Morganfield (Ongoing) by garetwrites
Morganfield (Ongoing)by garetwrites
Four friends who created a band called Genesis drifted apart after a devastating fall out just before they finished highschool. Ten years later, circumstances brought th...
  • tikbalang
  • lgbt
  • mythology
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Luwalhati by nonoyborbun
Luwalhatiby nonoyborbun
A tale of Luwalhati, a princess coming of age in an enchanted place called Biringan. One day, a stranger enters her kingdom, a boy named Isagani. Once inside, he finds o...
  • princess
  • fairytale
  • lower
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It Started With The Fall by aestheticgirlinwhite
It Started With The Fallby Pearl
Si Aria Ysabella G. Yangco ay GGSS,spoiled brat,tamad,walang manners,walang modo at hindi naniniwala sa PAG-IBIG! Kahit kailan ay kinadidirian niya ito at sinasabing kal...
  • alovesobeautiful
  • fantasy
  • huyitian
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Capiz: a Homemade Comic Strip Collection by kartunistaW
Capiz: a Homemade Comic Strip Coll...by kartunistaW
Follow the adventures and misadventures of a gang of lovable, fictitious characters from a town called Capiz! This lighthearted (geared toward humorous) comic strip coll...
  • mummy
  • webcomics
  • homemadecomicstrips
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Kakaibang Nilalang by lyrahhsiao
Kakaibang Nilalangby Lyradiculous
All about monster like aswang tikbalang etc Information tungkol sa mga engkanto.
  • tagalog
  • aswang
  • engkanto
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Thera: The Alternate World by libranages
Thera: The Alternate Worldby The Book Serpent
This is a story of a human who accidentally ventured into the realm of the enchanted creatures of our folk stories. No, he is not a half-blood. No, he is not needed to...
  • hippocampus
  • rusalki
  • centaur
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Squad 43 and the Diamond Barrier by cheresque
Squad 43 and the Diamond Barrierby cheresque
Around the Philippines, people are seeing creatures of myth --- a kapre up a tree, a manananggal severing its body by the waist and flying off, a tikbalang watching a mo...
  • filipino
  • magicalrealm
  • fantasy
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Taken By An Engkanto by traimania
Taken By An Engkantoby Traimania
Genre:Adventure/Fantasy Credits to:queeniejiminie(cover),and yamakuz_1718(Title) Hindi po kasi ako ang nag-isip ng title
  • love
  • adventure
  • tikbalang
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