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Ticci work by Fangthedemonwolf
Ticci workby Alex Blue
Ticci Toby x Clockwork Please dont hate on me.But I will be making other stories such as jeff x jane. By wolf friends
Twisted love (Ticciwork) by RandomMemes708
Twisted love (Ticciwork)by Random Memes
pls don't hate this is my first book it might have slow updates
Ticciwork From The Very Beginning  by falling_skies__x
Ticciwork From The Very Beginning by sky fall 👌👽
The story starts in slendys mantion with clockwork waking up screaming in Toby's arms in tears after she killed her family "whoa whoa whoa your safe your safe"...
Creepypasta Headcannons by kjm126316
Creepypasta Headcannonsby toast
I've read so many of these headcannon books, so I thought why not make my own?
The Multiverse Hotel by CaptainDrawmerman
The Multiverse Hotelby CaptainDrawmerman
A mysterious being invites the characters from various shows and video games to a hotel, where their lives will be changed forever.
Found Family by kayakuusi6
Found Familyby Kaya
I wrote a multiship book Why did I do that? Idk About the family but with the ships because I have an unhealthy addiction to fictional relationships :D Pls read the A/N...
My Ticking Heart (Ticciwork) by INotRantarosGF
My Ticking Heart (Ticciwork)by Cherri_Writers
This is a love story between Ticci Toby and Clockwork.
The Child Of Ticciwork by GorephicGarfield
The Child Of Ticciworkby ʜɪ sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇʀ
Ticci Toby and Clockwork settle down and get married, well what comes after marriage? BABIES!
~TicciWork~ (Ticci Toby x Clockwork) by movedaccouuunntss
~TicciWork~ (Ticci Toby x Clockwor...by kaden
When a new creepypasta, Clockwork, comes to Slender's Mansion, two boys have a crush on one girl. Clockwork loves both of them, but they HATE each other. Will Clockwork...
An Oreo 》 Ticci Toby x Clockwork by littlezenix
An Oreo 》 Ticci Toby x Clockworkby ☁️🍒✨Arson✨🍒☁️
This is a story about Ticci Toby x Clock Work No lemons or anything, just some cutesy love 💕💕 -None of this is canon, it's just how I imagine it to go down, so please...
The winter snow by Small-Kidney-Bean
The winter snowby ☣EJ☣
The snow falls softly over the dim wood...yet a fire still burns.
TicciWork by neon_angel_killjoy
TicciWorkby neon_angel_killjoy
Clockwork is sitting on the couch, playing on her phone. But Slender man comes in with this boy. His name is Toby, Ticci Toby. (This is my version of the TicciWork stor...
Stay ~TicciWork~ by radioactiveAquarium
Stay ~TicciWork~by Katie
There was no changing her mind now. She had been staying there for so long now that it's gotten boring for her and soon she would have to leave. Not that she wanted to b...
"A neko and nobody?" [Lost Silver x Neko!Ben Drowned] by WierdIsTheNewPastel
"A neko and nobody?" [Lost Silver...by ~The Pastel Who Embraces Wier...
Hello! Dis is my first story (Dont think imma kid -_-) And i cant find any books for Lost Silver x Ben Drowned! >:c HOW DARE YOU PEOPLE anyways that was nuffin so l...
TicciWork by peachybyrds
TicciWorkby peachybyrds
Clock/Toby fluff ( picture by Yaguyi)
ticciwork 2nd chance of normal by Liamiscoolz
ticciwork 2nd chance of normalby liam
Toby and clockwork weren't very close at the mansion but what will happen when jeff,ben,smike,toby and clockwork get sent to the normal world looking normal for a year
Merry Creepypasta Christmas! (Cancelled) by AwkwardWritingPotato
Merry Creepypasta Christmas! (Canc...by Bea/Ghost 🌸
This is the last part of a challenge/series I was doing where I did a bunch of Christmas stuff with creepypasta characters. All the other parts were drawings that I will...
Clockwork x Ticci Toby by DonutxNutella
Clockwork x Ticci Tobyby DonutxNutella
A fan fiction like you've never seen it before! You TicciWork fans will be fangirling and doing the carameldansen in your bedroom after you read this!! (^D^)