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A certain scientific Time Lord by thedoctorgonepale
A certain scientific Time Lordby Tristan Alexander Abel
Academy city, the most technologically advance city in the world, and a place filled with espers, people with amazing abilities that are ranked from level 0 to level 5. ...
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I Will Grow Stronger As The Time Passes (Bnha X Male Reader) by Section46
I Will Grow Stronger As The Time P...by Section 46
There are unstoppable forces on this world, one of it is TIME. But, What if someone can control this force? (Y/N) (L/N) is the special boy. Let we follow his journey to...
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Time Freeze (My Hero Academia x Male reader)  by Animegod996
Time Freeze (My Hero Academia x Ma...by Anime god
Today is the day (Y/N) (L/N) gets a quirk but will it go as well as he would like find out in the actual story?
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Hands of Time: Date A Live Kurumi X Male Reader by GASTLY42957
Hands of Time: Date A Live Kurumi...by Rhogar
This is just something I thought of. I'm using the character from my RWBY hands of time book. I don't own you I don't own date a live
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Psychic by Clearlyneedssomehelp
Psychicby mysterix
17-year old Juliana is a little different from your normal teenager. She can see when and where people are going to die, but is unable to control her powers. Sometimes...
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kairos :peter maximoff/quicksilver  by wittysidecharacter
kairos :peter maximoff/quicksilver by charlie 👑
"wait you have superspeed too??" "no I control time. so I don't speed up; I just slow the universe down." "...that's hot." OR in which Pete...
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Remnant Stars by Xosmos
Remnant Starsby Gill
What would you do if you woke up in a strange new world? A world filled to the brim with fantastic creatures and unfathomable mysteries. Here, you can fulfill your wilde...
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The time keepers by Jen-Bear
The time keepersby Jen-Bear
In charge of keeping the world safe, the time keepers have the ability to control time and bend it to their will.
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Times (ONGOING) by minziekim
Times (ONGOING)by Kim Minzie
One girl, who was born with a special ability like other special people. Her ability, is to control time. She lives in a world where no human can find, and that world is...
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Frozen In Time by MiauuChan
Frozen In Timeby ★Teh Bunny★
Is Controlling Time a gift or a curse? When Phoenix Jones swims in sacred water, she gains a gift, or shall i say curse...
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Colorless Immortality by fufukuro
Colorless Immortalityby fufukuro
For the minority of the world- color is foreign. For the majority- they live a life full of color. Within this world based around finding your true love, one stops aging...
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Incongruous' by SpeakingSecrets
Incongruous'by SpeakingSecrets
Alaina and Belle stood in the shadows breathing heavily. They looked ahead and saw the dark night, wild wind blasting through their cold faces. They then saw Eliza walki...
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Deportant Matters by HauntedSword
Deportant Mattersby HauntedSword
What happens when you make up a word when chatting with a friend? It escalates into a weird beginning of a story, that's what. Set in a classroom (that quickly gets dest...
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Krystal Parker by KpRokzz
Krystal Parkerby Krystal Lightwood
Run away from here, human. It all started when I was one of your kind. Watch out! There's a chance that you can be one of us too!
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T I M E C O N T R O L by rainyevenings
T I M E C O N T R O Lby ㅤㅤㅤ
The Story by Mason_AM
The Storyby Mason_AM
Time is so valuable. It is the one thing you can never gain and the one thing you will always lose. No matter what you do, it eventually runs out. That was unless you co...
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Then and now: my life split in two. by DaDerps
Then and now: my life split in two.by DA DERPS
¥•{2ND BOOK OF FULL MOON}•¥ Time...how do I begin to describe it..it's never ending..well that's what some say, but what I've learned is that time continues on when you...
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12 (On Hold) by MaximusAwesomus
12 (On Hold)by Max Awesome
(ON HOLD FOR THE TIME BEING) Twelve powers. Twelve people. Fate brought them together for one reason and one reason only. Because they're different.
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déjà vu? by blurryfakes
déjà vu?by syd™
[tøp au] COMPLETED & EDITED. time. odd concept, time is, wouldn't you agree? a bit tricky to understand too. however, the idea to understand the trick of time is to know...
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The Time commander (weekly updates) by joshpotts
The Time commander (weekly updates)by joshpotts
My name is Tom Potts and I can control time.
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