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That Kid (TicciMask) by hudnall-senpai
That Kid (TicciMask)by Hudnall-Senpai
Masky and Hoodie have been sent into the woods to find a boy that they had very little information on to be the new proxy. His name is Toby (YAOI!!)
Broken souls behind 2 broken masks ((Ticcimasks)) by Ticcimask012
Broken souls behind 2 broken masks...by Ticcimask012
Toby doesnt fit in well with the others and is blamed for every little mistake, What if he was hiding a lot more than they thought he was? What if he knew who Jay and Al...
▪Creepypasta Yaoi lemons▪  by KarmaIsCatchingUp
▪Creepypasta Yaoi lemons▪ by WhatAreYouGonnaDo
Read. this is on Hiatus for a while and no more requests, please.
Depressed Ticci Toby by LovelyMarsz
Depressed Ticci Tobyby Mars
"I'm fine slender" said the shaking boy with the tall faceless man getting angry by he's lies, but Masky and Hoodie were shocked in fear and worrying what that...
A Depressed Soul (TicciMask) by 101CreepyNoodles
A Depressed Soul (TicciMask)by FanFiced Author
Ticci Toby always had it hard. Ever since the fire, Toby became a proxy, but was bullied, nobody showed him kindness execpt Sally and Slenderman. Toby went into a depres...
ticcimask neko  by 1-800-ANTICHRIST
ticcimask neko by 1-800-ANTICHRIST
Toby is a neko. Masky isn't. going to be updated. will contain smut
Painful Love-(Ticcimask fan fiction) by TicciToby_Lover
Painful Love-(Ticcimask fan fictio...by TicciToby_Lover
When the new proxy, Toby, comes to live at the Slender mansion, Masky is a little happy, but still doesn't like the idea that he has to watch over him. But what happens...
Ticcimask oneshots! by FoxyZeGeekGamer
Ticcimask oneshots!by Richie Trashmouth Tozier
More oneshots because why tf not. F - Fluff S - Smut A - Angst
Masky x Toby by alexalexalex15
Masky x Tobyby alexalexalex15
This will not be super loving at the beginning. It will not be extremely sappy, they are killers, and they both have problems. I do not own the characters Tim or Toby.
TicciMask (incomplete and abandoned) by hudnall-senpai
TicciMask (incomplete and abandone...by Hudnall-Senpai
TicciMask is the only ship in this. It's kind of serious. A lot of fluff. Warning: Mature content and if you like Jeff and Clockwork I wouldn't read!!
Ticcimask ƈơɱ℘Ɩɛɬɛɖ (SMUT WARNING) by xpsychoticunitatox3
Ticcimask ƈơɱ℘Ɩɛɬɛɖ (SMUT WARNING)by xpsychoticunitatox3
Just a TicciMask story. My grammar isn't perfect, I'm only fourteen years old. LOL... ~((Will contain SMUT scenes))~ Ages14+ -3-
Destined Together (TicciMask - Ticci Toby x Masky)  by blackvera_stories
Destined Together (TicciMask - Tic...by blackvera_stories
Hey everyone! This is my first fanfic and I hope u enjoy it. This book contains stuff about creepypasta that not may be correct but I don't know everything about them an...
bloody painter x puppeteer (on hold) by ARandomAnimeFan666
bloody painter x puppeteer (on hol...by RandomCreepypastaFan
This is my first book on this account, sorry if it's bad. I'm not very good at writing! This is an AU! Helen wants to escape from Zalgo, Puppet knows what it's like. whe...
Hey Masky? (TicciMask) (Completed) by mj50cool
Hey Masky? (TicciMask) (Completed)by mj bensley
masky has been put in charge of Toby Completed
Creepypasta x reader Oneshots And Lemons by Indigoblitz
Creepypasta x reader Oneshots And...by 「 наzеł 」
Oneshots and Lemons for your favorite Creepypasta's ~ ! Two Authors ~
Creepypasta Yaoi 2  by imadork555
Creepypasta Yaoi 2 by Imadork555
don't like don't read and waste your time
A mask and A twitch by sockhead13
A mask and A twitchby sockhead13
Masky rarely ever sleeps and Toby is always plagued with nightmares Maybe it's good that the two of them have something in common
Ben x Jeff (18+ Yaoi)  by ben_drowned1237
Ben x Jeff (18+ Yaoi) by ben_drowned1237
This is a story about when two young killers met and soon both loved each other until one of the killers decided to bring the other in a room and locked the door.. read...
Ticci Toby x Masky by _LonelyandQueer_
Ticci Toby x Maskyby ♥Master♥
I decided to write a fanfiction just to prove I can do so decently. Plus my friendo really wanted me to do it, so this is for you buddy :) It all started when Toby got a...