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smile ▪ face claims • gif hunt by dilaurentisbitch
smile ▪ face claims • gif huntby gigi
smile, the worst is yet to come we'll be lucky if we ever see the sun got nowhere to go, we could be here for a while but the future is forever so smile ▪▪▪ ☆ in which i...
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Unexpected by scxynevaleft
Unexpectedby O(+>
DESCRIPTION IN PROGRESS!!! A reminder that this is a work of pure fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products...
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The Silent Creep by TangaLugambo
The Silent Creepby Tanga Lugambo
Just read interracial story
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Who is Rebecca and Why You be Lying? by CrystalRenee14
Who is Rebecca and Why You be Author_CrystalRenee
Last Monday, his phone told on him and, left me wondering WHO IS REBECCA????
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His Assassin (Toniface)  by TxJbabess
His Assassin (Toniface) by TxJbabess
How can kill someone you grown so fond of , I was His Assassin Toni~ Aaliyah Janae (AJ) Denzel~Ron (Aaliyah's foster dad) Birdman~ Deandre (Aaliyah's brother) Tiffany~...
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There it is  by dorrrotthyyy
There it is by dorrrotthyyy
Sisters work hard to get success , and mother is a hard working person, meanwhile the mothers sister is a crackhead and trying to get help but doesnt want to work .
Nirvana by ZiggyFic
Nirvanaby ZiggyFic
They both didn't know each other but they knew that it was really true. They didn't know to go on a trip to London would change their lives now they know, knowing no one...
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Oh Hell Nah(a Werewolf Story)   by shonme2K17
Oh Hell Nah(a Werewolf Story) by shonme2K17
"See when I think of a vacation, I picture me on a beach. Drinking out of a damn pineapple while being surrounded by hot shirtless guys. Not in the woods where Jas...
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