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It's Been A While [Tig Trager x Reader] by MultfndmWriter
It's Been A While [Tig Trager x Re...by gracie
[COMPLETED] You left Tig 4 years ago and you're currently in an abusive relationship with a 4-year old daughter. Your boyfriend loses his job and decides to move to Char...
Love Put A Gun In My Hand | Opie Winston | SOA by UlulateSuntLupi
Love Put A Gun In My Hand | Opie W...by TJ
Ace Teller-Munson has lived her life in and out of care homes and juvenile detention centers. Unloved, unwanted and completely silent. What will she do when her older br...
Addicted by Haley_1130
Addictedby Hales
Everyone has a past. Elizabeth Ross is on a journey to discover hers, and in the process, gets more then expected. Disclaimer: I do not own anything affiliated with Sons...
A Stranger in Familiar Land by thunderbolts_no
A Stranger in Familiar Landby thunderbolts_no
Ella spent 4 months in Charming, California working as a waitress before she met the Sons, but once they came into her life nothing was ever the same again. JAX/OC
Loving Bethany Trager | H.L | S.O.A | by _kaysss_x
Loving Bethany Trager | H.L | S.O...by Kays🎀
The guys go to Belfast to get Jax's son back, but what happens when they find out that Maureen Ashby is keeping a pretty big secret from Alexander Trager. Will SAMCRO be...
lauren // tig trager by svicidall
lauren // tig tragerby cherry
"lauren, no, don't walk away, not now" he sighed defeatedly. "then when? when do i get out?" "you can't, doll. not anymore"
hard to love  by kmack19
hard to love by kmack19
taylor trager has the life as the samcro princess. will she be decide to stay in charming or will she leave it all behind including her first love?
Sons Of Anarchy Imagine by blaizy21
Sons Of Anarchy Imagineby Mrs.Daryl Dixon❤️
Just a bunch of Sons Of Anarchy imagines. Some are mine, some aren't. Credit to owners
Sons Of Anarchy Oneshots  by simplewriter21
Sons Of Anarchy Oneshots by ~Ambootyos~
This is a book containing tons of One shots from the TV Show Sons Of Anarchy. Characters Included: Happy Lowman, Tig Trager, Jax Teller, Opie Winston, Juice Ortiz, Chib...
One Thing Leads To Another (SOA) by turtle_luckerrrr
One Thing Leads To Another (SOA)by turtle_luckerrrr
Steph is just an ordinary Australian-born living in Charming. One day, something happens, one thing leads to another and she ends up meeting one of the most unique famil...
Stone Cold || Chibs Telford/Sons Of Anarchy Fanfic by thatfandomwhore
Stone Cold || Chibs Telford/Sons O...by thatfandomwhore
Love comes when you least expect it, and with people you've never dreamed of.
The Arranged Trade by BladeAngel_Buttercup
The Arranged Tradeby BladeAngel-Buttercup Annabell
Elena was like any other freshly out of collage girl. She was living at home with her mom and step-dad working at the prison in Stockton as a nurse also working at the l...
Turn the Page by FireyWildGirl
Turn the Pageby FireyWildGirl
"On a long and lonesome highway, east of Omaha. You can listen to the engine, moanin' out its one-note song"
soa imagines by taurusvibes
soa imaginesby 💕
soa imagines broooO requests are open, just message me!
The  Youngest Winston by kaekat18
The Youngest Winstonby kaekat18
Harley Joel Winston is the younger sister of Opie Winston, and the daughter of first nine member Piney Winston. What happens when she returns home after doing time in th...
Got a Second? (Chaotic Neutral, Book Two)  by lauraschink
Got a Second? (Chaotic Neutral, Bo...by Actually max
The ghost with the most, Orion Winslow is a woman who was best not seen, nor heard. With a wide array of talents, there were of course, those she favoured. For example...
Pretty little psycho(SOA Tig) by SheWhoGames
Pretty little psycho(SOA Tig)by Chloe
Eveline 'Eila' Carson was just a normal Croweater, except she is the favorite of Alex 'Tig' Trager. Find out what happens when this crazy man falls for a crazy sweet but...
Don't Rain on My Parade {Juice/Chibs/Tig} by juicehoee
Don't Rain on My Parade {Juice/Chi...by juicehoee
Whenever Tig talks to him like that, Juice needs at least twenty minutes in the bathroom. Sometimes, Chibs catches him.
Samcro's Princess by Girl__Online
Samcro's Princessby Bethany Xx
Bethany Teller is Jax Teller's 16-year-old daughter. Bethany is just trying to have fun, but it always seems to land her in trouble. Can she handle the club's problems...