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We Stand Together, Always by ankj02
We Stand Together, Alwaysby A.N.K.J.
What if Something happens to Peeta in Tigris' basement. Does he still love Katniss ? I don't own any of the characters. This is a fanfic about what I think would have ha...
Welcome to Earth-0 (Ver. 1.0) by Karma_WarHawx
Welcome to Earth-0 (Ver. 1.0)by Tom Groves
When meeting an associate that has intel on Vandal Savage's newest partner, Artemis Crock is mistakenly sent to another dimension. When she wakes up, she is surrounded b...
Gormiti High Musical: The Music In Me by TwilightSage12
Gormiti High Musical: The Music In...by Taluja Hayes
ForestFire Degan and her older Brother Tasaru Degan were a pair young forest Gormiti who loved to play music. But when they were moved to a school called Gormiti High th...
En Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer! Ren tries to navigate themselves through the intrigues of the Fifth Reich whilst humanity is faced upon unbelievable challenge. Nazi Germ...
Tigress alert by Starrynight369
Tigress alertby Sunita Sahoo
Deep in the wood lives a wild, mighty, fearless tigress. She has a powerful bloodline, but having a powerful bloodline doesn't help as it brings with it the dynastic ho...
GNU: Fright Night by TwilightSage12
GNU: Fright Nightby Taluja Hayes
Hay guys I recently found a picture that was an Amnesia version of Our favorite Air Gorm Lord. So it inspired me to write an (Early) Halloween story. ForestFire, Hana, a...
Resander by Markadlina
Resanderby Marwa Kadri
_ Pourquoi ils voyagent ? _ Ils voyagent pour construire ou pour détruire ce que l'humanité a provoqué. Ce sont les Resandes. Ils savent où aller mais surtout quand...
Tigris On The Run by TwilightSage12
Tigris On The Runby Taluja Hayes
Tigris is a Shadow Gormiti on the run. What doesn't make it easy is that her father hates her and wants her gone. What happens when she runs (literally) into the Lords a...
The Little Liger(WIP) by GenevaMurray
The Little Liger(WIP)by GenevaMurray
This is the story of Tigris Leona, a liger in a world where every animal species is a tribe and subspecies are races. Rejected by both tribes for being a mix of a tiger...
Children of Spinjitzu by Ninjago-Fan
Children of Spinjitzuby MOVED! (PLS FOLLOW MY NEW ACC...
Ninjago's next generation is here. Three children born into a heroic destiny, to follow in their parents' footsteps. Three children born into the fight of their lives. C...
The Hero of Lilicant by Leofrost
The Hero of Lilicantby Leofrost
A miniature world, hidden to the eyes of men. Built on nature and insects that has since the beginning of time, sworn to protect the world of men. But ,because of a thre...
Wild, Chaotic and Free, and Half-Breeds Spoofs by Elemental_Animals
Wild, Chaotic and Free, and Half-B...by Elemental_Animals
This is a spoof book whose cast will be from three series: Wild by Sky, Half-Breeds by Tigris, and Chaotic and Free by AngelTheWildWolf! We advise reading at least a few...
Vihar előtt by Yjaddw
Vihar előttby N C Rowan ♤
Vihar előtt mindig van egy szélcsend.
Heroes of robloxia, Art, Incorrect Quotes, and Oneshots. by FoxInarathefooox
Heroes of robloxia, Art, Incorrect...by Inara
The Mental Games by monteydog
The Mental Gamesby Montana Dinosaur
MAY SANITY BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR! Imagine that all the Hunger Games characters were shoved into a mental hospital, weird right? Katniss Everdeen with depression, Gale be...
My Myistical Beast (izuku Midoriya x (Y/N) Devine )  by 250240xx
My Myistical Beast (izuku Midoriya...by Madilyn Duddy
A story about Izuku Midoriya and (Y/N) Devine a mystical tiger beast who will protect and serve her master till death do them part because of a horrid trick that happene...