete opposite of her. -------------------------------------------------- &quo...
FAIRLY ODD LOVE by noctisidious
ok I had this story uploaded on my very first wattpad so imam just finish it here.... from like 3 years ago???? ENJOY! remy x timmy timmy xgary just a bunch of cartoon c...
Dimmsdale High (F.O.P fanfiction) by CartoonFF
Dimmsdale High (F.O.P fanfiction)by CartoonFF
Timmy Turner is now 15-years old and he feels like something is missing from his life. but he carries on with regular school. back to the popular kids, the bully's, Jock...
Various The Fairly Oddparents Series (Male/Genderbent) x Twin! Oc Insert by rainbowcart0405
Various The Fairly Oddparents Seri...by RainbowCart
Timmy and his twin sister, Candy Turner we're just two normal-looking average kids that no one understood. Their parents constantly neglect them and leave the twins at h...
Unpredictable Love by TCStories360
Unpredictable Loveby T&C Storys
Timmy and Chloe have a strong affection for each other but there's one problem. They don't know how to tell each other. They find a way and things lead to another. Join...
Nicktoons Unite 2  Return of the Syndicate by starkstar618
Nicktoons Unite 2 Return of the S...by justinXL300000 JL
The Syndicate has returned with new members and now it's up to our heroes get new members of their team to stop them from taking over all of their worlds
You Put the Cause in Cosmo   ~A Fairly Oddparents Fan-Fiction~ by dancingamongthemoms
You Put the Cause in Cosmo ~A Fa...by I'm The Real Abby Lee Miller...
In this hit new novel, Cosmos finds an unexpected love more powerful than Wanda could ever be. The New York Times says: "This new novel has made it on the top-ten...
A Fairly Odd Story by paradisemind
A Fairly Odd Storyby paradisemind
Based on the tv show "Fairly Odd Parents" Timmy is a boy who's occasionally seen talking to his goldfish like they can actually understand him, crazy right? Ve...
Fairly Odd Fanfiction by nuevamore
Fairly Odd Fanfictionby Brycen
Years pass by, Timmy and Chloe are teenagers now! That's cool and all but what does that mean? Timmy and Chloe might go and chase their dreams, or start enjoying college...
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