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You can't hide who you are (boyxboy) by original_punk
You can't hide who you are (boyxbo...by Lucas
A popular boy named Mason with a great life, with only worries about college, changes. He meets a boy named Hayden. And now his only worries are to protect that boy. Hay...
  • boyxboy
  • gayfiction
  • franciscolachowski
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Enamorado De La Gorda by LatinoAmericanaTeen
Enamorado De La Gordaby LuLovelyGirl
Samantha Holland, alias La Gorda, sufre de bullyng por parte de sus compañeros de colegio, ella y sus dos mejores amigas se envuelven en muchos problemas; el patán del c...
  • hollandroden
  • caradelevingne
  • franciscolachowski
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The Bad and The Beautiful - Under Major Editing by BlackTigerBomb
The Bad and The Beautiful - Under...by Danielle
If there's one important lesson, 21 year old Rilynn Stark has mastered, it would be the power of beauty. Her looks are just as fickle as her personality and although she...
  • success
  • alcohol
  • timborrmann
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Alex & Alex by flawedcreatures
Alex & Alexby † stacy †
What happens if two people with the same name went to Starbucks and bought the same coffee?
  • alexandalex
  • borrmann
  • silly
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Out of my mind(BoyxBoy) by Alexzandra_writes
Out of my mind(BoyxBoy)by Alexzandra_writes
Chance Grosing and Jayden Madison absolutely hated each other.Chance at the time was a goodie two-shoes and Jayden being the jock in high school.Jayden has harassed Chan...
  • timborrmann
  • skaterboy
  • zendaya
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Rosie's Alluring Beau [hiatus] by shellylovesfood
Rosie's Alluring Beau [hiatus]by jelly ❃
Rosalynn Carlisle's dad is dead. She misses him more that anything, but she learned to cope up with her life without a fatherly figure, unlike her mother whom she has to...
  • highschool
  • barbarapalvin
  • secretcrush
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Happy endings aren't for everyone by gottaLovePoot
Happy endings aren't for everyoneby fxckOla
  • caradelevigne
  • timborrmann
  • ninadobrev
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Charley & Quinn [ON HOLD] by raedragon
Charley & Quinn [ON HOLD]by raedragon
Charley finally finds a friend similar to her, Ethan Portman. But of course, like any boyfriend would, Quinn tries his best to separate the two. Fights begin to form, se...
  • breakup
  • friends
  • lilycollins
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What if by wingwingwinkwink
What ifby wingwingwinkwink
She's phillipa a popular 16 years old girl who doesn't want hurt anyone feelings unless herself He's JD a new bad boy in school who doesn't want his girl get bullied. ...
  • badboy
  • love
  • kpop
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Madeline & Carter (Coming 2018) by Zxxn_smiles
Madeline & Carter (Coming 2018)by you annoy me
Madeline and Carter are the perfect example of opposites attract. Don't you agree? ***** Copy right Zxxn_smiles 2017. The cover is by @meandmybooksx aka Jas, so go follo...
  • barbarapalvin
  • romance
  • carter
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The Concealed Contrivances (TMI FANFIC) by sillytomatoes
The Concealed Contrivances (TMI FA...by sillytomatoes
"The boy never cried again, and he never forgot what he'd learned: that to love is to destroy, and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed." -City of Bone...
  • aleclightwood
  • tmi
  • fanfic
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The Party Scene (Gen. 5) by ThatBritishDude
The Party Scene (Gen. 5)by TheNameIs...
"Are you sure we should do this?" "Dude, there's this Tumblr quote I live by. Do it for the memories." "Let's do it then." In Surrey, teena...
  • indie
  • thewattys2015
  • party
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Dare to be Different by VivianaChung
Dare to be Differentby Viviana Chung
"Backing out, are we? What happened to the girl that never backs down from a dare?" "I never said I was backing down." "Well if you're too scare...
  • hunter
  • dares
  • badboy
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His GoalKeeper by GiegiLimyongqi
His GoalKeeperby GiegiLimyongqi
So, there's this dude named Gabe Knights. People call him GK and behind this so infamous nickname there's a reason, a twist. He is known as the school's player, bad boy...
  • lovetriangle
  • badboy
  • kiss
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