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It Isn't Just Guilt by BeachedNarwhal
It Isn't Just Guiltby Kenny
Tim and Toby are two of Slenders best proxies. Yet they're both complete opposites, well, only with the things they like. One hassling and mothering the other while one...
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Ticci Toby x masky (complete) by brookcosta
Ticci Toby x masky (complete)by BrookCosta
~This book is super old and reading back now I realize how cringy it is, I'm so sorry😂~ This is my first creepypasta story I've been having an obsession lately anyway T...
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Masky x Toby by alexalexalex15
Masky x Tobyby alexalexalex15
This will not be super loving at the beginning. It will not be extremely sappy, they are killers, and they both have problems. I do not own the characters Tim or Toby.
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Don't cut deep - A Ticcimask story  by KagamiPasta
Don't cut deep - A Ticcimask story by Kagami the Creepypasta
Toby and Tim are on a mission, and while their job seems easy enough, Tim finds himself distracted by memories of their previous mission. Memories, that he didn't even k...
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Masky x Toby (smut) by alexalexalex15
Masky x Toby (smut)by alexalexalex15
Honestly just a super kinky smut because there isn't enough of it
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What's in a week? by 666ItsFinnley
What's in a week?by 666ItsFinnley
The quiet, to be feared, number one proxy, Masky has been struggling with his sexuality for years now, and it's taking a toll on his health. He is greatly looking forwar...
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Numb to the castle. by likingeverything
Numb to the castle.by likingeverything
Years after the death of his fellow proxy,Toby,now left completely heartbroken and crushed.Doesn't really know what to do.They don't live in a mansion,just a shack in th...
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Just one more ( TicciMask)  by MagicFoxBox
Just one more ( TicciMask) by MagicFoxBox
Masky and Toby have just been introduced and are now co-workers , but what happens when Toby finds out Something about Masky ( WARNING MAY BE TRIGGERING TO SOME, pleas...
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A Depressed Soul (TicciMask) by 101CreepyNoodles
A Depressed Soul (TicciMask)by FanFiced Author
Ticci Toby always had it hard. Ever since the fire, Toby became a proxy, but was bullied, nobody showed him kindness execpt Sally and Slenderman. Toby went into a depres...
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Creepypasta Yaoi 2  by imadork555
Creepypasta Yaoi 2 by Imadork555
don't like don't read and waste your time
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The sweetest boy I've ever met (Not Edited) by FoxyZeGeekGamer
The sweetest boy I've ever met (No...by Ticci Toby :3
There's a new pasta in the famous Slender mansion. Tobias Erin Rogers. Otherwise known as the infamous Ticci Toby. He's the newest pasta and the newest proxy. Masky has...
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(slow updates) Troubled Love(TicciMask) by Iloaf2write
(slow updates) Troubled Love(Ticci...by Iloaf2write
Hey y'all, I'm sorry for the slow updates but I'll try my best to be better at it! I really enjoy this ship and giving you guys content to read and enjoy! Thank you for...
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Toby's, Masky's, And Hoodie's Love Story by Ally_Rogers2
Toby's, Masky's, And Hoodie's Love...by Ally Rogers
I own none of this art
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Masky x Toby by xCreepypastaGurlx
Masky x Tobyby xCreepypastaGurlx
Masky has feelings for Toby, And even though Toby annoys Masky, Masky thinks Toby is adorable, but he denies his feelings for him(Tsundere!😂) But does Toby feel the sam...
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"Twisted And Mythical Life"(TicciMask Love Toby x Masky) by D65682217KittyKatty
"Twisted And Mythical Life"(TicciM...by Kawaii Potato
Toby is "something" and he lost his best friend in the fire and died but.. that is what he thought happend....(still working on this)
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Love is war {Ticcimask} by FandomsRandomz
Love is war {Ticcimask}by JunieBbug
[ON HOLD] My shitty writing of a cute Ship. This is sort of an AU kinda thing. Not by much I believe? {This is mainly because of my Awesome friend first getting me to l...
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unusual love (masky x ticci toby) by crimsonfan24
unusual love (masky x ticci toby)by Shaen
*all pictures belong to me*
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Thoughts - A TicciMask Fanfiction by fandomtrash066
Thoughts - A TicciMask Fanfictionby S i n n e r
This is a random story that my friend told me that I should write. It's supposed to be Ticci Toby x Waffles but it started to turn into TicciMask (Ticci Toby x Masky). I...
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Hidden (TicciMask) by laeta039
Hidden (TicciMask)by Jay
[Completed] [Highest rank: #1 in ticcimask] Toby is always happy, at least on the outside. Masky always pushes everyone away, too scared to let anyone in. Toby have nev...
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Creepypasta x reader Oneshots And Lemons by Indigoblitz
Creepypasta x reader Oneshots And...by Indigoblitz
Since 2016 Feel free to request! Belongs to @ErinSuzuya now.
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