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Tiddies| Simp Book by SimpCEO
Tiddies| Simp Bookby Ultimasimp
Memes, what it's like being a simp , simp stuff, idk I don't get paid enough for this ✌🏽 not my stuff btw
Onions by hardcorepegging
Onionsby hardcorepegging
nick wilde x reader NSFW SMUT 18+ PEGGING
waluigi x garfield uwu by yeetonthatpeet
waluigi x garfield uwuby scum frick
apparently this will get 100x more reads now. this is a post thing a book about the best ship ever even better than all them kpop ships that are irrelevant ok its only a...
Joan and Brad by gayrodgers
Joan and Bradby Feebis
Joan Cloth is an old woman who finds love in a twenty year old man named Brad. He shows the world to her in a modern way she's never experienced. They also have amazing...
A Minor Minotaur Miscommunication by Therealjovonovo
A Minor Minotaur Miscommunicationby Amanita's Corner
An unexpected visitor in the night comes to ask you a question during a horror movie marathon. (Exophilia Drabble, SFW).
Jonathan goes Bra Shopping at Victoria's Secret by punyperidot
Jonathan goes Bra Shopping at Vict...by punyperidot
Jonathan Joestar, a wealthy young man who's mansion just burnt down, found himself with a problem. His tiddies were too big for only his shirt to handle. If you choose...
Cursed! Various x Reader  by Akishina_Ito
Cursed! Various x Reader by Akishina & Sakai
sometimes I lie awake at night and question my own sanity. Sakai_DL and I made this on a whim and we're on mf crACK. damn, okay this is a cursed insert x reader, basical...
Morgz and Martin Wildin' by thiccc_girls_Mmm
Morgz and Martin Wildin'by thiccc_girls_Mmm
Martin took some faulty drugs and things got a little freaky, hope you enjoy ! xx
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Mikyong by ohyeahbabyswag
Mikyongby ohyeahbabyswag
"Omg your ti🅱️🅱️ies are so 🅱️ig! Can I squeeze?" "No, ahh~ unnie stop!" --- Mikyong is a young girl who has 🅱️ig ti🅱️🅱️ie energy. in fact she h...
Jisung Tiddies by decaffeinated_trash
Jisung Tiddiesby ♡°•》Ray_.•°♡
All my friend had to do was say, "Even Jisung has bigger tiddies than me," and I wrote this for her.
The Namtiddie Reduction  by Chapchaenoodle
The Namtiddie Reduction by Chapchaenoodle
Namjoon and his tiddies have had enough. Also note. I was DRUNK as fuck writing this. Dont @ me
Every hated child gacha story ever by TandoriXCalgon2069
Every hated child gacha story everby ImA_PotNoodle
Ocean is the hated child and her sister, candi is the spoils brat.... lol gacha is fucking shit lol.
Awesomeninja08 x Benjragon by faggosupreme
Awesomeninja08 x Benjragonby Nyan
this a stowi about two lovrs its a pretty shitty one tho Will there be more chapters? Maybe...
Lol I was a retarded ass kid  by JasonTodoroki
Lol I was a retarded ass kid by JasonTodoroki
Dude me like 5 years ago was dumb as fuck heres the recap until now
Flamedetta - The Untold by inhale-my-pork-sword
Flamedetta - The Untoldby unf_uckurself
This is a crap story about two hacker wannabes that go on a site called Chatzy. Practically Dumb and Dumber 2