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Remnants of WAAR (Book 2) by Cmonkey512
Remnants of WAAR (Book 2)by 5W337
After the White Fang incident, team WAAR is back, and is ready to start a new adventure. A British WW1 soldier, an American WW2 soldier, and two US Marines from Vietnam...
The Great War of Remnant (Book 1) by Cmonkey512
The Great War of Remnant (Book 1)by 5W337
August 6,1916: the British prepare for an assault on the German trenches. For aristocracy born John Fish, it's just another day in hell. That is until he's knocked uncon...
Just a mortal kombat X fanfic by BurntToast14
Just a mortal kombat X fanficby Burnt Toast 12
I do not own mortal kombat or any of its existing characters. All credit goes to its respective owners. This is a sequel to my mk9 fanfic. This adds Specter, the son of...
4 : 48  by XiaoTaoHua
4 : 48 by 🌸
[ 回到过去,拯救未来的你。] အတိတ်ကိုပြန်ပြီး အနာဂတ်ကကိုယ့်ကိုကိုယ် ကယ်တင်လိုက်ပါ။ အတိတ္ကိုျပန္ၿပီး အနာဂတ္က ကိုယ့္ကိုကိုယ္ကယ္တင္လိုက္ပါ။ Name : 凌晨四點四十八 Author : 秦墨北 [ Qin Mo Bei ] ...
Reiterate by Kruerey
Reiterateby ,,𝕂𝕣𝕦𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕪''
Jackie should be dead. She shouldn't have woken up in a panic. She shouldn't have stepped into an unfamiliar house, only to look in the mirror and see and unfamiliar bod...
A Hound Named Hunter by CharlesMoffat
A Hound Named Hunterby CharlesMoffat
A mysterious wolfhound is found on the banks of the Dangarn River, north of the tiny village of Dangarn. The dog's injuries are profound, but he makes a rapid recovery a...
Time Masters by VoltStrikeAlpha
Time Mastersby VoltStrikeAlpha
Time Travel is real.And the only reason we are not acknowledging it is because we are not aware of Time Changes.Time can be changed easily, a little change in the past c...
Pokemon: The Time Paradox by mcjay0121
Pokemon: The Time Paradoxby McJay0121
What has happened in Lumiose City, will Krane and his friends make it out alive or will he risk his life to save the world.
When Times Meet by BaraaKhallaf
When Times Meetby BaraaKhallaf
When Times Meet ... ... ages fight Its the year 2020. But who knows what age this is? A Time Paradox occurred, bringing all ages together. But of course, races fight. ...
Enigma by Formicidae
Enigmaby Formicidae
I'm not done yet and it still needs some editing on what IS done, that being said, ignore any notifications about this book, enjoy this un finished, some what of a short...
Vanilla Dusk ✓ by dreamyloner
Vanilla Dusk ✓by DreamyLoner
⚠️ Warning: angst, tragedy, major character's death --- Elli returns the kiss passionately. Their very first and last official kiss. Everything is engulfed in a colo...
Time is fleeting. Time waits for no one. A short story collection of time and what is lost/ gained. A/N: Temporary cover; credit to artist
The Bogatyr's Adventures by CharlesMoffat
The Bogatyr's Adventuresby CharlesMoffat
The Bogatyr and the Cursed Inn - A Bogatyr knight who dabbles in magic sees something lurking in the ruins of a burnt out inn. According to legend the inn was burnt down...
Twisted by berengalathil
Twistedby Nagy
Just a typical day walking in the streets going home after a long day at work tired and wanting to go to bed getting jumped by a vampire assassin meeting an ancient mo...
Limbo Bells by Night_Shot
Limbo Bellsby Aurora Reynolds
Kamryn Mane is just a normal teenager living in a desolate town in Salem, Organ. But soon she'll meet he gatekeeper of worlds who happened to be the neighborhood stray...
kino's shop | キノの店 by amae-mei
kino's shop | キノの店by amae
[Work in Progress] "People's feelings are memories that transcend time." Kino, the owner of a famous time machine shop, meets all kinds of people. From greedy...
Paradox Bridge by wp_Carnage
Paradox Bridgeby Julius Dave
Hendrix Callaghan, a highschool student in Ohio, meets his older self in excitement and shock only to be warned by the dangers of his future.